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Why are some cam girls making more money than others are?

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Camming is one of the most profitable online jobs for the girls. However, some girls are making peanuts from camming while others are getting tens of thousands of dollars each month. What is the trick used by the highest earning cam girls?

Physical attractiveness drives traffic to your channel

The physical attractiveness is the magnet that brings people to the site. If you are a new model, you can use the ‘new’ tag that hovers on the profile to attract new clients.


Essentially, there are now ugly models. However, you must take care of your body. Do not show up with layers of fatty tissue around your tummy, deal with hair on your legs. A little waxing can also do wonders. Do not just work on your face, work on the whole of the body so that you look attractive and appealing to your clients. You will get people will spend among the people who saw your promotions.

The purchasing power of the audience

The other key to earning large amounts of money is attracting high net worth clients. The more the top dollar spending clients you have on your profile, the higher the likelihood that you are going to earn well from camming.

One way to net high net worth clients is to produce high-quality promotions and maintain the quality throughout your shows. You have to make the clients feel that the show is worth their money. Low-quality shows, inconsistency, lack of clear acts that you have perfected as well as giving out too much during the promotions are likely to deny you quality clients.

Other way is to look for a site that has high purchasing power viewers.

The purchasing power depends on income. The good indicator is GDP or GNI.

The higher the GDP, the more money the viewers potential can bring to you.

The is page explains how to find the best paying cam site based on GNI.

The payout from the camming sites

Different camming sites have different payout rates for their models. Just because models earn large amounts of cash from a site does not mean that the site has the best payout rates. Several variables go into getting the highest amounts. These variables include competition, quality of the audience, percentage of the amount retained by the site and chargebacks.


You have to do a background research into every camming site before you join in. An ideal site has a high traffic of clients willing to spend on shows, above average percentage payouts, low to moderate competition from other models and does not charge the models for the credit card fraud that may be performed by the clients.

Diversifying the services

Most high earning models have more than one service that they offer online. Other popular adult services in addition to cam shows include Skype sex, selling videos and photos, fan clubs, phone sex selling lingerie, used panties, and other related services.


When you offer several services, you ensure a constant flow of revenue even when camming is experiencing a slowdown. Some services such as running a fan club and selling content sets enable models to earn even when they are offline. Check if your preferred camming site allows you to offer other services for ease of management and streamline payments.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable methods of earning money online. Most of the profitable camming models have figured out how to monetize their sites by promoting stuff from other sellers.


In affiliate marketing, you get special links from which you promote the products. Some camming sites give you a link where you promote the site as well as your profile. You get a commission or share the revenue received after you refer paying customers.


Since you must promote your services; it does not hurt to do a few affiliate links and earn an extra dollar on top of your services. These payments may look small but add up very fast and raise your earning potential. The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that you get paid even when the clients are not spending their money on you directly. The money comes even when you are offline.

Types of payouts and payment processing fees

Most camming sites will offer a number of paying methods for their services. The processing fees vary from one payout type to the other. There is also the free type of payment available in many camming sites. However, the method may not be the best for you. There are ones, which are costly like bank wire and courier delivery. You should keep away such methods as they take much of your cash in return for convenience.

Being consistent

It is one thing to get high paying clients, and it is another to retain them on your profile. One way to keep high paying clients is to deliver high quality shows consistently. They will walk out of the show if your show is no longer worth their money.


Gather the motivation to keep performing through low seasons when just a few clients are willing to pay. The consistency will keep most of the clients you have and make you get many others. Highly paid cam girls know and use the trick.

Treat your acts as a business

Take a business approach and attitude when it comes to camming. At the end of the day, it is the money that you make that counts. The best paid camming models do not give out a lot in promotions and free shows. They deserve the very best for their paying customers. Moreover, they create a schedule of activities in such a way that their clients get to see them often. This enables them to build a client base and increase their earning from time to time. This is a strategy worth following for any new models.

Furthermore, the top models are in the spot where they can maximize their value. If you fight against those models, you would not be able to win.

What you need is to think how you can provide better value to your viewers

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