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What to do when you are in your period?

webcam model tips : How to deal with period

It is expected that you will be on your period at some point during the month. Other girls with irregular periods have more than one period of menses in a month. Since you still need the cash, you cannot lie in bed for all the days you will have your menses. You must work.

The way to handle the menses depends on the length of the menses and how heavy you are bleeding. Here are a few tips for webcam models.

Become creative

There are many cam shows that you can perform without having to remove your panties. If you have been treating your clients to a penetration show, you can tell them that you will be having a special on other fetishes. In the next couple of shows, you can have a topless breast show, an anal show, or some blowjobs. Other shows that you may try include dancing, role-play, domination, girlfriend experience, foot fetish, and dirty talk. You can also treat your clients to a striptease without having any penetration.

Admit it if you can

Most of the men understand that the women will succumb to nature at some point in a month. You can hint to your clients that you will not be able to have penetration shows in a few days. Those that get pushy about it can be told the reason why you cannot do it. Expect some of the clients to get so ecstatic about it and ask for a show when you are bleeding. You can have a show if you are comfortable with it. However, ensure that you do not break any rules that are against camming when you are bleeding.  Kink Live is one of the cam sites that allow blood on cam.

Take a break

You can give yourself some days off to relax and get into a good shape. After all, you have been working throughout the month and may be exhausted. Moreover, it is your business and therefore can work whenever you feel like. Your very loyal customers will wait for you to be back and some new customers will be around. You can offer other services such as dirty chat, boob show, and phone sex when on a break.

Deal with the period


A tampon is an effective way of concealing the flow. Conceal or cut the string after wearing it. It will not be seen, and you will go on with the show like other days. You can also wrap the string around the tampon when putting it in. To avoid the risk of getting it stuck deep inside you, avoid deep penetration with toys. Light one with fingers may work great in this case.

The sea sponge

Most cam girls use the sea sponge and are able to work out very well when on cam. Unfortunately, they can be hard to retrieve just like the tampon. Therefore, you should limit to light penetration when you are using them. They are more comfortable to wear than the tampon and are less messy.

Menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are also called soft cups. They are placed at the entrance of the cervix to prevent the flow from leaking past this point. They are easier to retrieve afterward than the sponge and tampon. However, since they do not absorb anything, they can be very messy.

Many cam girls have found success in the use of menstrual cups. They are comfortable as long as you use the right size of the cup. To figure out which size of the cup fits you best, look for cup descriptions on the internet. You can try the sizes that you feel fits you before the flow comes to determine the most comfortable.

The use of long-term contraception

A number of long-term contraception methods can effectively stop the flow at that time of the month. There are cam girls that have found success by the use of birth control pills continuously or the use of Levlen. It is the most convenient method to deal with the flow as a cam girl.


However, there might be some health risk involved with the long-term use of the contraceptives. Therefore, before adopting any of the contraceptives, it is important that you talk to your gynecologist. He or she will help you find that less risky option according to your body.

When using any of the temporary methods, avoid pussy close-ups for long periods, the methods may work, but there is no proof that some leak may not occur in the process. On the other hand, if the flow is very heavy, consider the use of a hormone-based birth control. It is effective at lightening the flow and reducing the number of days that the period will take to lighten up.

You also expect to feel a little bloated, not in the best mood, occasional cramps, and general discomfort. You can take some pills to deal with the pain especially the back pain and cramps. Try to relax and go slow when doing your shows. You will find it a lot easier that way.

Cheer up; the period is a necessary evil to every girl out there. Embrace it and go on camming for the period.