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Webcam modeling tips:10 things to do to prevent slow room

Cam girl slow day

Working as a cam girl, you face periodic slow time. When you have slow room, you wait, wait and wait but no one comes in and pays you. If it is periodic, you are still ok but if it continues, your career as a webcam model is threatened. You would definitely want to avoid such situation. This page explains how to avoid slow time and reduce waiting time.

1. Studio looks room turns viewers off.

It can not be avoidable if you work from studio. But viewers get turned off if the room has only sofa and bed which is typical background for a studio. Most of viewers are looking for “amateur” or “ a girl next door” woman from live chatting experience. If your room looks like a studio, viewers think you are a pro webcam model. There is a tendency that viewers like a camgirl who works from a room where she lives in. You may want to change the back ground that can show live living feeling if your chat room is slow. Ease of changing back ground is one of the benefits that webcam model working from home can have. But one thing to remember is you should not show anything that can determine who you are or where you live exactly for your safety.

2. First few weeks are the most important period of internet modeling career.

There are so many sites that give benefits to new models such as giving a newbie mark and the rate discount programs. With such benefits, new camgirl is easier to get customers than other experienced models. We hear many models say that “my wait time during this time was only 20 to 30 minutes, but now I have to wait more than 1 hour sometimes.” During the time that you can get benefits from the site, it is very important to put your time as much as possible to build your customer base. All of successful models have fans and regular customers who continuously come to her room. Newbie time would significantly impact your earning potential latter. Thus you have to work as much as possible during this time.

3. Try new site and be a new camgirl again at other sites.

Even if you are not someone who just started to work as a webcam model, you can be a new cam girl at the site where you have never worked. If you have experienced new model at new site, you know how to and what to do to get customers. You may want to try a new site to build new customer base if you are not satisfying where you are at. If it goes well, you can switch your main site. There is nothing to lose but gain. Japanese cam sites may be the best option for you.

4. Try to increase number of “like” from your viewers. Utilize tweet, diary and videos.

In the webcamming industry, it is very important that you make your viewers think that you are a popular webcam model. Viewers have to pay money per minute in order to talk to camgirls, they are dead serious about who to talk to. They compare each models by checking several information before they decide to enter the room. They choose one who is most likely to satisfy their sexual needs. One of the criteria that viewers use is the number of “like” or “favorite”. It is natural for viewers to assume that models service is good if a model has many “like” or “favorite”. Myfreecam’s camscore is one of the known key indicators on how viewers compare each models. There are many sites that show ranking and number of favorites from viewers. Try to utilize full benefits of tweet, diary and videos to increase number of “likes” and “favorites as there is tendency that models with high number of “likes” and “favorites” receive more mails and chat requests.

5. Upload free videos to get more “likes”

Most of internet modeling sites have function to upload videos and recordings of your previous shows. Private videos can be a good way to earn extra money off line as you get money depending on how many times videos were watched. If you focus on trying to make yourself look like a “popular camgirl”, you want to publish more free videos. The probability of getting likes is higher if you publish videos as free videos since viewers are more likely to watch free videos. Furthermore, depending on site, some sites have review and recommendation function. If you have some regular viewers, you should ask them to write reviews and recommendations for you.

6. Change title and a comment every time you login.

This is very basic thing but comment and title of your room is the one of very important information for viewers to decide whether they enter your room or not. So you should change your title and comment every time before you start camming. For example, use words that can indicate first time or excite viewers such as “I am wearing a new panty”, “ First time to try new vibrator”, “Please bully me”, ”come to my room if you like femdom”

7. Send thank you letters to grab their hearts.

Sending thank you letter after you finish your camming show is very effective way to build fans and regular customers. You may have been doing it already but if you have not, you should definitely start sending letters to your customers after your shows. More detail is explained at “ Webcam model tips: how to build fan bases and develop regular customers.

8. Choose effective costumes to target your customers.

While you wait it is not recommended to show too much skin or do something sexual too much as some viewers are satisfied watching your free show. Important thing is to find the balance. For the purpose of balancing between too much and too little, choosing right costume or cloth is very important. For example, wearing a big T shirts that can hide your underwear is good which the viewers think you may not be wearing underwear. Another example is to wear a small T shirt that your under part of breast can be seen. The costume that can trigger viewers imagination is effective way to attract viewers.

9. Smile and wave hand every 3 to 5 minutes while you wait.

There are many webcam models who show their face on profile pictures but do not show their face while they wait. For those model, they should show faces looking into the webcam, smile and wave hands every 3 to 5 minutes. Impression is very important. From viewer’s prospect, they are not sure if you would show your face in paid chat room or not. If you show your face and smile even few seconds while you wait, viewer’s concern that you may not show your face is relieved.

10. Have multiple characters and work at multiple webcam sites.

There are many models who work at multiple sites, hoping to earn more. If you do not have a exclusive contract with the site that you currently work for, you are free to work for any sites. Thus you should try different site with different characters. You may want to sell yourself as femdoom at site A, pure amateur girl at site B, and intellectual nerdy girl at site C. Try which character fits you to attract more viewers. Establishing your character to differentiate from other model is very important to survive in the market. More detail is explained ” Webcam modeling tips: Internet modeling marketing 101 5W2H

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Many models struggle with slow time in her room and long wait time. Just increase working time does not solve the problem. Successful models understand who they are targeting and what they are good at with little tricks explained here. It is not impossible to be successful model if you do not give up and keep working.

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