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Webcam model tips: strategy class 103 – Positioning

Webcam model tips


I have been explaining and emphasizing the importance of differentiation from other models to be a successful model throughout this strategy classes. I will explain little deeper than previous page on how you can be successful webcam model using concept of “positioning”.


Positioning is the marketing term frequently used in business worlds. Positioning is the marketing strategy that aims to establish brands or images that dictate a “position” relative to competitors in customer minds. It is something you should be familiar as you have been doing this through out your life.

Do you have someone you like now?

If you do, probably you are thinking “how can I make him like me?”.

In order to be liked by him, you want to know what type of woman he likes. If you know what type of woman he likes, you try to adjust yourself to the type of woman he likes. This is called positioning in some sense.


Let’s see other example in the world of business.

When you think about apple computer, associated image of apple computer may be “cool”. In terms of computer specs, Apple products are not worth the price that apple sets for. People purchase apple products not because of its specs but image that apple sell for.

Another example is “Gucci”. When you think about Gucci products, you may think it is luxurious. The materials and processes do not compensate the high price of Gucci product but people buy their product simply because they believe it is luxurious and good. Because those companies positioned themselves very well, they can sell their products at higher price than the market.


In order to be a successful webcam model, you have to position yourself in right place that differentiates you from other camgirls.

How to “position” yourself in the market?

First of all, in order to avoid that your customers misunderstands you, you need to understand where you are and who you are.

Here is the questions you need to ask yourself.

  • What are you and what do you stand for?

The uniqueness of yourself puts you far from competition. Distinction and values that only you can provide to the customers needs to be established. The distinction also needs to be an attraction that provides value to the customers.

  • Who are your target customers and what they want?

Once you identify your difference, uniqueness and attraction, you can focus who you target for.

The target needs to be viewers that you can serve the best. How to segment you target is explained at webcam model tips- 102. This target is the segment that you implement positioning strategy for.

  • How likely you can meet the target segment’s needs?

    You know that you can not satisfy all the viewers. Your target needs to be clearly defined that you can serve them the best because of your uniqueness.

Who are the competitors and what they do differently?

Trying to compete against strong competitors or fierce competition is not worth your time. You need to understand and analyse how strong competition is. How to analyse competition is explained at how to identify best paying cam sites.

Analyzing competitors


Next thing you want to do is competitor analysis to understand who they are. Some of the data is easy to find while some data need time to investigate. But this process clarify what the viewers really want which help you to craft your own strategy.

  • Identify top models at the site

This is not difficult to identify. You just need to go to the site you are planning to work for and check number of viewers in the room where your potential competitors are in at the time when you are planning to broadcast. For pay per minutes site, you need to spend little more time.

Go to the site for a week to check models who are there all the time and be in private chat.

  • Check how long they have been camming

Most of top models have social medias. You can easily go to their page and check when they created those accounts. Longer they are in the market, it is likely they are strong as they survived high turn over industry.

  • Check how many regulars she has

In tipping base site, you would know who is regulars from the conversation in the room as camgils know their name if they are regulars. For pay per minutes site, check waiting time of the models. The shorter the time that she waits, it is likely she has more regular customers. More regulars she has, the stronger she is.

  • Check what they do in their show

In free site, it is easy to check what she does as you can participate in the room easily. Check how she treats customers, how she talks, what she wears, how deep their connections are and anything that makes her special.

For pay per minutes site, you have to spend some money to observe what shes does. Most of camming sites have peeping function so that you do not have to talk to models but peep what she does.


Now you have all of the information. It is time to compare and brain storm on how you can move to the ideal position.

Let’s look at an example.

She is a white camgirl who started camming 3 months ago. Her age is 24. Her body type is skinny. She is from Canada. She is good at listening people. So she wants to provide a girl friend experience to customers who are lonely. She identified 1 site that competition is not high. She looked at potential competitors who are white,skinny, around same age and speak English. She identified what the customers needs and what competitors are doing shown below.

The best paying cam site

She identified that customers are looking for 4 elements: girl friend experience, porn star hardcore show, aggressive type of models and submissive type of models.


Since she is not comfortable doing hardcore show, she decided to position herself as a submissive model providing girl friend experience.

Camming tips

In terms of positioning, her action can be

  1. Providing closer distance services to customers by increasing communication offline in order to provide more enhanced girl friend experience.
  2. By using 2 way remote toy such as lovense, she creates closer virtual sex environment.
  3. Limit her show to only private show and accept customer only if she likes that viewer.


If you are broadcasting thinking you are cute and pretty, you would not be able to survive as you are not the only one who is cute and pretty. You need to think where you fit and be competitive in order to survive. Webcam model jobs are not only in front of camera but require strategic thinking skills as well.

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