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Webcam modeling tips:Internet modeling marketing basic – 101

Webcam modeling tips:Internet modeling marketing basic – 101

There are many cases that camgirl making $1,000 per month at site A started to make $5,000 per month at site B even though nothing has been changed. The reason for this is not only because of the traffic but also competition and segment of the viewers. Simply if you can make money or not depends on whether you fit to the market or not. This principle applies to all the industry. How to be a successful webcam model requires marketing knowledge. If you do not know what you are selling and who you are selling to, you will never be able to succeed as a webcam model. This page explains how to create a strategy to survive as a cam girl.

Cam girl marketing basic 101 – 5W2H

How to be a Cam Model

When you try to sell a product, you have to think 5W2H.


・”Who” is the buyer?

・”Why” they pay money, what is the result that the user is looking for?

・”What” product or services are you offering?

・”Where”do you sell?

・”When”do you sell?

・”How”do you sell?

・”How much”do they pay?

Who pays money to you?

As a cam girl, your main target is a male. But you need to think further about who this man is such as age, personality, job, where they live, hobbies, fetish, how much is their salary, how much they can spend. With more detailed information, you can specify how to sell yourself to fit into the niche.

Why do they pay money?

The reason people pay money to any products or services is that they have problems that they want to solve. For example, many people are interested in losing weights. They are not interested in losing weight itself but interested in their better health or better looking that they can be. In the world of internet modeling, the viewers are looking for several things. May be they are looking for someone who can fill the loneliness or may be they are looking for someone who they can jerk off to feel good. If they are looking for someone to jerk off at, you have to think what desire (problem) that they can not solve by themselves.

What are you offering?

You know who and why they are paying by now. Now you need to think what you can offer. As a camgirl, what you offer depends on your character that you are trying to establish. Viewers have variety fetish and type of woman that they like. For example, some people like submissive woman while some like aggressive woman. Some people like intellectual woman while other like fool woman. You need to think what type you can be. The important thing to remember is the competition that you may be facing. For example, if you decide to be a sexy model, you will face fierce competition as that is something every one of the cam girl try to offer. The more competition means less income for you. The site that people say high pay does not mean that you can earn a lot if there is high competition. In such case, you may be better to change the site or change what you offer. Last but most the important thing is that the character that you are trying to sell has to be something you can do naturally. If you are not good at being naughty but try to sell yourself as a naughty model, viewers would notice that you are acting in that way.

Where do you offer?

In the case of webcam model, this is about which site you work for. How to determine which site depends on what you offer. You need to investigate and try to see if the sites have type of viewers that you are trying to target. Also determine the level of competitions that the site has. If what you offer is very specific that no site covers your target audience, you may be better off starting your own site.

When do you offer?

If the product is seasonal thing, you have to be careful on when you actually try to sell. But for the case of internetmodeling, you need to find out what time has the highest traffic that your targeted audience is in at the site. For example, Chaturbate has access from several countries. Depending on the time, accesses from each country differ. Usually people go to the site at night. So, if you have specific target audience, you have to see when those people are online. Also, you have to check if there is your potential competitor models working at the same time.

How do you offer?

If nobody knows that you are working online, no one will come to your room. If you log in to the site, viewers at the site know you are online. But if they are not at the site you work at, they do not know you are online. Also, you can advertise yourself out side of the site to get more viewers. So, the question is how do you tell viewers and communicate with them that you work at the site. For example, you can use social media. There are many social medias that you can use such as face book, twitter, instagram, tumblr and you tube. You need to determine which tool has the highest potential to reach to your target audience as each tool has different audiences.

How much do you charge

The pricing is very important. The things to consider is that there is price and demand elasticity curve meaning higher the price, the lower the demand. You need to find the balance on how much is the best price that you maximize your profit. In order to determine, you have to do try and error. Also you need to check how much your competitor is charging.

Finding the best webcam site based on the niche that fits you.

We hear from models and studio that changing the character does impact success. A model who used to be a sexy model changed her character to be a femdom model got really popular. Or even just changing the profile picture that a model wears glasses increased number of private chat. There are many cases that change whole audience of your customers. So you may try to see what works for you.

Changing the site that does not have many competitors.

written in the beginning, there is a case that changing site increased her earning. This is because the site she moved to did not have much competition on her character. It is better to check several sites to see if there is potential competition that you would face before you decide to move.

Changing the time increased earning.

Viewers have different time frame such as viewers who visit live webcam site only afternoon time, night time or weekend. Thus changing the time itself can increase your earning. The reason that you can not earn may be just because the time you are in does not have many viewers who like your character. So, you may want to try to work at different time.