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How to perfect your striptease skills

Men love to watch a striptease. As a camming model, this is one way you can entice your clients to remain glued to their screens, tip even more, and raise the erotic atmosphere in your show. It is one of the important webcamming tips to learn to improve your earnings.

Here are steps to performing a striptease. (These techniques do not apply if you work at Japanese camming sites)

 webcam models how to do strip tease

Prepare for the striptease

  1. Get a sexy outer garment

You need to look sexy for your striptease. Look for the clothing that accentuates your assets. Attire that leaves a lot of imagination or some sexy summer dress will do. Keep in mind the following too

  • The clothing should be easy to take off. Do not go for something that is too tight that cannot be removed or one with hundreds of buttons.
  • The sexy dress should leave some imagination and not show everything to your viewers
  1. Your undergarments should be sexy too

Pick undergarments that are a good fit. The bra should make your cleavage to stand out while the thong should be tight. A little lacy, tight and see-through thong or G-string will do too. Stockings are also great for the striptease. Go for garters, fishnets or those with a racy seam at the back

  1. Do not forget some killer shoes
  •  Get some thin and high-heeled shoes. They make your calves and legs look better.  Black shows do well. However, ensure that you wear clothing that you can walk in. Wear shoes that you have worn a few times and know that they are comfortable.
  1. Work your make up
  •  Wear some sexy makeup. Think of the dark shadows to bring out the eyes, some dark red lipstick. Lip-gloss that makes the lips look luscious and black mascara. Do not go overboard but wear more than you do in your everyday working life.Dim the lights and get some sexy music to get your audience in the mood. Do not pick music that is either too fast or too slow. In addition get a chair at the center of the room. You will use the chair as a prop as you perform the striptease.
  1. Get loose

Visualize yourself as the sexiest girl alive. Feel good about yourself. You can take a glass of red wine to work up the mood for the show.

Start the show

  1. Get professional

Walk towards your camera but strutting like you are on the red carpet. Move one foot in front of the other with confidence. Keep the head high and shoulders back. Ensure that the chest is in front and the center of attraction.

  1. Create a sexy feel

Do not coy at this time. Maintain an eye contact with the audience by looking straight into the camera. Keep the lips lightly parted to give you a sultry look. Do not laugh at this time even if you do a silly thing or feel awkward. Laughter will kill your mood quite fast. You will give smiles along the way. Keep them sexy but not too wide.

  1. Start with the top

Walk away from the camera for a few feet as you move your body and take off your top. Turn around with the garment at hand and make a tense eye contact with the audience. Gently throw away the garment.

  1. Remove your skirt/dress

Do some gyrating before you remove the skirt by swinging your hips as well as your hands down to your essentials. Caress the hips and the breasts with the hands. Then, without warning, turn around and bend slightly. The backside should face the camera as you roll your skirt down. Let the skirt or the full-dress fall to the ground and kick it aside with your foot.

  1. Make a sexy body workout

Move around the room walking by the sides of your chair occasionally pressing yourself at the back of the chair. Caress your body as you move around. You can lick your lips and toss the hair back to maintain the sultry expression. Caress the breasts as you look up and enjoy the great time you are having. You clients will join in the fun.

  1. Remove your shoes and take off your stockings

Place one foot on the chair as you lightly kick off your heel and show the audience your legs. Keeps the heels nearby as you will wear them again. Stroke each leg at a time as you roll the stocking and toss it near the camera. Do the same with the other leg.

  1. Put the shoes back on

Wear your shoes back on again while striding on your chair. You can hold on to the chair for more time twisting and caressing the body.

  1. Take off your bra

Unclasp your bra at the back and ensure that it holds your breasts. Hold on to that and show the bare back. Lower the bra slowly and remove it. Cover the breast with your hands and continue caressing them. Then, slowly move your hands off the breasts and turn to the side so that you do not show much at once. You can now turn to the audience and let them see the breasts as you caress them.

  1. Lower your underwear

Turn around, bend, and pull your underwear down. Leave the shoes on. Turn to the front, cover the essential with your hands. Then, move the hands away from the private parts to caress the rest of the body.

Walk around with just the high heels letting the audience see just part of the private parts. Finally, kick away the heels so that you become completely nude.