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Webcam modeling tips: 5 ideas to keep your viewers entertained

Webcam Model Tips
Webcam modeling is all about entertainment. You are beautiful and hot, that’s great but you are not the only one who is attractive in webcam modeling industry. You are competing with other models who are probably as attractive as you are. How can you be competitive to be chosen over other? One of the ways is to keep your viewers entertained so that they will comeback. Most of viewers are hopping channels to find something interesting. You have opportunities to acquire new viewers all the time if your thumbnail picture looks good. The difficulty comes in when you try to keep the viewers in the room. Here are some ideas to keep your viewers entertained.

Online game with viewers and prizes.

There are free online games that you can play. Share the screen and have fun with viewers. You can give out small prizes to motivate viewers. They would love playing games with you. Here are some example sites that you can choose free games from.

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Teaching English

Depending on which site you are working for, it is great way to entertain and add more value to your show. Our site is all Japanese viewers who will be very interested in learning English. By structuring the show focusing on teaching English, you will have regulars very easily as you can establish the connection with them by teaching English. Furthermore, since learning is not one time thing, they will surely come back to your lessons. If you do not have knowledge about English grammar, that’s fine. You can teach through solving English questions. We recommend to use materials relating to TOEIC which is the most known English proficiency exam in Japan.  Here is example site that you can use to get some questions from.


Tips for Webcam ModelsBroad casting videos

If you can not entertain viewers by yourself, use other resources to entertain them. If you broadcast videos that people like, they stay in the room. The more people you have, the more likely you will have potential paying viewers. Furthermorethe number of people in your room does affect your earning potential. This is simply because; the number of people affects where your thumbnails is displayed and people attracts more people. If you broadcast videos, make sure you are on the display as well otherwise it is just an another video broadcasting channel.

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Lingerie cooking

Show off your cooking skills. The viewers will be interested to see what you will make as what you make will probably something that they have never seen. Cook attractive food while being attractive.

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It’s old game but can be effective tool to entertain the viewers. You set the color chart based on the time that you receive tip. May be you take your cloths off if you fail to keep the position. That would motivate your viewers while you get little money.

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