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Your biggest customer tells you “I love you” what you do?

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He spends a significant amount on you every week. He tips from time to time on your free chats. A significant amount of income comes from him. Then, out of the blues, he says that he loves you and has enjoyed the time you spend together. He says that he has feelings for you and would like to know you in real life. It is a general rule that you do not mix camming and relationships and should never agree to meet your clients. However, you do not want to lose your client for he has been good at paying for your services. What do you do?

Display your boundaries

It is important that you have a list of things that you do not do in your profile. The list should be inclusive of relationships and sexual advances. This gives a prior warning sign to sex pests that you are not in camming for a partner or prostitution. You can use this defense when they come calling on the chat messages.

Get a smart answer to push the client away

You do not have to be so tough on the client who has spent considerable amounts of cash on you. Rather, you can come up with a witty answer to their questions. You can tell them that you live with your boyfriend and do camming as a business. This eliminates the mentality that you are desperate for love. Most of the sensible clients will not make advances after they hear that you have a partner in your life.

Be honest that you do not want to meet them

Do not play about with meeting the clients. Be honest with them that it is not possible to meet them. Being straight sometimes helps to get the roving eyes off you for good. In the same breath, ensure that the client is receiving great services even if you do not want to meet them.

When you decline do not say,” I do not want to” Blame something other than you. Say” the site does not allow me to meet in person as there is big penalty” or ” I am afraid of man as my previous boyfriend was so violent”

Do not tell your clients that you like them

When it comes to relationships and love, one thing leads to the other. You will start by professing that you really like each other and the next thing you know is that you are deeply trapped in a love mess that you did not want to get into at the start. Stay professional from the start all the way, despite how good and convincing the client is.

In many cases, when you tell the clients that you like them. The next set of questions gets personal. “Can we meet?” “Where do you live?” “I would love to know you deeper.” When you show disinterest in answering these questions, the client will always tell you that you talked about loving them.

Take care of your own emotions

Sometimes the inclination to fall in love with your clients comes from some insecurity in your personal life. Do you feel lonely or insecure? If you do, there are chances that you might get  embroiled in love matters with your clients which are very dangerous. To avoid the situation, take care of your emotional and love life. Do not use camming as an escape route to healing relationship wounds that occurred sometime back. When in you good shape, you can deal with sexual and love advances from your clients.

Their messed love life is not your fault

Some clients love to play with the feeling of cam girls by opening up to their loneliness, past problems with a spouse or a difficult childhood. It is okay to empathize with them, but you should not go beyond the point. It is not your fault that their love life is in a mess. You are also not a marriage therapist that you should help them fix their lives. You are here to sell fantasy. Therefore, do not be pulled towards trying to help them put together the broken pieces of their lives.

Stand your ground if they insist

Most of the genuine clients will understand your position when you tell them that you cannot meet them for love. However, a few will insist that they should meet you. You need to stand your ground and refuse to meet them. Get straight to the point and tell them that it is not possible to meet them. Do not mince your words and do not answer to questions that take that direction.

It is also good that your clients know that you are in this for money and nothing else. You can politely tell them that this is not part of the tip-able acts that you perform.

There is a real risk that you may lose a customer or two for standing your ground. However, if you do not do it, there are chances that you may mess your career by allowing leaks of this nature.

Have several clients in your stable

Do not relax your promotions and client hunting when you land a well-paying client. As the sage once said, do not put all your eggs in one basket to lower the risk of breaking all of them. The many clients that you have, the better you are at handling advances from any of them without risking your livelihood.