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Get motivated when everything is running slow

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Like any other business, your camming business will have its ups and downs. There will be times when the business will be very slow. You have few clients, or your current crop of clients will spend less. However, this does not mean that you give up on camming. But it certainly discourages you. Your actions in this period will determine your success in the very long run and the length of the time that the slowdown will take.

Follow the tips below to stay motivated during a slowdown.

Grow some “thick skin”

Your ability to run through the low period depends on your attitude. It is vital that you develop an attitude for pushing on even when things are hard. Growing thick skin means that you will wake up early in the morning or in the evening and start a show even when you feel like giving up. When you do not have any shows, it is a low season all the way through.


The strong character is not only needed when you are low on cash. There will be a time when you will get a lot of hatred, low ratings, and little attention. You need to teach yourself that hatred and rejection are not personal. This is business, and you have not attachment to the people who are watching your shows.

Take care of yourself

The energy to take you through the tough times comes from within. This is the main reason why you should take good care of yourself. Ensure, you eat a balanced diet, read a motivational book, or do an activity that you like. When you feel good about yourself, it will be easy to handle the challenges in the industry.



Your clients are most likely to feel your mood when you step into the show. Therefore, avoid ruining the experience for everyone by working on your moods and emotions.

Do not procrastinate

Procrastination is the mother of all failures. It is so easy to skip work as nobody watching you, You will find that if you keep pushing activities that you should do today to another day, you get so much on your plate and lack that energy to get started. Therefore, start doing what you should do today as soon as you have the opportunity. If you have a promotional show, set up a show, or offer any other service, start working on it as soon as possible. The hard part is only the start. You will be amazed at the amount of energy that comes with time after getting started.



If getting started is a problem, create a schedule for your activity. Start at the very moment that you decide to handle the activity. Mark the number of activities that you have completed in a given day and what remains.

Diversify your acts

If you are experiencing a slowdown in the number clients in your room or the amounts that clients are willing to spend, look for something else that will excite them. You can add some activities to your shows to spur up some interest in your audience. Here is more details on how to keep your room entertained. You realize that after some time, you get to become an ‘expert’ performer in certain acts. However, treating your audience to something new is a great way to get them interested in the show.

If diversifying your acts is not bringing the intended results, try to diversify to other services. You can have a fan club, do phone sex or sell some lingerie online. This props your earnings as you look forward to better times in your camming activities.

Aggressive promotion of the work

Competition is becoming tough in many of the camming sites. This means that the customers coming to the site are divided among several options. You are required to promote yourself heavily on a variety of platforms including on social media, relevant forums and contacting some of the clients that have paid for your show in the past. Advertising helps you stand out from the rest especially to the new clients that are looking for an experience in the camming sites.

Try other sites

While it is good to maintain a presence on a few sites for the ease of managing your clients, there are times when it is advisable to try a new camming site. Some of the reasons that might make you want to try another camming site include:

  • The viewers at current site gets bored.
  • It is true that man gets bored with the same woman. Man is genetically programmed to seek new woman as the probability to leave their DNA is higher if they spread their seeds. Only thing that stops them from cheating on their loved one is their moral. But in the camming world, there is nothing that can stop viewers from going to an other camgirl.
  • Low traffic to the site.
  • If you have been promoting your services aggressively and seems to be experiencing a low turnover, the site may be low on traffic. Do a little research on other better sites around and join one of them.
  • If you would like to add other services to your shows but that is not allowed in the camming site that you have subscribed, you may try other sites that allow you to have diverse services in one platform. This eases the mode of payment and management of the services.

Do not give up when you experience low periods in the camming business. Just like any other industries, the camming industry faces low periods. Follow the steps stated above and fight your way to the next high season.