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Webcam model tips: how to build fan base and regular customers.

The successful webcam models know how to do sales works. Making viewers feel special in the show and sending a thank you follow-up letter is very effective way to build your fan bases and develop regular customers. One email can establish personal relationship between you and your client. Such little things can turn your new customers into your regular customers. This page explains technique on how to convert your customers into regulars.

Communication technique

The only one thing to remember is that you are not the main person in your room. Your customer is the main person in your room. When you talk to your customer, let them talk.

Why do you need to follow this principle?

There are 2 reasons.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Your job is to facilitate conversation while letting your customer talk about them. Talk about you little and ask questions to them.

Second reason is to collect information about them such as age, jobs and hobbies. Take notes about these info. This info is critical to build regular customers.

Next time these customers come to your room, ask questions based on these info such as “how is your xxx job coming along?” The customer will be happy that you remember his info and be likely to come back to your room third time.


All of top models are good at complementing viewers. If you are good at it, your success gets closer to you.

How to complement?

In order to find what to complement, you need to think positively. For example, if you see a cup half filled with water and think positively, you think the cup still has half water filled rather than the cup has only half water filled. If you have a customer who you think “pushy”, complement him saying “You are such a muscular person” or “You are a passionate person”

Looking at details

Pay attention to his details such as what he has, his voice, his body parts and his job. You can find something that you can complement if you look him closely. Especially older person like to be complemented on what he has.

Add little details

Do not just say it is cool. Say it is cools because xxx. For example, if he is telling you something you did not know, say “You know many thing, you sound so smart”.

Say thank you and send thank you mail right after your show.

Do not just finish saying “bye” at the end of your show. But say something like

”I was so lucky to spend time with you today, I enjoyed talking with you(his name) so much as you are such a gentle man”

It is more effective if you include some words to complement him. The important thing to remember is that you should not pressure too much asking him to make a promise to come for private chat next time. Rather stating only compliment and appreciation may end up in better result pulling the words from him asking you when you would be online next time and want to meet you again.

Right after your show within 24 hours is the key.

You show your appreciation when you end your show. But also, you should send thank you letters to each customers you had talked to. In the thank you email, you do not need to be formal but casual. There are some sites that sending email is not free. So if the viewers need to spend points to send an email to you, state “ you do not need to respond as I do not want you to spend point” at the end of the letter so that you can make him think that you care about him. In this way, you can establish personal relationship with him.

Utilize personalized email after your group cam show.

In the group chat, everyone works together to warm up your room. But acctualy, each member is checking and competing each other to get the number one spot in your room. Everyone wants to be your number one. Because of this, there are some members who could not talk to you enough and leave your room as some people do not feel comfortable. Thus you should send thank you emails to all of the members who joined your room. Of course, you do not need to send emails to someone who was peeping and did not participate the conversations or left the room in 1 minute

Make them think that he is the only one who received email from you.

It is universal fact that both man and woman like to be treated special. If you can make him think that he is the only one who received email from you, you can gram his heart. In the group chat, it is especially effective as each member competes to be the number one. Here is an example

Thank you for coming to my room today.

As there are so many people in the room, I was not sure what to talk about.

But you helped me a lot in the conversation. I was so happy to have you in the room. I could not talk to you a lot today but I would like to talk to you sometime.

Again, thank you very much for coming today.


The content can not be something that is obvious you copied from somewhere. You have to craft emails specific to each members. You may refer other member in the email to make comparison to compliment him so that he may think that he is the only one who is receiving email from you.

Connect through SNS

Do you have SNS account(Twitter)? If you do not, make one right now. Twitter works the best for cam girl because it is relatively loose toward to nude content compared with other SNS such as face book and Instagram. Once you make connection, you can expect viewers come to your room from twitter.

Twitter is a good place to gain viewers as well. In order to get viewers form twitter, you need to grow your twitter account.

How to grow number of followers?

In order to grow number of followers, you use technique of spread retweet and follow tweet. What I mean is that you post your sexual photo that has mosaic at twitter tweeting “If you retweet and follow, I will DM you non-mosaic version of the pic”. If you have sexually good picture to man, it is easy to get followers and increase exposure of your twitter account. Posting video works great too. Post a 30 sec video and tweet “If I get 100RT, I will post rest of video”. Do this everyday, then you get 3000 to 10,000 followers in 3 month.


Crafting emails each time is troublesome. But this is something you have to do to maintain and increase your regular customers. Man is a simple creature that easily falls in love with you from such one email. Sending email is very effective way to make your fans to stabilize your revenue and reduce your wait time which directly impact your bottom line. You should definitely do this as your routine. Utilize twitter is the must thing to do if you plan to work as cam girl at least 1 year. Your twitter account will definitely help you to avoid slow days.