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Webcam model tips: Faking the orgasm?

Almost all viewers at webcam sites expect to see a cam girl to cum in front of webcam. However, it depends on each individual whether she can easily cum or not. Furthermore, if you work long hour requiring you to cum many times in a day, it becomes exhaustive to do so every day. Thus, sometime it is necessary to fake the orgasm. Faking orgasm is not that easy as faking orgasm potentially hurts your reputation as a camgirl if viewers find it out. This page explains and introduces the way that successful cam girls handles fake orgasm in Japanese market.

Should I fake the orgasm?

It is hard to have an orgasm if you do not feel comfortable. As a new webcam model, you surely feel uncomfortable playing yourself in front of the camera. It requires some practice in order to get used to it. Getting toys that make you cum helps you the situation as well.  If you can not have an orgasm even you have a toy and practiced to get used to playing yourself in front of the camera, your last choice is to fake the orgasm.

For models who works long time may consider faking the orgasm too as having multiple orgasm is sometime very exhaustive.


First of all, you have to understand that faking requires good acting skills and practice as viewers are expert watching many webcam models in their life. Let’s see how to fake these pro viewers.

Too much moaning and action turns viewers off.

Some webcam models moan hard and twist her body when they cum. But this is something that viewers may take it as a fake. What viewers are looking for is “real orgasm”. You got be careful on too much action.

Vibrator and dildo is something you have to have!

Many successful webcam models say that vibrator and dildo are necessary items to be successful models. Why? From the viewers prospect, the picture looks too plain using only fingers. Also, faking orgasm by hand requires high acting ability. If you use a vibrator or dildo, your action can be obvious pressing against your body and moving hard to fake orgasm. Without such tools, many models say, they are not confident to fake the orgasm.

Don’t moan like a porn star. But moan like you are holding it back.

According to successful webcam models, good moaning should cover two things. 1. Inform when you cum. For example, Say while you play like ” ah, ah , I am cuming”. 2. When you come to climax, act as if you are holding your moaning and leak the breath as if you could not hold it anymore. When you make a climax, shake your legs and be silent as if you are enjoying the afterglow of the orgasm. After few seconds of the silence, say “I cum and that was good “ with the embarrassed grin. Action like this is something that viewers take it “real”. Of course, this is for someone who is selling herself as amateur webcam models. Someone who is marketing herself as a porn star webcam model would need to act in different way.

The gap makes reality.

So what makes reality and attract viewers? A man feels attractiveness from the gap that a woman shows. For example, the viewers are attracted to a webcam model talking like very shy person starts to act like whore once she starts to play herself or a webcam model who is frankly talking in the room starts to be very shy like a virgin once she starts to play herself. There are many ways to create the “gap”. Try to find a character that naturally fits to you.

Record it and check it.

Once you are prepared, you should record yourself to see if your action looks natural. If you record and check it, you notice many things that do not look natural. It is very effective way to check your action from viewers view.

For webcam model who loves to cum.

Some webcam models love to play herself and get excited by being watched. Such cam girls are easy to earn more money than other as they tend to get more peeping viewers. But sometimes they get tired as they tend to play hard. In order to increase earnings, such models need to slow the pace. For example, limit yourself to cum two times in 4 hours. As the purpose of webcamming is to earn money, a cam girl who loves to cum needs to limit herself.


Whether faking an orgasm or not depends on your situation. But you have to understand that faking can potentially hurt your reputation as a cam girl. Also it requires a practice because many viewers are experts to identify if you are faking or not. Record yourself and check it before you actually go online and perform to make sure your action totally look natural.