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Webcam model tips: Making nothing as a cam girl. what is wrong?

How to be a webcam model

Webcam modeling is fast becoming a lucrative freelance activity for many girls around the world. It makes it possible to make and sell porn acts at home without the risks that accompany mainstream porn industry.

Unfortunately, many camming girls are making nothing from their profession while the leading cam models are minting millions from the profession. Why is there an income disparity? It is all in the details. If you are making nothing from webcam modeling, you might be doing several of these activities wrongly.

Check your streaming quality


Often it is ignored how important your streaming quality. All of models who are making decent money have perfect setting for their camming; HD camera, high speed internet and indirect light setting. These are the basic thing you have to have before you get nice cloths and do make up nicely. Even if you look really cute, the viewers do not see it if you do not have HD camera which is supported by high speed internet. lighting impacts how viewers perceive you as well. if your face is reflecting light due to direct lighting, the viewers see it you have oily face which is not cute. If you have shade on your face, the viewers see it as the sign you are old.

You are selling your “channel” and competing against other models “channel”. The viewers choose better looking “channel”. Often it is the case that models in picture looks attractive but looks shitty in the camera due to ignorance how streaming quality plays important role in camming business. How to be a camgirl page explains details about equipment

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Pass on as attractive and smart


There are several webcam platforms on the internet with many more offering free shows to their audiences. People visiting the sites have to choose between tractive and stupid model or go for attractive and smart models. Men who seek attractive and smart models usually have lots of cash.

The onus is on you to attract intelligent visitors by starting intelligent conversations on the chat rooms. Intelligent does not mean that you get serious all of the time, keep it casual but engaging. When you start a session, let the viewers know the goals of the session from the start.

Be a little flexible on the way. If you cannot reach your expected goal in a public show, you may offer those that tip you a group show rather than cancel the show. If you need a number of tips to get to the next show and find that they are not coming by, make a show for the tippers. You may lose any tip from these clients in the future if they fail to get the show for you did not reach the expected earnings.

Limit the personal information shared on the channel


Do not give a lot of personal information when performing at the webcam. Most of the clients are not interested in your personal problems. There are no sympathy votes when it comes to camming. Therefore, keep it professional and hide your bad emotions and other worries.

You may get one or two viewers who would like to know more about you. Take them to a private chat. However, do not tell them about your private life. You can do this politely by giving answers that do not point at any aspect of your life. Do not be tricked to talking of your family or the nasty relationship with your ex-boyfriend.

Do not cam on multiple sites at once


You cannot divide your attention to different sites at one. You will find that you are ignoring some clients in a given site as you concentrate on others in another site. The customers will feel unwanted and make you lose future earnings. Keep to one site at a time to give undivided attention to your visitors.

It is also annoying for your clients to find that you perform a similar show on another site but charge less than you do in the site. Some will go to the reduced price show or simply go to other models. Only time you can do multiple broadcast is when you know other site is not likely to be know by the same viewers. Japanese camming sites are the ones that your viewers are likely to know.

Create rapport but do not pretend to be a friend


It is important that you build rapport with your clients on webcam. However, rapport does not mean that you have become buddies with them. You are not their friend. Do not ask about their personal lives or share useless information about your actions after the last show. While it is good to play about with some activities such as favorite dish or make a cocktail but that should just be comic relief. Most people are interested with the business of the session and not the sideshows.

Do away with distractions


Be prepared for the session beforehand. Avoid instances where you have to get away for some time to check on your dog or pick a call. Let the few minutes that you are only be consumed entirely by the business of the session. Just know that people are paying for your show, do not waste their money with activities that do not matter.

Be on time


If you promised your viewers that the show starts at 8pm, do not turn up for the show at 8:30 pm. It shows that you have other important things than your viewers. The best thing is to be available at least 5 minutes to the show.

Finally, do not give up for it is taking a little longer to hit your target. When you are new, it may take a little more effort to get customers. However, since viewers are always looking for new models on webcam sites, they are likely to come to you when they see the new banner by the corner of your profile.

Do several show when you are still knew. Make it a good moment to get more viewers on board. You will find that a good number will remain if you were very good in the fast few shows. Consistency is key to capturing and retaining clients in your channel.

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Try other site

If you tried all of things above and still do not make money much. You need to try other sites. It is hit or miss in this business. There are people who will like you. You just have to find them. Each live camming site has different type of viewers. One site may have viewers who like BBW the other may have viewers who like milf. What type of viewers that the site has varies a lot. There is nothing you lose trying new sites. Try several of them to see if you can find the viewers who like you. The best paying cam sites page explains how to identify the best sites for you.


Keep learning and improving your style from time to time. Learn from your mistakes and make more cash by putting into practice the tips above.