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How to prevent someone record and upload your show ?

How to prevent recording your show

The fear that someone records your show without your permission is one of the scariest and annoying thing if you work as a cam girl. Since recording can happen on desktop rather than internet browser, there is nothing technologically to stop it. However, there are ways to make uploading the videos difficult to do.

Understand your copy rights

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Copyright law calle “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” is federal US law. It protects your rights on whatever you make as intangible things including your camming show. You and only you as a owner of the copy rights, your show can not be recorded, sold, rent and leased publicly without your permission. The infringement occurs someone record and upload your videos to open server (most of the case tube site). The damage claim that you can make is up to $150,000.

Is copy right applied to me living outside of USA?

The answer depends on each case. There are many treaties that most of developed courtiers agreed regarding the intellectual property rights. However, the level of protection is different each other. Also where hosting company is and where server is located need to be considered to determine which jurisdiction rule applies.

Preventative action you can take

There several things you can do to prevent someone from recording and upload your show. These techniques and tips should increase your protection.


Webcam model tips preventing recording

When you broadcast, you can add your own water mark to insist your copy rights.

By adding water mark of your name, you can show to viewers who may record and upload your videos that you are fully aware of your rights. This becomes deterrence to people who try to violate you right.

Furthermore, it becomes easier to find your videos if uploaded.

How to add water mark?

Many of models use” Manycams” to add watermarks to their show. It is a free software and easy to do so.



Before you add water mark, I suggest you check the policy of the site. Most of US site does not allow models to put water.

Adding date and time

Another great way to prevent the internet troll to record your video without your permission is to add watermark date and time when you cam. If you know the date, it is very easy to identify who you talked as there is a log that you can access to at most of camming sites. It is little trouble some to change the date every time you broadcast. But considering the fact that it becomes nightmare once someone records your video, you might want to take little time before you broadcast.

Say your name during your show

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In order to utilize your rights, you have to prove that a person who is in the video is you. By saying your name during your show, it becomes easier to prove that you are the person who was recorded without permission.

Call viewer name during your private show

Calling viewer’s name during your show several times makes it difficult for people who try to violate your rights as they want to upload your video anonymously. This technique works perfectly for private chat as you can be sure who uploaded your videos by checking the video. Nobody wants to risk if they know they will most likely be identified who uploaded the video.


It is so easy to upload the video if anonymity is there. If anonymity is not likely, nobody tries to violate your rights as the result of doing it can cause serious trouble to the uploader.

Play music

Tips preventing from recording show

This technique relies on copy rights of the artist. Sometime the case of individual infringement lightly. If you play music during your show, the recorded video would contain the music which an artist owns an intellectual property rights. Most of artists belongs to a big promotion company. Those companies have special department that deals with infringement of their music everyday. You can possibly use these companies power to remove the content from tube site.

Is the risk that someone who I know find out high?

Although, you may be very worried, the risk that someone who you know see the video is extremely low. There are thousands models working at the same time you work. Also new model signs up everyday. Even if you are recorded and uploaded, the video is going to be one of porn videos at tube site which has millions of videos online.


Although, you can not avoid the risk of being recorded and uploaded to tube sites 100%, there are techniques to protect yourself. It is very important to take necessary action to prevent your rights to be violated. But the risk that someone who you know see it is extremely low as you are one of thousands model working online. Also the video is going to be one of millions videos.

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