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Pay per minutes VS free chat site

Webcam model tips: pay per minutes vs free chat site

There are two main ways that camming sites get you the clients. There are those who charge the clients for the time they spend on the site and those that offer an opportunity for visitors to interact free with the model with an option of giving a model tips or take her to private room. There are those who charge per minute but also give visitors a chance to chat free with the models.


Each of the models has their advantages and disadvantages to the models in terms of the traffic and the money that eventually lands in their pockets.


Before you start working as a camgirl, you need to decide which is better option for you. Here are some comparisons of the both systems to help you make the right choice.


Traffic to the cam site is determined by several factors such as the marketing effort of the site, costs of the shows and the type of girls that you find on the site. Pay per minute sites targets to a small number of clients that are willing to pay for the services. Therefore, everyone that gets to the site must pay for the period they are logged in.


On the other hand, the free chat sites attract a large pool of visitors and leave it to the models to entice the visitors to pay for the private shows or tips. You are likely to get more traffic to your room and less choosy clients at the free chat site that the paid one. But it does not necessarily mean that you get more viewers who actually pay.

Work to be done to convince the clients

For the models that work in pay per minute sites, there is less to do in terms of convincing the clients to pay. As long as the client has liked your profile and started watching your show or chatting, you are already making some money. It is a great option for beginners who have not mastered the art of attracting and convincing the clients to tip.

On the other hand, you must be smart when it comes to attracting clients to pay for private shows on free chat sites. It is up to you to come up with self-promotion mechanisms to get customers to your private chat. This is a lot harder than the pay per minute site.

Amount of money you get paid from the site

The amount you get from the camming depends on the length of time a client spends chatting with you on the pay per minute cam sites. Many of the sites give you an option for setting the rates that you want but given the competition, most of models set pretty similar rates. It is up to you how much to charge as the model is the one who keeps the clients interested in what you do longer so that you can earn more from them.


When it comes to free chat sites, viewers have no obligation to pay you. You have to entertain them enough to make viewers think that your show was worth or will be worth paying. Despite the hard work of convincing the clients to pay you tips, you may get nothing sometime. However, if you are lucky, you get big bonus tips from a generous tipper in very short time. If your time is limited, you have a better chance of earning more as the model on the pay per minute site.

Pressure on the models

Many models complain about the pressure that they face from some of the sites that they perform. When it comes to pay per minute sites, every single minute that the client spends on your show counts. Therefore, you cannot fool around with the customers. You might feel under pressure to deliver your shows more effectively and fast.

The free sites give model space to play around with their customers before having them pay for private shows. In this model, you are not under pressure to perform as stated. You can afford to fool around and goof as part of the show.

In such sense, working at free site is more laid back.


The biggest problem with free chat sites is the large numbers of people who come for freebies. They want to have some time with the model but are not willing to give anything. It can be frustrating for the models who are trying their best to get tips.

Freeloaders are not necessarily bad if you know benefits of having them behind the scene. Read how to deal with freeloaders.


Pay per minute sites is different. Everyone that gets into the site must pay for the time. This eliminates freeloaders from hanging around the chat rooms.

If you do not want to show your body for free, pay per minutes site is the better option.


The free chat sites give models an option to showcase their bodies and give the prospects a taste of what they offer for the private shows or complete show based on tipping. It is a great way for getting clients. This is not possible on the pay per minute sites. Most of the sites prohibit models to show naked. Finding the balance between free and paid show at free site is crucial as it may make you lose potential clients who would have tipped if they get satisfied by your free show.

Which is the best camming site for a webcam model??

It depends on your experience and goals that you have for the camming.

If you are very experienced and great at convincing clients to pay for the services, consider the free chat sites. Here you can convince them to spend lots of money on you through tipping or private shows.

Beginners who are struggling to make ends meet should go with pay per minute optionas it is easier to make money. It ensures that they get some cash from every client that comes their way. But you have to learn skills to keep customers on the show for long.