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How to keep your room entertaining and fun during camming

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Camming is an adult entertainment activity. Visitors come to your room and spend money and time to be entertained. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that they get entertained to keep them in your room. On the other hand, you need to enjoy what you are doing. This helps you to hold fan show.

Here are easy ways to keep your chat room fun and entertaining.

Prepare to be the start of the show

Do not hurry but take your time before you get into the show. There are chances that you will get nervous before you go into your room. Take your time and prepare for what you will do at the show. Preparation creates confidence and helps you get rid of nervousness, which makes the show boring and dry.


Put down a list of acts that you are going to perform during the show in the order that you would like to perform for them. Make time to interact interact with your clients. Engagement makes you more entertaining.

Work on your mood beforehand

Did you know that people can feel your mood over the camera? If you are unhappy, worried, or angry, you clients will feel it during the show. Therefore, cheer up before you start your show. The joy will spread over to others watching your performance.

A good way to be in the best mood during a performance is to do fun activities between the shows. If you are outgoing and fun, you will be happy when performing your shows.


In addition, ensure that you are in your top looks when you start the show. The perceptions of your clients will be shaped by the first few minutes of the camming show.

Some soft music will do

Music works magic to both your clients and yourself. The choice of music depends on your clientele. Play some music that lifts their spirits and energizes them for the show. The music could be playing at low volume as you perform your acts. Quiet room is not always great for the show especially when you are nervous.

Crack some jokes

Do not be overly serious when performing your acts on the camera. Interact with your clients, crack some jokes. Have a great time together. Become an approachable model who touches on a number of issues brought by your clients. This puts everyone into a party mode.

On the other hand, do not forget that you are in the show to make cash. As much as you would want to keep cracking jokes, do the serious work for which the clients paid to watch. The balance between serious action and jokes is important.

Make sure that you do not show too much in your free show. When everyone is happy and satisfied with the free shows, they are less likely to spend a penny on you. Do full show in the private paid shows.

Take breaks between your shows

Camming is physically tough if you work long time. The more shows you do without some time to refresh, the more you are likely to get boring and dry. Give yourself some time to refresh by taking the much-needed break before the next show.

Spice your action with games and teases

You can blend some sexy games into your acts to keep the audience engaged. The ultimate trophy for the games is to perform certain acts for your audience. Here are some suggestions.

  • Truth or dare

Truth or dare is a game where the audience asks you questions with the option of answering the question with the truth or doing something on the show. On the other hand, the clients can do the truth or tip you if they do not want to do it. It helps you to learn more about your audience, and they get to know you. It is an engaging game and a lot of fun.

  • Dice games


When playing sexy dice games, you roll a dice and do a lot of sexy things depending on the outcome of the dice. You select the acts to perform beforehand and do the acts where the dice follows. This helps break the monotony of the show and creates an interactive experience with your clientele.

Use your talent

Are you good in singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument or some comedy? Include it in your camming show. The reason why clients leave the porn sites to watch camming models is the personal touch that comes with the shows and the ability to interact with models. Your talent creates an interaction and brings out your personality. You will be surprised when your clients ask for more in the future.

Create the hype around your shows

Keep the conversations going on the chat rooms and social media before the show starts. It creates a buzz around the show and makes May people want to come for the show. You can crack jokes, ask naughty questions, and ask your clients what they look forward to seeing on the show.


You can incorporate some of the suggestions into the show. Whether you are having a show in the near future or not, keep the anticipation for your next show high by keeping the conversations going.