Fetish cam girls can be very lucrative and sometime do not involve any nudity. So why not you start working as a fetish cam girl? We have discussed several fetish genre in the past. Today, we are going to cover the art and meaning of verbal humiliation as a part of Male Sexual Humiliation

What is Male Sexual Humiliation?

Suggestive embarrassment is consensual mental mortification with a specific end goal to create sensual energy or sexual excitement. This can be for the individual being embarrassed and disparaged or for the individual mortifying, or for some onlooker. It might be a piece of BDSM and other sexual pretend or joined by the sexual incitement of one or the two accomplices in the movement.

Mortification is a subjective issue and is reliant on the setting. It doesn’t should be sexual in nature; as with numerous other sexual exercises, the emotions are acquired from the experience that is wanted, paying little heed to the idea of the genuine movement. More often than not there is a sentiment accommodation for the individual being mortified, and predominance, for the individual executing the mortification.

Suggestive embarrassment should be possible verbally and additionally physically and can happen secretly or openly. A few people accept an acting part and others want to be addressed degradingly. An exemplary method that can be utilized to put the docile into a base personality space is to mortify them while likewise furnishing them with sexual incitement. Select people who want this type of mortification additionally utilize it to secure passionate discharge. Mortification can progress toward becoming ritualized, and dissimilar to some sexual varieties, it can likewise be effectively completed over a long separation, (this is perfect for fetish cam girls).

While dream and interest with suggestive mortification is a common piece of BDSM and other sexual pretend, moderately little has been composed on it. Humiliation play for fetish cam girls can be that as it may be taken to a point where it turns out to be candidly or mentally troubling to either accomplice, particularly on the off chance that it is an open embarrassment. Sexual embarrassment can wind up plainly sufficiently outrageous to be viewed as a type of edgeplay, which some consider may best be drawn closer with propel transaction.


  • Animal play, referring to the recipient as a pet (dog, bitch…); making the humiliated one eat and drink from pet food and water bowls.  Walking them on a leash in public to truly humiliate the person.  In camming, you can pretend they are your bitch pet.
  • Verbal belittlement, with such words as boy, girl, sissy, bitch, slut, loser, pathetic.
  • Insults and verbal abuse, such as fat, ugly, stupid, sick, disgusting, loser, and worthless
  • Degrading names, such as slut, shit, bitch, cunt, and whore.
  • Disparaging or cruel references about breasts, facial appearance, genitalia (including small penis, erection difficulties, or circumcision status), ass or about behaviors such as walking,  talking, responsiveness, and hygiene.
  • Requirement to ask permission for everyday activities, such as going to the toilet, spending money, and eating
  • Feederism. In Feederism the dominant partner may humiliate the other by pointing out their weight or calling them names like piggy or fatty. They also might make fun of the other and their self-control, or poke and grope their flesh.  The Feedee will make the Feeder eat large amounts of food, just to continue the humiliation process.  They laugh as they tell them they can see them getting fatter and laugh and call them other cruel names as they make them stuff their face full of junk food.
  • Forced repetition, such as the humiliated one being obliged to repeat commands that he or she has been given and to confirm them.
  • Forced flattery, such as agreeing that every decision that the dominant makes is wise, correct, and justifiable, while additionally praising the dominant’s physical and personality traits.
  • Mockery, derision, laughing, making fun of and other forms of ridicule.

So as far as sexual humiliation you can see how far and how creative you can be as a fetish cam girls playing these humiliating roleplay shows.  Also, these are simple elements of the business I feel that every cammer, both male and female should have knowledge of. If you are new to the world of humiliation and a customer asks you to make fun of his small penis and humiliate him.

I will give you some good advice.  When I first started out as a fetish cam girl, I was afraid to me too mean, thinking that saying such cruel things would upset the customer.  That is the complete opposite.  Once, I started laughing as hard as I could and mock their looks, jobs, penises, anything about their life, I was doing my job right.  This is what gets them off.  These guys would be so happy.  It’s not about being mean, it is providing them with the erotic art of humiliation that gets them off.  Perhaps, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, you can always try and decide for yourself.

As I had mentioned in past posts, it’s not just about masturbation in this business.  Camming is a very well-rounded business and to succeed you should study and learn every aspect of the business, including fetishes such as humiliation.