Okay, majority of the male viewers only watch a certain anime because, let’s face it, the kawaii anime girls. We don’t blame you fanboys. We girls also do that. Besides, you can refuse the charm of an adorable, caring, funny, and pure hearted kawaii anime girls? So, let’s get to it. Here are my Top 10 kawaii anime girls.

10)Shiodome Miuna from Nagi no Asukara

Kawaii Anime girls 6) Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!

Nagi no Asukara is an anime I recently came to love because of its complex love story and its concept of mer-people. Seriously, I love this series. So the story revolves around these group of kids who have been friends since childhood. The complicated love story starts with the guy in love with the girl, and this other girl loves the guy, but there’s—you know what. Never mind. Let’s just say, one-sided love is freaking popular in this show.

Anyway, there’s this one girl, Shiodome Miuna who is the step daughter of Sakishima Akari who is the older sister of Sakishima Hiraki who then Miuna developed feelings for. And yes yes, if you understood it correctly, Miuna is in love with her uncle. But guys, if you watch the show, you will see just how adorable her pure love is.

Kawaii Anime girls Miuna 2Kawaii Anime girls Miuna

Miuna is so pure and strong that I end up cheering for her love. She’s that classic girl who will do anything for the one you love. Anything to make them happy and smile again even if inside, it’s tearing you apart. Her heart is so warm and selfless that I can’t help but see her as just a kawaii anime girl.

Uzumaki Himawari from Boruto: Naruto Next Genereations

Kawaii Anime girls Uzumaki Himawari

If you’re a Naruto fan then this girl needs no introductions. If not, then okay. Introductions.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is as the title says. It’s the story of the kids of the whole cast of Naruto. As many of you now, Naruto ran for quite a long time and it developed a lot of fans that ended up wanting more from the creator. However, Kishimoto Masashi was already satisfied with his ending of Naruto. But for the fans, he created a one-shot of them later after the war that became a movie that eventually his apprentice created a series from. Which is Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Kawaii Anime girls Uzumaki Himawari 1

Uzumaki Himawari is Naruto’s only daughter and his second born. This adorable girl awakened her byagukan after her older brother, Boruto, tug onto her teddy bear way too hard which led to it being beheaded. Tragic really. Scary as she is when she’s angry, she’s still nothing but cuteness.

Kawaii Anime girls Uzumaki Himawari 2

Her voice, her pout, her pure love for her family, her artistic skills, and her kind heart just sets my heart on fire! I can’t think of no reason why she shouldn’t be in my top 10 kawaii anime girls.

8) Ibuki Fuko from Clannad

Kawaii Anime girls Ibuki Fuko 1 Kawaii Anime girls Ibuki Fuko 2 Kawaii Anime girls Ibuki Fuko

Clannad is one of the first anime feels I watched way back in my elementary days. I seriously love this show to the point when I thought that the ending was that girl dying, I cursed the show. Good thing that wasn’t the real ending.

If you’re wondering why I choose Ibuki Fuko instead of Okazaki Ushio, the daughter of the two main character, it’s because Fuko has more charm to me. Fuko’s hard working personality really got to me the moment she was introduced to the show. Her utterly weirdness shined but her never shadowing her pure love for her older sister.

Despite her tragic background and the fact she was left in a comma for seven years and yet she stood strong and all smiles. Always seeing the bright side in life, she never surrendered. That’s why compared to Ushio, she is more deserving to be one of my top 10 kawaii anime girls.

7) Akatsuki from Log Horizon

Log Horizon was originally a light novel that later on was adapted to a manga and then to anime. The plot of the story is basically gamers being trap in a popular game after receiving its twelfth expansion pack. Not really knowing how to get out, the players adapted and live their lives as their avatars inside the game.

Akatsuki is one of the players trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. Her real name is Hanekura Shizuka, age 20 and her birthday is July 7. She is a Human Assassin-Tracker and is quite strong and skilled. She works tirelessly to prove her worth because in reality, she is very sensitive especially when it comes to her height. Which leads to her being serious, melancholic, and rash.

However, this side of her is why most people love her. She is very loyal, adorable, talented, and kind. She will risk her life for the people she treasure and she will always do the best she can to accomplish any task given to her.

6) Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!

Kawaii Anime girls Aisaka Taiga

I can’t think if anyone not knowing this girl or this series. But for those of you of who don’t, Toradora! Is a comedy, slice of life, and romance anime that was originally a light novel. Although the series always show the whole gang, the main protagonist of this story is obviously the Aisaka Taiga and Takasu Ryuuji. People viewed them both as delinquents and people who shouldn’t be messed with. In reality, they are two love sick people who are still finding themselves in life.

Aisaka Taiga is popularly known in her school as the “Palm Top Tiger” because of her adorable height. She has fluffy long blonde hair and can be a bit of a war freak. But I love either way. She’s one of the most popular tsundere characters in anime. Rough and edgy in the outside but soft and pure in the inside.

Kawaii Anime girls Aisaka Taiga 3 Kawaii Anime girls Aisaka Taiga 2

5) Mashiro Shiina from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Kawaii anime girl Mashiro Shiina 1

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is a show that is mostly about this student dormitory where the characters are walking the path towards something in arts. Either its game developer or writer or video editing or drawing, you name it, they stay there. Although the Sakurasou Dormitory was always categorized as a loony bin because the tenants there are a bit weird. Okay, really weird. But that is what makes the story appealing.

Kawaii Anime girls Mashiro Shiina 1

So Mashiro Shiina was introduced around the middle part of the first episode as the new tenant in Sakurasou. She is naturally silent and of course, weird. She’s a talented artist that moved from England to become a mangaka. From the beginning she was dependant of Sorata, the male lead of the show. She showed no sign of being shy towards him and didn’t even mind being naked in front of him. I kept laughing when he came up the stairs to wake her up from her super cluttered room. She soft spoken and is sweet. I cannot stress how cute I found her from the beginning. I can’t blame Sorata for falling in love with her despite her outrageous weirdness.

I think her weirdness is what made me like her in the first place and why I put her in my list. Even the things she says are completely mental at times.

4) Nakano Azusa from K-ON!

Kawai Anime girls Nakano Azusa

K-ON is an anime series about a group of young girls who decided to create their own musical club and play in their school as a band. The story concept is actually pretty simple but I adored this show not only because of the characters but because of the songs. I know they have a manga version but I never felt the need to read it because I seriously think you can only truly enjoy the story if you watch the show since you can’t read their music.

Nakano Azusa is the baby of the group because she’s the youngest and the only recruit the original members managed to get. I actually originally planned to have the other character Mio in this list but Azusa deserves the spot more because I think she far cuter than Mio. Sorry Mio fans! Anyway, her love for her senpais and for music really adds to her charm. She fell deeply in love with group. You can really tell considering that her senpais rarely practice and spends most of the time drinking tea and eating sweets. Along with the club advisor. (LOL). Never the less, she stuck by them.

Kawai Anime girls Nakano Azusa 2 Kawai Anime girls Nakano Azusa 1

Azusa has always tried to keep her senpais in line and encourages them to practice more. She strives hard and loves truly. Her talent for music and her natural cuteness is why I choose her as one of my top ten kawaii anime girls. And when she says “nya” just makes me scream “kyaaa!!!!” Add her cat ears and I just die. Please tell me I’m not the only one. This anime is also in my top 10 Kawaii anime.

3) Mavis Vermilion from Fairy Tail

Kawaii Anime girls Mavis Vermilion

If you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, then you would probably agree with me when I say that Mavis Vermilion is a hundred percent a kawaii anime girl. Am I right?

Fairy Tail is a very popular manga and anime about mages that belong to different guilds. Mages make money by accepting request from people all over the world. The story started with Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial mage, who wanted to be part of the Fairy Tail guild which she eventually did. That’s where she met her now comrades Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, Wendy Marvell and the Happy. Along with the other mages that are part of Fairy Tail. The story progress with the guild’s obstacle and backgrounds of each character.

Kawaii Anime girls Mavis Vermilion 1

Mavis Vermilion was introduce in the later part of the story as the founder and first master of the guild. A separate manga was even created for her telling her whole background story along with her love interest Zeref. Personally, I am quite satisfied with how they ended the manga. Especially since they gave me closure for the couple. ‘Cause seriously, how she died after just being kissed by Zeref is too tragic for me. For those who have not finished the manga or even started the story, I apologize for the spoiler!

Kawaii Anime girls Mavis Vermilion 2

Mavis is a tactical genius and has an adorable personality. Which is exactly why I love her. Her size, her smile, her big heart, her intelligence, and her unwavering faith in Fairy Tail are the many things that makes me go nuts for her.

2) Shiro from No Game No Life

Kawaii Anime girls Shiro 1

Okay, up there with Mavis, this character is my top favourite girls who is the perfect combination of insanely adorable and wicked smart! I seriously wish I could be like them.

No Game No Life is a very short anime series which later on had a movie. It’s one of those animes that I freaking wish has a second season which sadly, until this day, does not. It is originally a light novel. The story revolves around siblings who are socially awkward, intelligent and loves the virtual reality. One day, they received an invitation to fight in a computer chess match by an unknown being. After defeating this being, they were sent to an alternate dimension where everything is decided by a game. Even the role of a god.

Kawaii Anime girls Shiro 2

Shiro is the younger sibling of Sora. Although she is only adopted, her older brother never made her feel unwelcome. If fact, she is the only person who Sora feels very comfortable with. To the point where they cannot be separate from each other. If they did, they will fall into a state of panic. In my opinion, Shiro still looks adorable even if she’s already crying out for Sora. Is that mean of me to say?

Kawaii Anime girls Shiro

Shiro is actually smarter than Sora. Except when it comes to human behaviour. That’s Sora’s alley. But that doesn’t lessen Shiro’s cuteness. Not even the slightest. She’s still a kawaii anime girl for me. I guess that fact that she has a weakness is what appeals her to me. It makes her more humane. She is also great character for Kawaii cosplay.

1)Yui from Sword Art Online

Kawaii Anime girls Yui

I know many of you would think that this character does not deserve this spot. Some of you would have liked this article better if Shiro or Mavis have taken the title of number one kawaii anime girls. But what are you going to do if for me Yui is the number one. If you want someone else to be it, then write your own article. Okay?

Sword Art Online is a popular anime that was adopted from a light novel. The plot is basically people who enjoys virtual reality that one day they were playing a new game where they can literally move their own avatars with their mind and experience that world fully. It’s called “full dive”. Being a person who loves the virtual world, I actually want to full dive. The catch though for them is that they cannot log out unless they clear the game plus if you die there, you die in the real world. So the game Sword Art Online was dubbed as the death game. The following arcs were basically similar to this. So this show is highly recommended for people who loves games. Seriously, I love this show.

Kawaii Anime girls Yui 1

Anyway, Yui is an artificial intelligence created by the game master of Sword Art Online to assist players who were starting to become mentally unstable. She monitors them. But one day, she felt the need to step into their world and wanting to feel their emotions until she started to forget who she is. She then develop a sort of childlike personality when she met the protagonist Kirito and his love interest Asuna. They sort of adopted Yui. Which is suiting considering they just got married in the game. They looked so adorable as a family. Especially Yui!

Kawaii Anime girl Yui 2

Later on, after Kirito and Asuna were in the midst of being killed by a power enemy, Yui stepped in and remembered who she was then defeated the enemy, saving Kirito and Asuna. Afterwards, the system of the game detected her and was deemed to have a bug. She was being erased. In her final moments, when Kirito asked her what she wanted, she reached out her hands towards them and said she wanted to remain with them. I cried so hard in this part. It was such a touching scene. I guess this is the moment I really fell in love with her. The fact that she isn’t even real and yet she showed so much emotion made me see her as so adorable that I made her my number one kawaii anime girls.

So those of are my top 10 kawaii anime girls. Wooh! Glad that’s done. I had so much trouble deciding them. It is seriously hard to rank all those characters! So what did you think? Do you agree with my top picks? Do you think other characters deserved the spots more? Feel free to give your own top 10. Thanks for reading this article! Hope you enjoyed it! Until next time!

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