It’s time for every fan girl to go nuts! Because we are now going to count down to my Top 10 Kawaii Anime Boys!

Readers, please take note that I am talking about “kawaii” as in cute or adorable. Not hot or sexy or awesome or jaw dropping gorgeous. These guys are for me, adorable. Okay? So, here we go!

10) Nogi Ruka from Gakuen Alice


Gakuen Alice or Alice Academy is an anime that aired way back in October 2004 to May 2005. So it’s an old anime which is why it is understandable why you guys might not know of it. But the story is actually awesome and worth watching. And if you would be unsatisfied with the ending like me, you can always read the whole manga that ran from February 2003 to June 2013. I highly recommend you do.


The story is basically about people with special abilities which they call “Alices”. Some of the most gifted and success people actually possess Alices and they attend a school solely dedicated for their kind. The main protagonist, Sakura Mikan, found herself crying after her best friend had to transfers school. Determined to see her again, she follows her and that’s when she discovered the reality of the school she is attending. Things unfolds from then on.

Nogi Ruka is an adorable half-French and half-Japanese 10 year old boy. He is the best friend of the love interest of Mikan, Hyuuga Natsume. His Alice allows him to release pheromones that attract different kinds of animals. So in short, he’s great with animals. Which really hypes up his cuteness. Mikan started calling him Ruka-pyon and never stopped all throughout the series.

Ruka is very soft and understanding. He has a pleasant personality, contradicting to Natsume. He is often seen holding an animal. Then later on in the story, he developed feelings for Mikan but doesn’t act on them because he knew Natsume was also interested in Mikan and vice versa. So yeah, Justice for Ruka! He’s sweet, caring, loyal, and gentle personality is the reason why he’s included in my Top 10 Kawaii Anime Boys.

9) Teto from No Game No Life


No Game No Life is a great story and if you’ve read my previous article entitled Top 10 Kawaii Anime Girls, then you should know by the now the gist of this anime. If not, I’m going to copy paste what I said there.

No Game No Life is a very short anime series which later on had a movie. It’s one of those animes that I freaking wish has a second season which sadly, until this day, does not. It is originally a light novel. The story revolves around siblings who are socially awkward, intelligent and loves the virtual reality. One day, they received an invitation to fight in a computer chess match by an unknown being. After defeating this being, they were sent to an alternate dimension where everything is decided by a game. Even the role of a god.


Teto is the god in this game world. He isn’t really shown much in the series and little information has been divulge about him. Honestly if you never read the light novel or watched the new movie, you really won’t know much about him. But in the little screen time he got, I still fell in love with his adorableness.

So he’s commonly known as the One True God and is said to live in the king chess piece in that world. In the movie, it was shown how he gained the title of god. For those who haven’t watched the movie, spoilers alert! Back when war was still waging on, one guy knew of his existence and played chess with him from time to time. When the guy was about to die just before reaching for the chess piece to declare himself as god, Teto heed his plea to change the world. The God of Game stepped forward after never acting during the war and became the one true god. Yes, yes, you read it right. He won by default. Everyone else was worn out except him. Call him a cheater all you want, but he’s still awesome for me.


His personality makes him really cute in my eyes though. Other than his outfit. He’s very high spirited and is all about fair fun. That’s why his world is designed as a chess board. One of the female characters in No game no life, Shiro, is also a great character for Kawaii Cosplay

8) Yamamoto Jun from Special A

KAWAII ANIME BOYS Yamamoto Jun from Special A

This anime is a blast from the past for me. I think it’s one of those animes that really made me start watching more anime.

Special A or S.A. was originally a manga and was adopted to an anime back in 2008. The anime is short actually and left me wanting more so I read the manga. But the gist of the story is like this. There is a school that ranks its students base on their grades, of course. The top 7 students are called S.A. The story revolves around them. So it’s every day school for the elite 7. The story really showed that even the people we call geniuses have their own story and issues. And that their bond of friendship is nothing to joke about.

KAWAII ANIME BOYS Yamamoto Jun 2 from special A

Yamamoto Jun is ranked 3 in school followed by his twin Yamamoto Megumi. (F.Y.I, I was supposed to add Megumi to my Top 10 Kawaii Anime Girls but there were more adorable girls than her. So, sorry Megumi fans!) Jun is a very gentle boy. And is very attached to Tsuji Ryuu, which is why I thought he was gay at first but ladies do not despair! He is straight as an arrow!

Jun is musically talented and actually has a split personality. When the switch turns on, he’s seen as a babe magnet. Complete opposite of how he usually is with the ladies. But his caring nature and pure love for his sister and friends is what really attracted me to him. And which is why he is a kawaii anime boy to me.

7) Shiota Nagisa from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

KAWAII ANIME BOYS Shiota Nagisa from Ansatsu Kyoshitsu 1 KAWAII ANIME BOYS Shiota Nagisa from Ansatsu Kyoshitsu

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu or Assassination Classroom in English is an about a genetically modified teacher who threatened to destroy the earth. In a school where the lowest scoring students are shamed and sent to study in an old worn out building at the top of the mountain, this yellow octopus looking teacher wanted to teach them. The government then allowed him and gave the students one task and that is to assassinate him. Cool right? This guy, Koro-sensei, is actually my dream teacher. Watch the show and you will understand why.

Shiota Nagisa is what we call in the anime world as a “trap”. (Otakus, you know what I mean. XD) The anime started with him actually. He used to be in the normal classes until stuff happened so he got dropped to Class E which student called as the “End Class”.

KAWAII ANIME BOYS Shiota Nagisa from Ansatsu Kyoshitsu 3 KAWAII ANIME BOYS Shiota Nagisa from Ansatsu Kyoshitsu 2

Nagisa is that classic student who doesn’t know what he wants to do in life. He’s an average student with no obvious strength until came their mission. As the story progress, he is shown to have a natural knack for assassination.

Honestly, Nagisa is adorable to me because of his appearance. He looks like a girl. So innocent and pure. But underneath he’s like a snake. Careful, patient, and quiet. Let your guard down and he will assassinate you. But he’s so adorable!

6) Li Shaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura

Li Shaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura

I’ve mentioned Cardcaptor Sakura to you guys in my first article entitled Top 5 Kawaii Anime Animals. But I didn’t really give the gist of it so here it goes. This anime is also in top 10 Kawaii Anime.

Cardcaptor Sakura was very popular during my childhood. It’s about the magical girl Sakura who accidentally opened a book that scattered the Clow Cards all over the city. Her mission then was to collect all of them. Then it turned into the arc that he has to change them into Sakura Cards. And then to the new arc which is the Clear Cards. But the anima only run for 22 episodes which I am sorry, sucks. Because it was just getting good and it stop. I’m really hoping they continue it. Seriously.

Li Shaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura 2Li Shaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura 3

By the way, I want to make it clear to Clamp fans, the Li Shaoran I am talking about here is only from the Cardcaptor Sakura series. Not in Tsubasa. Okay? Because the Shaoran there is too awesome to consider adorable.

Anyway, Li Shaoran is from Hong Kong that transferred school in Japan to hunt down the Clow Cards. He became in competition with Sakura for the title of master but like in most stories, he fell in love with her. It’s funny to think that before that he thought he was attracted to Yukito. Men this anime has a lot of things going on that you only realized after re-watching it. Bro-mance. Forbidden loves. And such.

Back to Shaoran, he’s actually easy to read but of course, Sakura is dense so despite him already turning bright red, she had no idea of his feelings. He’s so adorable when he blushes. Even though he tries to act mean and distant, Shaoran is genuinely a nice guy and caring. Which is now very evident in the latest series. He’s starting to show his real personality there. The calm yet loving Shaoran that just makes my heart go doki doki!

5) Inuyasha from Inuyasha

 Inuyasha Kawaii anime boys

Another anime from my childhood. And back when a normal anime series would compose of fifty plus episodes. Inuyasha ran from October 2000 to September 2004. For kids who just started to watch anime now, please watch this. It’s a really good story. Fair warning though, you would want to smack the heroine Kagome and Inuyasha millions of times because of their love story.

Inuyasha, well, is about Inuyasha. A half demon boy from the feudal era. The story revolves around their mission to gather all the shards of the sacred jewel that Kagome broke into tiny bits of pieces. The jewel is said to be able to grant any wish and give you extraordinary power. So naturally, every single being there would want to have it.

 Inuyasha Kawaii anime boys 2

Inuyasha, like I said, is a half demon guy. Demon from his dad and human from his mom so he naturally hated by both kind. Not being a pure breed demon, the other demons despise him. And having the blood of a demon, humans were frightened of him. All throughout his life, he never had a place to belong. But this never stopped him from moving forward. I actually admire that strength of him.

 Inuyasha Kawaii anime boys 3

Because of all the criticism people give him though, he has a high tendency to lose his temper. He can really be childish at time and selfish. But when the time comes, he would risk his life for the people he cares about. His childish side really adds to his cuteness though. So even if I want to smack him a thousand times for emotionally hurting Kagome, I still count him as one of my Top 10 Kawaii Anime Boys.

4) Kuroko Testuya from Kuroko no Basuke

Kawaii anime boys Kurokono Basuke

Kuroko no Basuke is a sports series where high school basketballs teams face off. Although all characters gets their own screen time, the actual protagonist for this story is Kuroko Testuya. Just an FYI for those who didn’t notice the title. (PEACE!)

In this show, there are a lot of guys. A lot, a lot. Which is to be expected since it’s a show about male basketball players. However, among all of them, the only adorable guy is Kuroko Tetsuya.

Kawaii anime boys Kurokono Basuke 3 Kawaii anime boys Kurokono Basuke 2

If I were to describe Tetsuya in one word (other than adorable) it would be “determined”. Determined to prove that if you truly want to do achieve something, you can if you work hard. Determined to prove that talent alone won’t suffice. Determined to prove that you don’t need dirty tricks to win. Determined to prove that although he make suck in certain skills for basketball, it won’t stop him to play the sport that he loves. And this makes him so adorable.

Actually, Tetsuya may be one of the few characters who looks cute when crying. Seriously, he looks so adorable. Anyway, he is also humble despite being one of the “Generation of Miracle”. He is also naturally quiet and lack presence which he used to his advantage. He’s a team player and honest. He’s not afraid to stand up for what is right.


3) Akasaka Ryuusouke from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo

Kawaii anime boys Akasaka ryuusouke

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is a show that is mostly about this student dormitory where the characters are walking the path towards something in arts. Either its game developer or writer or video editing or drawing, you name it, they stay there. Although the Sakurasou Dormitory was always categorized as a loony bin because the tenants there are a bit weird. Okay, really weird. But that is what makes the story appealing.

Akasaka Ryuusouke is one of the residents of Sakurasou and is rarely seen in the beginning of the show because he is a “shut-in”. He rarely attends classes and the only reason he would is to meet the required number of attendance. But even if he did go to school, he wouldn’t even pay attention to the teacher. He would just sit there with his laptop, work, and eat tomatoes. Tell me that isn’t adorable?

Kawaii anime boys Akasaka ryuusouke 3 Kawaii anime boys Akasaka ryuusouke 2 Kawaii anime boys Akasaka ryuusouke 1

He has long hair and a cute face which is why he could pull of a girls outfit. If it wasn’t for his personality, he would most definitely fit to the category of “trap”.

Ryuusouke has trust issues which is why he prefers to work alone and has issues with being with girls. Weird though that his A.I program is a chibi girl named “Maid-chan”. Oh, I forgot to mention that he’s a programmer. A genius programmer.

Kawaii anime boys Akasaka ryuusouke 4

Other than his personality, his choice of outfit is also adorable. A denim jumpsuit with one button unbuttoned and underneath is a green shirt. He always wears long sleeves. He never ties his hair but I like to imagine what he would look like if he did. Ehe. He’s such a kawaii anime boy!

2) Yoshida Haru from Tonari no Koibutsu-kun

Kawaii anime boys Yoshida Haru

Tonari no Koibutsu-kun is a short romance comedy anime. Basically it’s about a smart, hardworking student’s life gets disrupted when her rebellious classmate won’t attend to school and she was tasked to deliver copies of the lecture to him. The story starts there and then the rest of the issues she would face after becoming friends with him. Of course, you guess it right, they would fall in love.

Yoshida Haru is the rebellious kid in the story. He has trust issues, most especially with the school itself so he decided not to attend anymore until Mizutani Suzuki came into his life. In reality, he actually wants to experience the school norms which is why he nags Suzuki to do all sorts of things. He quickly falls in love with her.

Kawaii anime boys Yoshida Haru 3 Kawaii anime boys Yoshida Haru 2 Kawaii anime boys Yoshida Haru 1

I can describe Haru as childish, in need of constant attention, and pure. He is always smiling and trusting but he’s the person you shouldn’t mess with. But men, I love his smile. His smile is very contagious.

1)Zeno from Akatsuki no Yona

Kawaii Anime boys Zeno from Akatsukino yona

Akatsuki no Yona is an anime which its setting was inspired from the mixture of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cultures. Originally a manga that started its serialization back in August 2009 and it’s still on-going. The story revolves around a princess and the legendary descendants of the four dragons. After being practically chased out of the palace, Princess Yona now must learn to survive in the outside world and have her eyes open to the reality of the conditions of her kingdom.

Zeno is one of the four dragons but unlike the others, he is not a descendant but one of the original humans to receive the dragon’s blood. His ability allows his body to become indestructible which is why until this day, he is still alive and young.

Kawaii Anime boys Zeno from Akatsukino yona 2

If you are asking why Zeno is my number, it is because of his inner strength that I just love. Despite being left alone and all the lost he has experience, he manage to survive and smile. A mysterious character he is. If you do not read the manga, you can never fully appreciate him. Although, they did create an ova showing the life Zeno lived through after King Hiryuu died.

Kawaii Anime boys Zeno from Akatsukino yona 3 Kawaii Anime boys Zeno from Akatsukino yona 2

Zeno has a giant appetite and remains quiet about his own opinions. He silently watches over the rest and is willing to give up his whole body to keep them safe. His loving and loyal characteristics is what makes him my number one kawaii anime boy.

So that’s it. My top 10 kawaii anime boys! Do you agree with my picks or do you think someone else deserves to be in the top 10? Tell me what you think and until next time!

No Game No Life is a very short anime series which later on had a movie.

Although all characters gets their own screen time, the actual protagonist for this story is Kuroko Testuya. Just an FYI for those who didn’t notice the title. (PEACE!)

The story revolves around siblings who are socially awkward, intelligent and loves the virtual reality