cam site, Live chat site or webcam site provide an internet entertainment that viewers can communicate to performer via internet and webcam. It is mostly referred to adult site. When you think of “the best webcam sites”, there are actually many things to consider such as charging system, the service they offer, feature they offer, type of models they have and so on. As an webcam model agency, we have deep knowledge on cam sites, and I will introduce the best webcam sites and go over how to enjoy webcam sites for cam site beginner.

List of cam sites

As a webcam model agency, I am confident that I know the most of webcam sites available in the world. Here is the list of cam sites I know of.

Site nameCountryNumber of modelsNude/Non-nudeRateChinese platform?English platform?Comments
DX liveJapan150Nude$2.2NoYesNo restriction on nudity. The highest quality Japanese camsite
Sakura liveJapan110Nude$2.2YesYesNo restriction on nudity.The best Japanese webcam site站
FC2 liveJapan50Nude28 Yen~($0.26)YesYesThis is broadcasting platform which includes live and recordings(porn). Some do not show full nude.
Jewel liveJapan50Nude150 yen($1.4)NoNoModels do not show full nude due to JP law.
ChatpiaJapan160Nude110 yen($1.02)NoNoMature models
LivedegogoJapan50Non-Nude88 yen($0.82)NoNoCan talk to 2 models at the same time
MadamliveJapan50Nude110 Yen($1.026)NoNoMature models
MACHERIEJapan20Non-Nude80 YenNoNoCan talk to Japanese celebrity sometimes
Angel liveJapan50Nude110 Yen($1.026)NoNoHas matching function based on your profile
LIVEDECHATJapan20Nude110 Yen($1.026)NoNoSame as BBChatTV.
Fanza livechatJapan130Nude99 Yen($0.92)NoNoHas different categories;

Young, mature, non-adult and virtual. Virtual means virtual girl.

Angel worldJapan20Non-Nude80 Yen($0.74)NoNoThe site is for Japanese but all models are Filipino.
LivejpJapan20Nude108 Yen($1)NoNoNothing special about this site.
NozoxJapan7Nude$198NoYesThis is not live chat site but live peeping site. $198 is for 30 days rate.
Mens gardenJapan10Non-Nude60 Yen($0.56)NoNoThis is the site for female or gay. All models are male Japanese.
Mens live JapanJapan30Nude70 Yen($0.65)NoNoThis is the only adult gay male cam site in Japan.
Girls chatJapan450Nude/non-nude220 Yen($2.05)NoNoThis is Mobile only site. All of girls are amateur.
MocomJapan850Nude/non-nude250 Yen($2.33)NoNoMobile site. Models have options; Call only, mail only video chat.

The site is more like connecting to girls rather than you watch show.

VivoJapan550Nude/non-nude180 Yen($1.67)NoNoMobile site.
partyliveJapan300Nude/non-nude210 Yen($1.95)NoNoNot good site as there are bad reviews.
AfreecaTVKoreaManyNon-nudeFreeYesNoMore than half are game broadcaster.
live 173Taiwan500Nude/non-nude50NTD(1.65 USD)YesNoDecent site with cheap rate. But streaming quality is not good
第一坊视频直播平台China30Nude???YesNoI am not brave enough to try this site.
6.cnChinaManyNon-nudeFreeYesNoBroadcasting site rather than webcam site.
upliveWorldwideManyNon-nudeFreeYesNoBroadcasting site rather than webcam site. Good to kill time but not for jerking off.
Asian247 Philippine150Nude$0.69NoYesLow streaming quality with lags. Not recommended
Asiancammodels.comPhilippine100Nude$1NoYesLow streaming quality with lags. Waste of money.
ChaturbateWorldwide1100NudeFreeYesYesCovers variety of models but most of Asian models are Filipino. The biggest free webcam site in the world.
Bonga camsWorldwide473NudefreeYesYesEuropean models with few Asians. All of Asian cam girls are Filipino.
Live jasminWorldwide700Nude$1.98YesYesHigh level models with HD quality streaming.
Flirt 4 free Worldwide231NudefreeNoYesNothing special about this site.
StreamateWorldwide1477Nude$2.99NoYesHas some Chinese cam girls.
Cam4Worldwide1600NudefreeNoYesPopular with Gay people.
MyfreecamWorldwide1121NudefreeNoYesPopular free cam site.
XlovacamWorldwide450Nude$2NoYesModels control how much to charge.
NakedWorldwide100Nude$1.99NoYesNothing special about this site.
freewebcamsWorldwide45Nude$2.99NoYesNot popular site. The site system is unclear. Low number of models. Not worth trying.
ImLiveWorldwide920Nude$2.09NoYesModels can decide how much to charge. The average cost per minute is $2.05.
Cam SodaWorldwide300Nude$1.5NoYesNothing special about this site.
CamsWorldwide519Nude$4.99NoYesHas unique feature called “Connexion” which connects models toy to viewer’s masturbator
AllbbwcamsWorldwide1200Nude$2.99 to $4.2NoYesBig/fat cam girls site
SupermenWorldwide1200Nude$0.98 to $5.99NoYesGay site.
CamcontactsWorldwide1268Nude$0.5 to $2.99NoYesMature camgirls
Play with MEWorldwide60Nude$1.00 to $2.00NoYesToken base site. Nothing special about this site.
xcamsWorldwide170Nude$4.2 averageNoYesPay per minute site
StripChatWorldwide566Nude$2.4 to $9.00NoYesToken based site. Has variety of models
SoulcamsWorldwide10Nude$ 1,99 to $9,49 for group

$2,99 to $9,49 for private

NoYesvery few models. Dying site.
PeekshowsWorldwide473NudefreeYesYesBongacams white label site
CamplaceWorldwide473NudefreeYesYesBongacams white label site
goXXXcamsWorldwide473NudefreeYesYesBongacams white label site
RabbitscamsWorldwide473NudefreeYesYesBongacams white label site
PhoneMatesWorldwide920Nude$2.09YesYesImLive white label site
jasminWorldwide700Nude$1.98YesYesLivejasmin white label site
LivesexlistWorldwide700Nude$1.98YesYesLivejasmin white label site
LiveprivatesWorldwide700Nude$1.98YesYesLivejasmin white label site
PornorouletteWorldwide1100NudefreeYesYesChaturbate whitelabel sites
4fcamsWorldwide1100NudefreeYesYesChaturbate whitelabel sites
FirecamsWorldwide519Nude$ whitelabel site
hecamsWorldwide519Nude$ whitelabel site
Home Webcam Models Worldwide1477Nude$2.99NoYesStreamate whitelabel site
LiveFreeFunWorldwide1477Nude$2.99NoYesStreamate whitelabel site
CamlordsWorldwide1477Nude$2.99NoYesStreamate whitelabel site

Type of webcam sites

There are several types of webcam sites. On top of differences in site system, the selling points of cam sites are different from each other. So Let’s go through different type of cam sites.


Adult cam sites are the most popular in the industry. At adult cam sites, you can expect the performers to show you naked at least. How much hard core stuff models do depends on models limitation. Depending on the site, you can find fetish models who can offer your specific fetish such as roleplay, feet fetish, ASMR and so on.

Depending on what you want the best cam site is different. For example, if you like young girls, probably chaturbate will be the one that you want to go for(You can screen models by tags). If you like Asian girls, Asian cam sites such as DX live or Sakura live will be the place to go. Just little note, you can find Asian girls at myfreecam, chaturate, imlive and livejasmin. But the models you can find at these sites are south east Asian, mostly Filipino. If you are interested in Chinese, Japanese and Korean girls, this List of Asian webcam sites page explains where you should go.


Non-adult cam sites are unpopular or almost no demand in Western market. Man who goes to cam sites have purpose which is to jerk off. For that sense, no non-nude cam site exists in Western market. However, in Asian market, there are several non-nude cam sites. I guess this is because Asian culture has a hostess bar culture. Hostess bar is a place where you can drink with female hostess who treat you like a king. You can not touch or do any sexual conduct to the hostess. It is a social place for Asian man.

Why people go non-nude webcam sites?

The reason that people go to non-nude site is that they are lonely. They want someone who they can talk things that they can not talk to anyone. Other people use non-nude cam sites as online hostess bar. They find it more enjoyable to win woman heart and have sexual show. In other word, they enjoy the process of flirting. Of course, not every non-nude cam girl agrees to do sexual show. But that is why they find it more enjoyable.

Mix site

Mix site offers adult and non-adult services. Japanese cam site DMM live, Taiwanese cam site live 173 are categorized into this mix site.

Charging system in cam sites

The charging systems are divided into two type; tipping base and pay per minute. For both systems, when to pay is the same. You need to purchase points or token beforehand. The rate of the points differs from each cam sites. But usually minimum you can purchase is from $10. You need to be aware that at some sites, there are expiry date for points you purchase. Check the terms and condition before you purchase points. For example at DMM live, If you are not active for 1 year, the point will be terminated. If you purchase points at large quantity such as $500, the rate of the points become much cheaper. But if you do not think you can spend it within expiry date, it is going to be waste of money.


For tipping site, you do not need to purchase points to watch the show as the show is offered for free. Tipping based site is like going to strip club. If you like the show, you may want to give a tip as a appreciation. Models at tipping based sites usually have milestones on her show. For example, 100 token, boob flash, 300 token underwear off and so on.

Pay per minutes

Pay per minutes is simple charging system in which you pay as you go. How much you will be charged depends on sites and models. Some sites have fixed rate while some sites allow models to change how much to charge. The models at pay per minute based site is rather relaxed because there are no freeloaders.

Group chat

Pay per minute sites have 2 options regarding type of rooms. The first is the group chat ans the other is private chat. Group chat is the room where you and other viewers can communicate. The rate for the group chat is cheaper than private chat. But because you are with other viewers, you can not occupy the model. If you are shy person, you may be better to go into group chat as other people will initiate the conversation.

Private chat

Private chat is the 1 to 1 chat that nobody can interrupt you. The rate for private chat is about between $1.7 to $4.5 per minute for most of the site. Private 1 to 1 chat is the way you want to go with if you truly want to enjoy live chat because private chat does offer virtual sex feeling with the model.

Which site is the best cam site for you?

Nowadays, there are tons of good free porn sites such as Xvideos, Xhumster and Pornhub to name a few. With many selection, we do not get bored with porn. There are free webcam sites too. The difference between free porn and free webcam site is live or not. Does live feeling make yourself more excited? I personally think just because it is live does not make big difference between free porn and free webcam site. What makes difference is communication and relationship. These two things make your orgasm much more potent. So my definition of the best webcam site is how good orgasm you can have.

When there are communication and relationship, you can have a virtual sex feeling which you can feel that you are having sex with cam girl through webcam. In order to have that feeling, you need to pay money. At free cam site, you do not have to pay anything to watch the show. Even if you tip, you will merely be one of tippers. You can have feeling that you are supporting her. But you can not occupy her. If you want to have a virtual sex, go to private 1 t 1 chat site. It costs you $50 to $100 for one session. But I guarantee that you will be physically and mentally satisfied.

Why Livejasmin is the best webcam site?

If you are a person looking for something special than porn video, I recommend 1 to 1 private chat focused site. What 1 to 1 private chat offers is virtual sex. This is something you can not have from tipping base site or group chat. What happens in private chat stays in private chat. Thus, models in private chat are sexually more open.

Live Jasmin is a 1 to 1 private chat focuses webcam site.Overall streaming quality of live jasmin is probably the best among Western webcam sites. If the model does not satisfy quality standard, Live Jasmine does not let the model to broadcast. Thats how Live Jasmin is keeping its quality. The strength of the site is not only high quality streaming but broad selection of the models. Here are the number of models at popular cam sites.

Site nameNumber of modelsSite system
My freecam1242Tipping
Imlive569Pay per minute
Livejasmin769Pay per minute
Streamate1664Pay per minute
FC2 live97Pay per minute
DX live167Pay per minute

The list of cam sites above is from the best paying cam site that we identified for cam girls. Within pay per minute category, streamate has the largest number of models but that number includes low streaming quality models which 1/3 are estimated to be low quality.

Overall, the ratio of European models seem to be high. According to Live Jasmin model refferal affiliate program, models from Colombia, Philippines, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation and Ukraine are excluded from the program. This indicates number of models from these countries is high. Woman from these countries are known for the beauty. Thus, Live Jasmin has high streaming quality and good looking woman.

Why Live Jasmin is the best webcam site?

  • Models quality is high across the site
  • Easy to use (Easy to find model because of sort function)
  • No ads shown on the site.
  • Beautiful European girls
Live jasmin user guide

webcam site live jasmin

The site interface is fairly simple to use. Because there are about 800 to 1000 models online, first thing you want to do is to sort cam girls by categories.

Categories includes, age, language, show type, price, ethnicity, appearance. After you sort out models, move your cursor to model’s thumbnail. Then you can see her live room. You can check how she actually look and decide if you want to enter her room.

After you enter the room, check profile and see what she offers. It is important to check profile because what you are looking for sometime does not match what the model is offering. I will go over more details and tips latter.

Live jasmin system

Live Jasmin offers 3 type of show. The rate that models charge differ from each other. But typical rate for private is 0.99 to 2.99 credit which is $1.2 to $3.6. Here is the cost table for Live Jasmin credits.

Credits:$33.99 (27.99 credits)
Credits:$75.99 (67.99 credits)
Credits:$106.99 (97.99 credits)
Credits:$169.99 (157.99 credits)
  • VIP show

This is group show that is held if enough participants agrees with the rate that a model set.

  • Private show

This is 1 to 1 show which you can request to have from free chat. But this is not true private chat as people can peep.

  • Peep

You can peep private show. That means other people can peep your private show as well. But do not worry you can only watch models part not a viewer. Registration is free and You can get free credit to peep, so why don’t you try to see how Live Jasmin models look like?

The best Free webcam site Chaturbate

free webcam site chaturbate

Chaturbate is the biggest tipping based webcam site in term of number of models and number of viewers. They started business in 2011 and have about 410 million users in a month. The site accommodates different language. So chaturbate is popular site all over the world.  Because it is free to watch the show, it it the best webcam site.

Why is Chaturbate the best webcam site?

  • You can watch the show for free.
  • Number of models is the highest in the industry .
  • It covers variety of models including trans and gay.

Chaturbate charging system

Chaturbate charging system is very simple; Pay if you like. If you want to enjoy the show, you do not need to pay anything. But just watching the show is the same as watching video. I would like to emphasize that fun part of webcam site is that you can communicate and have connection before you jerk off. Virtual sex is what cam sites are offering.

Just because it is free to watch the show does not mean you can talk or make request to models. At Chaturbate, even if you request something to model, you are likely to be ignored if you do not tip.

At Chaturbate, you need to exchange money into token. The price of tokens are below.

100 token$10.99
200 token$20.99
400 token$39.99
550 token$49.99
750 token$62.99
1000 token$79.99

Tokens are essentially same as money. You can do several things with tokens.

  • Tip to models.
  • Participate pay per minute private or group show.
  • Purchase videos from models.
  • Use remote vibrator

At Chaturbate, some models are equipped with vibrator that vibrates by given token. You can interact with models with this remote tip based vibrator. This function can be used from 1 token which is about 10 cents. Models with such function show a tag like #Lush, #Ohmibod and #lovense on their profile.

Chaturbate is the best webcam site for who?

Because Chaturbate covers variety of models type, most of people will find their preferred type such as BBW, Black, bdsm, feet, mature, latina, femdom and whatever fetish you can think of. But if you are looking for cute Asian camgirls, you can not find them at Chaturbate. The Asian models at Chaturbate are from Philippine and Philippine models at chaturbate are usually not cute and have low quality streaming. So if you are looking for Asian cam girls, chaturbate is not the place to go.

Other than that, Chaturbate is pretty good free webcam site with good variety of models. Thus, this site is good for cam site beginner to start with

The best Asian webcam site

Where you should go to play with Asian girls? Cute ones are not at western webcam sites. But they are at local sites. There are several Asian webcam sites. But if you ask me what is the best Asian webcam site? I say it is DX live because of ease of user interface, quality of streaming and quality of models.

DX live

DX live

Dx live is a Japanese webcam site. It started its business in 2002. The operating company is located in USA. Thus the Japanese obscenity law does not apply to DX live.(You can watch uncensored show ). There are many other Japanese cam sites available in Japan. But because most of them do not have English platform, I assume you would have trouble purchasing points or token. As DX live is well known site and have English platform, live translation function and is out of Japanese law, I can say that DX live is the best Asian webcam site.

DX live’s Unique function

Not only Dx live has high quality streaming and good looking models but also DX live focuses virtual sex. DX live has many functions to enhance virtual sex feeling.

  • Remote toy
    At DX live, the remote toy function adds extra excitement to your virtual sex. You can control a toy that your proffered model has. The toy has 7 level vibration. With this function, you can control when she cums with you.
    DX live remote toy
  • Touching function
    With this function you can interact as if you are touching her.  You can foreplay to make her wet. The models reacts your hand and tongue.
    DX live touching function
  • Bukkake function
    When you are getting close to cum, you can use this function to cum on her body. Hold right click and aim her body. Release click and you can bukkake on her.
    DX live bukkake

What type of models are at DX live?

DX lives models are all hot, beautiful and cute Japanese models. Usually there are more than 100 to 200 models working online. The number seems to be small compared with western sites. But those 100 to 200 models have all HD quality streaming and appearance level is really high. Here are what type of models are at DX live.

rankingagejobbody typebreast size
120ModelslenderD cup
221StudentNormalB cup
320StudentNormalD cup
428House wifeslenderC cup
519StudentcurvyF cup

Models at DX are young amateur models. You see many students at DX live. The mature models are about 5%. Sex industry in Japan is much more socially accepted compared with most of other countries. If you come to Japan, you will see many types of brothels which are all legal. Web cam job is popular job because the risk of STD is none and earning is as good as prostitution. Thus the appearance of models are really high.

Charging system of DX live

Here is the how much points cost.


1 point at DX live is about $2. The minimum points to interact with model is 1.2 points. Here are list of points options.

Basic charge
Peeping mode1minute = 1.2point
Chat mode1minute = 1.2point


2SHOT private chat
(You can chat with a girl exclusively)
1minute = 1point
2WAY chat
(If you have a camera, you can show her yours!)
1minute = 1point
2SHOT private + 2WAY chat
(Combine both functions above)
1minute = 2point
Remote Toy Usage
(You can control a remote toy for her pleasure!)
1minute = 1point
Double Remote Toy Usage
(You can control TWO remote toys at the same time!)
1minute = 2point


Option(2) FUN 2 USE functions
Secret messages
(secret message can be sent to the girl. )
1message = 1point
GIFT options 4 kinds
(The gift (tips) can be given to the girl. )
Teddy Bear = 3points
Flower = 5points
Gift = 10points
Heart = 15points

If you want to have a virtual sex with cute young Japanese girls, the minimum point you need is 2.2 points per minute. I guarantee you can have great time with Japanese cam girls. They treat you like a king. Furthermore, Japanese girls tend to like foreigners as they think foreigners are cool and handsome. Even if you do not speak Japanese, that`s fine. There is a automatic translation function. Try out DX live!

How to enjoy the webcam sites?

Even if you go the best webcam site I recommended, your experience may not be the best if you do not know how to enjoy. Of course how to enjoy is up to you but there are several things I would like to advise.

Register at cam site

Once you find the cam site you would like to spend time on, register first. If you are first time user, some sites offer you free credits. So use that opportunity to get feeling of the site.

Go in to paid chat

Once you go into the site, look thumbnail pictures to find a girl of your type. I am sure you will be having difficulty to decide one from many hot girls. One tip is that the thumbnail picture looking good does not necessarily mean she looks good in front of camera. Girls know how to look cute in picture and they are usually photoshopped.  So check her face before you go into paid chat. Some time they hide their face in free chat.

Another things to note is that avoid models whose profile is incomplete. Incomplete profile indicates low quality service. She may not give you time worth your money.

Getting start

Great You find your type of girl. Now it is time to go into group chat or private chat. Before you go into group chat, you may want to remember few things.

  • There are other viewers watching the show

Because there are other people, your model may not listen everything what you say such as camera positions and when to cum.

  • Other viewers may be all regulars

They may talk within them as they know each other for long. The cam girl treats them well too as regulars are very important to sustain her revenue.

What to talk in paid chat – greeting – 3 minute

How to enjoy best webcam siteGiving a good impression to model does improve your virtual sex feeling as she is a human being too. If she likes you, she opens up more. If she does not , she may fake and you can feel it sometimes. Before you go into her room, make sure you check her profile. You need to have some information about her. When you enter her room, make greeting and introduce yourself first. After that complement her. Complement her appearance such as eyes, hair, hands whatever the parts you think is beautiful. Make complement first does reduce her tension.

Don’t do

  • Make request such as “taking cloth off” before you make greeting and conversation.
  • Don’t take over the conversation from a person who was in the chat room before you
What to talk in paid chat – getting known each other – 10 minute
find common thing with cam girl

Ask her about her hobby, job to know her more. This is important process as knowing each other makes virtual sex emotional and better. Try to find something in common with her.

Don’t do

  • Do not ask her contact information
  • Do not pry into her personal affairs
What to talk in paid chat – Make requests – 20 minute

After knowing each other, start to make request such as saying “you look like you have beautiful body, would you take cloth off so that I can see your beautiful body?” Make small request one by one. Do not forget to make complement on her.

Have virtual sex – xx minute

Virtual sexAfter making small request, she should be ready.  Make her touch her self. If she has a toy, let her use a toy. Make comments like “I feel so good” to let her know how you feel. How you make her cum is all up to you. Enjoy the virtual sex with her!

What to talk in paid chat – After the sex – xx minute

After you cum, you may loose interest in her. That’s natural. But do not just leave the room. Say thank you before you leave. If possible, do not forget to complement on her. Leaving good impression helps  her to remember you next time.

Questions often asked

Here are questions often asked regarding webcam sites.

Is cam site safe to use?

Yes. Most of them are safe to use. I do not see scam sites anymore if it is from google search engine. If you find a cam site from popup or adult site, doubt if it is safe or not. Trust only the site that you find from google search engine. This is because if google finds a scam site, they exclude the site from search engine. So as long as it is indexed in google and have high ranking, it is safe.

What could I do with cam girls?

Depending on cam girl, they do anything for you to fill out your desire. There are variety of cam girls. Find one that is suitable for your fantasy.

What do I need?

You need internet, credit card, microphone and webcam (If you want to do video chat). You do not need a laptop if you have smart phone.

How much do I need? When will I be charged?

Depending on webcam site, you need at least $10. If you want to have virtual sex, you need at least $50. You will need to purchase points or token before you go into paid room. You will never be charged latter but always before. But there is an auto purchase function at every webcam sites. SO make sure that function is off if you do not want to purchase points or token automatically.

Could I watch with my smart phone?

Absolutely. All webcam sites are responsive to smart phone. However, some function may be limited depending on cam site.

I am afraid that I will be charged huge amount latter

It will never happen unless you register at a scam site. You do not find scam sites on google search engine. If you find a webcam site from adult site, doubt if it is safe or not. as long as it is ranked high at google, it is safe site.

Are Cam girls all amateur?

There are variety of cam girls in the market. Some are totally amateur who have never broadcast nor done any adult work while some have been in porn before. Also some are working from a studio while some are working from home. Since webcam job is easy to get, many woman sign up everyday. So most of new girls you see at webcam sites are amateur.

Are girls cute?

Yes, they are cute. Why? Ugly cam girls can not survive in the market. Because no body goes into ugly girls room, they quit working in one day. But be careful with models not showing her face in the picture and when she is waiting. Models showing close up body part is usually good indicator she is not cute or beautiful. We know this from our experience and we suggest our models who are not cute to show only her certain parts such as breast area.

What do cam girls do?

Cam girls do variety of things such as dancing, flirting, masturbating and so on. They usually state what they do in their profile. So, make sure you check it before you go into her room.

Do cam girls show everything?

Yes, most of them do show everything. However, new cam girls with incomplete profile tend to not to show everything. Avoid such cam girls as you do not want to waste your money.

Could I meet cam girls in real life?

No and yes. If she likes you, she may meet you in real life. But all webcam sites prohibits viewers and webcam model from meeting in real life. So it is risky to even ask for her contact information. But I personally know one cam girl(Japanese cam girl) who has met a viewer before.

Does credit card statement say anything about webcam site?

No. As long as I know, all of cam sites have charging company that is different from cam site. The charging company name does not show any hints. Also there are other businesses that use the charging company. Thus, it is not possible to directly connect with charging company name to cam site.

Is there free cam sites?

Yes. There are free cam sites. The models who work at free cam sites make money out of tipping. But you do not need to tip to watch their show. It is free to watch the show but you can not have virtual sex feeling if you go to free cam sites as what cam girls offer at free sites is one way show. The famous free cam sites are Bonga cams and Chaturbate. They have been in the market for long and have good reputation. Bonga cams are popular with European models while Chaturbate are popular by models from English speaking countries such as US, Canada and Australia.


The best webcam site I define is how good orgasm you can have. Virtual sex give you much better orgasm than jerking off. Watching live show without interaction is the same as watching porn. In terms of that I do not think free webcam site is the best webcam site. What webcam sites have to offer is Virtual sex which makes it different from porn. Thus the best cam site is the site that offers virtual sex feeling. For that reason, Live Jasmin or DX live are the best webcam sites!