Ladies, as we know if you have been on a dating website, how overwhelming and unruly some men can be. As far as your day to day job as a camgirl, you need to keep all your personal information truly hidden. Men will try to give you a song and dance, tell you how wonderful they are. Remember, they are just a persona on the other side of that monitor. Like us, as we log on to our chat rooms, this is our “persona”, this is how we earn our living, pay our bills, buy the extras, put money into savings. It’s our job.  Some models can fall into a fake reality, which is basically what our job is. Let’s not ever forget our job we are entertainers.  We fulfill a fantasy. Becoming a Webcam Girl is easy, Here are some tips for webcam models, need to keep in their minds.

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The reason I discuss our safety is that I have heard it from other models, well my regular is so sweet and kind to me, he wants to meet. He says he will buy me this, that and the next thing. Do you really think this is safe? Regardless of how much a customer spends on you during your time in paid cam chat. Do you really think you should ever meet a customer? The answer to that is absolutely not. First off most webcam sites will describe that in their rules not to meet a customer. For some women, they really wonder if they should. I saw contests on a token based site years ago, to meet their favorite camgirl for a weekend. Ladies, these are complete strangers. No doubt you may have best cam sites to make money, but you should maintain your safety standards.

These men come to our chat rooms, because they enjoy the company, enjoy feeling special, or really what we are paid to do, fulfill their fantasy. For some of these men, they have married perhaps their sex life at home lacks or for some men they have a secret fetish life. Most men are embarrassed to tell their lovers or wives, that they may have a fetish such as stinky feet, humiliation, smoking, etc. This is how we should be spending time together, in the safety of our own homes or for some girls in their studios at work. Our online persona is I feel for the most of us, not who we really are. Think about how we have our stage names, some of us lie about our age or some of the kinky stuff we have done. We are only trying to sell our brand in whichever way we display ourselves online.

On live Japanese webcam, I get asked that dreadful question all the time. Usually, starts off with the “Where you from babe?” Then I answer, oh so you married? Do you have a boyfriend?  We should meet up, I’ll pay you to meet up with me. They go on and on, basically begging. This is where the line gets crossed, at least for myself anyway. First off, do I think it would be safe to meet a stranger off the internet that looks at me like I am a real life fuck doll? Oh, I do not think so. Remember ladies, these guys think exactly that of us. Some models work around fetishes, so it’s not the whole slutty girl thing, but never the less, we are looked upon that way. We remind ourselves we work in the adult industry, but these guys really do not get it sometimes.

So, if you have ever thought about meeting a customer offline, I am going to say it’s a dangerous game you are embarking upon. If you think they want us to join them for a cup of coffee or a dinner date and call it a night you’re mistaken. They have wives and girlfriends for that. They see us as sex performers online, most likely haven’t seen every little part of your bodies during a paid cam session. So, they are looking for one thing and one thing only.

Online dating can be scary enough, we have sadly seen news stories about women who go out on a date and are never heard from again. These are your everyday women. When we put ourselves out there the way we do on the internet, our chances of violence happening is increased. Without a background check on someone, we never really know who we are meeting and my personal advice to any girls interested in meeting up with a customer through a webcam site, pure danger! You are playing with your life, for what. Stay at home and do what you do best, have fun camming, turning new customers into “Cam” regulars and friends. Never leave your safe space. When we log off, we are not our cam persona, we are mom’s, students, daughter’s, we have to keep our safety and our identities hidden.