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Tips from the experienced cam girl: Roleplay Shows, Increase Your Earnings.

Webcam model tips

Besides stripping nude and putting on a sexy strip tease or a masturbation show, there are so much more ways camgirls can increase their earnings.  One of those ways is doing what is referred to as “Roleplay Shows”.  Men enjoy these types of a show because the fantasy can really come to life and give both the model and the customer a much more enjoyable show.

Why role play?

If you are a camgirl, you know what I mean when I say this.  When is this private going to end? It’s great you’re in paid chat, but the customer is boring and just wants to watch to masturbate over and over again.  After a while, as women, it gets not only tiring and boring, but painful as well.  These rubber dildoes were not meant to be used as much as we may have to use them.  Of course, we enjoy making money however, I think you know exactly what I mean when I say the repeated use of using any sex toy on our vagina’s over and over can definitely cause discomfort and sometimes pain.  So, you need to increase your earnings, but without killing yourself physically.  As we say in this industry, you need to have more eggs in your basket.  That goes with the types of shows you put on as well.  Have you ever tried “Roleplay Shows”?

What is role play show?

Roleplay shows are an excellent way of making your time online less brutal and a lot more fun.  Not only are these types of shows fun for you and your customer, you are embarking on a brand new element which can bring in more regulars to your chatroom.  Roleplay is a one on one show, that allows your client to feel like the camshow he or she is getting is more realistic to their fantasy and sex life.

Role play for young models

Some roleplay shows may depend on your age.  If you’re a younger model maybe ages of 18 to 27 this might be perfect for the older man who wants to be your quote on quote “Daddy”.  This roleplay is normally where an older male likes to play the dominant role and know he has a little cutie that shows him attention and will show perhaps a “fake” love or respect for him, and ask him things like:  “What can I do for you, Daddy?”  This leads more into the dominant/submissive roleplay, where as the model you will play the submissive.

Remember, the same rule of thumb goes for any kind of roleplay show like in any of your other shows, only do what you’re comfortable with and follow laws that apply to the company or country you are broadcasting in.

Role play for mature models

Another sample is the “MILF” roleplay.  This is typical for younger guys, who find mature women very sexy and like the older woman play.  This age group is typically 32 and above.  The guys like to enjoy the roleplay where perhaps the older model is his “friend’s Mom” or “Stepmom”, along with those lines.  This is another scenario where the older female model will entice and in this type of scenario is more of the dominant in this kind of roleplay show and will seduce.  Incest roles are not typically allowed on camsite, so if you choose this type of roleplay, once again follow the camsite rules and laws.


These are 2 very common samples that are often asked of camming customers.  However, this type of work entails a lot of dirty talks and flirting behavior.  Instead of just getting nude in chat and having to penetrate yourself with a toy, this kind of a show you can lead up to that point of the act of sex happening like it would almost in real life.  This also allows your shows to be longer, which in turn makes you more money.

Other role play shows idea for cam girls

Other great examples of more roleplay shows are Nurse/Patient, Teacher/Student, Boss/Secretary, and of course, the list goes on.  Sometimes a good way to get ideas if you’re not familiar with roleplay but want to learn is on some of the free porn sites and also reading some titles and descriptions on many of the clip sites, where cam models basically sell their content using a roleplay show.  Just use that imagination, learn, research and this is just one of the many ways you can increase your earnings and also develop a better following.  Most men have fetishes and roleplay ideas they love, but 99% are embarrassed so when asking them, make them feel very comfortable and unjudged.

This will for sure earn you more money in your pocket, and will also make your time on cam a little less boring and less repetitive.  So try your roleplay, practice that dirty talk and use that mind.  Eventually, it will become so scripted and easy and you will be happy you added the roleplay shows in your cam time.