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Online jobs in japan for foreigners

Online jobs in Japan for foreigners are something you may want to consider if you are planning to stay in Japan for short period of time. Not everyone is looking for long term online jobs career. Especially if you are living in Japan for short period of time. You may want to go out and have fun while you make some money with easy quick job. If you want to get a real job in Japan, you have to have a valid working visa which is quit difficult to obtain. Furthermore, without fluent Japanese language skills, your job opportunities are very limited. So, online jobs in Japan for foreigners may be a solution for you.

What online jobs in Japan for foreigners are available?

  1. Freelancing work

Online job in Japan for foreigners freelancer

One of the most popular online jobs in Japan for foreigners is to work as a freelancer. There are many sites that offer fabulous opportunities for freelancing such as lancers , Upwork, and crowdworks. If you have skills such as SEO, designing, soft ware development, writing and so on, you can get hired by clients as a freelancer. If you do not have skills, do not worry, there are assistant work that does not require skills such as data entry, web research, virtual admin support and so on.

  1. Micro jobs

Online jobs in Japan for foreigners

Micro jobs or short tasks are small tasks that pays small amount of money. Micro jobs can be as simple as clicking links. Well known company that offers this type of online jobs in Japan for foreigners is Amazon mechanical turk. Companies use Amazon mechanical turk to have people do small works which is part of big projects.

  1. Webcam modeling

Online jobs in Japan for foreigners

What is a webcam model? Webcam model is an online entertainer who work through webcam. Although mostly it is adult related service, we have non-nude webcam model jobs as well. If you are female, this option is the best option to choose. Webcam modeling is the highest paying online jobs in Japan for foreigners. Working time is flexible. You do not need any skills. How to become a cam model is easy. Only things you need is internet, a webcam and a computer. Working as a webcam model, you can practice your Japanese skills as well. Furthermore, even you broadcast online, nobody from your country can find out as most of Japanese camming sites do not have viewers from outside of Japan. Meiya Tokyo USA is the only webcam model agency that supports non-Japanese foreign webcam models. Send application and become a webcam model today!

  1. Affiliate work

Online jobs in Japan for foreigners

Affiliate is one of the popular online work. Affiliate is the online marketing job that promote products or services. Most of company who conducts services online has affiliate programs that offer payment based on your achievement. What you need is to write a blog or make a website to promote their services. This work requires digital marketing knowledge mostly SEO. Furthermore,  making the site popular takes time and effort. But once your site gets popular, the money constantly comes in to you pocket even you do not do anything.

Do I need Visa?

Working visa is almost impossible to get unless you have special skills. There are jobs that offer work permit but most of non-skilled jobs pay lower wage than normal jobs that Japanese get. Immigration law does not allow companies to hire someone who does not have a work permit. However, since most of the time you are not working for Japanese companies, online jobs in Japan for foreigners do not require working visa. If your clients are Japanese, you better not to receive money in your Japanese bank account but a bank account in your country. In this way, authority can not find out you are working.

How much can I make with online jobs in Japan for foreigners?

This really depends on your skill sets. For example, if you are well experienced skilled designers, you can charge $15 to $40 per hour. If you do not have any skills, your rate can be between $5 to $10. For webcam modeling jobs, you can expect $50 to $300 per hour with very little ability of Japanese. Here is actual data on how much webcam models make


There are several options available for online jobs in Japan for foreigners. Make extra cash with easy jobs may be great while you are in Japan. If you have certain set of skills, you can charge high rate. If you are female, working as a webcam model is the best option in terms of salary. Affiliate marketing work can be lucrative but to make the site popular takes a lots of effort and time with proper knowledge. Happy stay in Japan!

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