This is some very interesting information.  I came across this quite some time ago.  Every cam girl who cams on MFC or MyFreeCams, wants a very impressive profile.  Some girls have the cutest templates.  A lot of cam girls, especially top earnners pay someone to do theirs.  But, for some of who get simple CSS coding or HTML, you can design your own MFC profile.

Q: How do I put a Twitter button on my profile?

A: Suppose your Twitter name is TwitterGirl. In order to create a Twitter button, you have to put the following text in your ‘About Me’ section:

<a href=””>Follow me on Twitter!</a>

<img src=”” alt=”twitter” />

Obviously, you need to replace ‘TwitterGirl’ with your own name. The result will look like this:

Follow me on Twitter!


Q: How do I put a link to my Amazon wishlist on my profile?

A: This is a two-step problem. First, you need to find the URL (i.e., Web address) of your wish list. Second, you need to insert a line of code in your page.

Step I: find the URL of your wish list. On Amazon, choose the wish list you want to share from the drop-down menu ‘Wish List’ and then find the link ‘Share with friends’

Click the little envelope, and a pop-up will be shown with the ‘permalink’,

This ‘permalink’ is the URL of your wish list. Write it down or select it and copy (Ctrl+C). Hooray!

Step II: paste the following code into your ‘About Me’ section.

<a href=”insert link from above here“>

Spoil me rotten! <a/>

<img src=”” alt=”wishlist” />

Q: How do I create a link for offline tips?

A: Here is the code that you need to use. Replace the name TwitterGirl with your own screen name.

<a href=””>

Offline tips make you an officially awesome person!</a>

Q: How do I put a photo/banner/custom button on my profile page?

A: This is a three-step process. First, you upload the image to an image host on the Internet. Then you find the URL (i.e., Web address) of the image. Finally, you use that URL to insert some code into your page.

Step I: the best place to host your images is MFC. If you use third-party hosting like ImageShack, they may delete your images if they contain sexually explicit content.

So, in order to get your image hosted on MFC, you need to edit your profile, click ‘Upload Photos’, and choose the file on your computer. And then comes a little trick. When you choose the gallery to put the image into, select ‘Choose Location’ for gallery name from the drop-down menu shown below. It sounds weird, the ‘Choose Location’ thing, because it is.

Now go to ‘Manage Photos’, and here it is, your image, in the ‘Unassigned’ gallery.

only you can see the image now, it does not show up on your public MFC profile page.

Step II: Now you have to find the URL of that image. When in section ‘Manage Photos’, click on the image so that it opens. Then right-click on the image and in the context menu choose ‘Copy image URL’ or ‘Copy image address’ (the exact wording depends on the browser). Here is an illustration:

Then open Notepad (if you are using Windows) or TextEdit (if you are on a Mac) and paste (Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on Mac). You should see an URL like this:

Make sure that what you see ends with ‘.jpg’, otherwise you must have done something wrong. And yes, the JPEG file format is your best bet for MFC profile images.

Step III: Now it is time to paste the image into your profile. Here is the code that you must put in the ‘About Me’ section in order to make the image appear there:

<img src=”” style=”width:300px” />

Obviously, you must replace the URL shown in blue with the URL of your image, which you found in Step II. You can also vary the size of the image by changing ‘300px’ to however many pixels you want it to be wide. Voila! Here comes the image you posted:

These are few great idea to jazz up your profile, this secrets were found online.  I did test these on my own profile and will say they work.  My name is not TwitterGirl, I used that in this just as an example, to give you all an idea.  These are great buttons to add to your profile.  MFC is one of the camsites that really allows you to add social media, sell videos, add wishlists and so much more.  Many girls will try to add more items to their profile because it will increase money to be made, even if you are offline.