Kawaii cosplay is a killer item for cam girls. Doing the same show over and over make your viewers get bored. Entertaining viewers by doing different things every time you do show is the key to maintain your regulars . Cosplaying is very effective strategy in terms of keeping your viewers excited. Furthermore, you can grab anime otaku niche by choosing Kawaii cosplay costumes. We will give you Kawai cosplay ideas that are based on popular Kawaii anime and game characters in Japan.

The idolmaster

The idolm@ster is an anime based on the Idolmaster game series made by Bandai Namco Games. The anime consists of 25 episodes and was on-air from 7/2011 to 12/2011. Also the movie “The Idolmaster Movie: Beyond the Brilliant Future! ” was made and came out on 2014. The game was a simulation game in which the goal of it is to get idols popular. The anime is about idols getting popular as well.

Kawaii cosplay Kawaii cosplay Idolmaster Kawai cosplay Idolmasters cosplay2-min Kawaii cosplay idol

Is the Order a Rabbit?

“Is the order a rabbit” is an anime on-aired in 2014 and 2015. In 2017, the movie “Is the order a rabbit – dear my sister came out.

Kokoa arrives in a new town in spring to start going to high school. She gets lost and stopped by a coffee shop which happens to be a dormitory where she was looking for and where she will live. The coffee shop is called “Rabbit House”. Following the high school policy that every students need to serve to people who take care of them and treat them well. For her case, it was Rabbit House. The main character is Chino who is tiny and cute, Chiyo who is gentla and kind, and Sharo who is sophisticated but down-to-earth. Every character is so cute.

Kawaii cosplay gochiusa Kawaii cosplay gochiusa 2 Kawaii cosplay gochiusa 3 Kawaii cosplay gochiusa 4


Story summary: Rintaro has been making strange and funny inventions with his laboratory, future gadget, members; Itaru Hashida, and Mayuri Shina. Rintaro meets Kurisu Makise at a convention. Right after the meeting, Rintato found that Chris is on the floor bleeding.  He texts to Iataru about it but then Rintaro feels strong dizziness and fell down. Once he wakes up, his memory is different from what other people say happened in the past week. He then figured out that one of his inventions, phone microwave, is actually a time machine. The story gets complicated with time paradox. Kurisu is genius and cute with Tsun-dere attitude. Mayuri is so cute and like goofball. Kurisu Makise and Mayuri Shina are great for Kawaii cosplay characters.

Kawaii cosplay steins gate kurisu Kawaii cosplay steins gate mayuri

Kawaii cosplay Kurisu 2Kawaii cosplay Mayuri2

Sword Art Online

Sword Art online is an anime based on a novel. The anime was on-air 7/2012 to 12/2012. The second series was on aired from 7/2014 to 7/2014. The movie “Sword Art Online Ordinary Scale”. In 2022, after beta test with 1000 players, world first Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”Sword Art Online” was released. But the game master and developer Saiba states in the game that players can not log out from the game. The only way to log out from the game is to defeat a boss at the floating castle Aincrad’s 100th floor. If players die in the game, they die in the real life as well. 10,000 players are now trapped in the death game….

Kawaii cosplay Sword art online Sinon Kawaii cosplay Sword art online Yuuki Kawaii cosplay Sword art online Silica Sword art online asuna Kawaii cosplay Sword art online Leafa

A Certain Magical Index

Kawaii cosplay character ideas from A Certain Magical Index are Mikoto and Kanzaki. An anime “A Certain Magical Index” was based on light novel series.  “A Certain Scientific Railgun” is a spin off of “A Certain Magical Index.” Mikoto is one of the main heroin from “A Certain Scientific Railgun”. Kanzaki is one of the heroins from “A Certain Magical Index”

Story of “A Certain Magical Index”: It is the world where psychic is unraveled by science. Students at futuristic Academy City receives lectures to develop psychics. Once day a student from futuristic Academy City Toma meets a white sister who says herself “index”. She says she is being chased by magicians.  This encounters takes Toma to secret world of magic.

Story of “A Certain Scientific Railgun”: In futuristic Academy City which made up 1/3 of West Tokyo area, 80% of 2,300,000 are psychics. Experiments and studies to develop psychics are being conducted in that city. All of students are ranked from level 0 to 5. Mikoto is the one of 7 level 5 psychics. The story focuses on Mikoto solving problems.

Kawaii cosplay a certain magical index mikoto cosplayKawaii cosplay a certain magical index mikoto cosplay 2 Kawaii cosplay a certain magical index Kanzaki cosplay Kawaii cosplay a certain magical index kazaki cosplay 2

No game No life

Blank is a legendary game player that no one has beaten in any online games ever. No one knows who Blank actually is. Blank is not one person but 2 ; Sora and Shiro who are step siblings. One day they are challenged by one of gods in other world. They win the game and are offered to go to other world. They accepted it, believing it as a joke and summoned to the world called Disboard in which every thing is determined by games.

Shiro who is little and cute genius is a great character for Kawaii cosplay.

Kawaii cosplay no game no life Kawaii cosplay no game no life 2

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The story is about Madoka shinonome who has superior potential to be a strong magical girl. White Animeish creature Kyubey offers a contract who wish to achieve a dream. The contract forces a girl to be a magical girl who fights against witches. One day, Madoka saw a magical girl Homura is fighting against witches. Madoka is warned that she must not become Magicl girl by Homura. Madoka meets other magical girl Mami when Madoka get lost in witches teritory. Mami explains what magical girl is and threats of witches. Madoka holds strong admiration for magical girls. But then, she sees Mami’s horrible death in fight with witches.

Puella Magi Madoka MagicaKawai cosplay madoka magika 3 Kawai cosplay madoka magika2 Puella Magi Madoka Magica 4

Monogatari series

The main character is Araragi Koyomi. He is partial vampire because he was rescued by Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade, a vampire. The story goes with helping girls who are facing a problem due to an oddity. The anime is based on novels published in 2006. It is such a poplar anime that 9 series were animated from novels. Kawaii cosplay from Monogatari series will surely get an attention.

Kawai cosplay monogatari series2 Kawai cosplay monogatari series Kawai cosplay monogatari series 4 Kawai cosplay monogatari series 3