Probably you came to this page looking information on “Japanese speaking jobs work from home”. Since you find us through searching in English, I assume you are bilingual. If you are a bilingual, you came to right page to look for and learn about a job that you can utilize Japanese speaking ability and work from home. Being bilingual, you have an advantage over other people as there are some jobs that only bilingual people can do. Luckily there are jobs that you can work from home. If you do not speak Japanese, here is online jobs in Japan for foreigners page. If you are living in Tokyo, how to find part time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners page will help you finding a job.

What jobs that you can work from home requires Japanese speaking ability?

Being able to speak Japanese is one of your very strong weapons in the job market. There are many companies that are looking for your high communication ability. The job that comes up in your mind when you think about Japanese speaking jobs is probably “translator or interpreter“.

Translator and interpreter

Japanese speaking jobs translator

This job requires very high proficiency in both language. Not only you need to have deep language understanding but also you need to know cultural differences between two culture. Without both knowledge, accurate translation can not be possible.

Translator and interpreter works are categorized into 3 big categories. 2 of 3 categories are the ones that offer work from home jobs.

Art and literature

The work is to translate books,magazine, lyric and all the art related works. Because the object is art, accuracy to translate the atmosphere of the work is required. Because of this, the translation work of art requires high skills in both language.

There are several ways to get this type of translation works.

  1. Pass the test from translation company and receives works from them.
  2. Receive work from publishing company who you know personally.

Many projects go from face to face meeting to make the plan and report the progress. But thanks to the internet, it is becoming major that all the work from meeting to submitting deliverable is completed from home in recent years.

Business translation

This type of works includes business document translation, academic book translation, manual translation, and contract translation. It often requires, medical, finance and IT knowledge.

Researchers in academic fields such as Medical, Physics and Biology, are obligated to write a paper in English. Thus, Business translators are often asked to check the paper that will be published in international magazine. Also, translation works on overseas thesis or academically important documents are also for the works of business translators.

Business translators often deals with exporting products manual translation, contract translation, patent translation, email translation, order translation. Because such works include company’s key technology or information, business translator dealing with those works are usually full time employees. Business translators are different from other translators in working style. They commute to a company just like other workers and work at the company.

Translator for movies, dramas, and documentary

Translation work for this type requires cultural understandings as well as slang used in contents. Since reading speed for viewers is limited, the translation needs to be succinct but accurate.  Those translators often work as a part of movie supplier team. Because the translation is read by broad range of people, translation needs to be easy to follow.

Where to find such jobs?

If you already know someone who needs translation works, that’great. But most of people do not have connection. So the way you find translators/interpreter jobs is to work as a freelancer. The famous sites for freelance translator is

Article writer

Article writer is someone who writes articles for their clients. The article is used for contents marketing. In recent digital marketing trends, the contents marketing is the most important thing in terms of SEO. In order to increase site visitors, good contents are necessarily as google searching algorithm gives higher priority on contents when they decide what order to show the sites. So article writers are in demand.

There are many Japanese companies who wants to target foreigners. Mos of the companies do not have abilities to create their own website in English nor create the contents. That’ where you fit. If you can speak Japanese and English, you can be an article writer.

Where to find the such jobs

Most of this type of jobs are available through freelancer site.

Here are two well known freelancing sites in Japan.

The writing works requires native level Japanese reading ability as all the information is in Japanese. Some works also require translation ability from Japanese to English. The rate for writers are 1 word=1 yen to 0.5 Yen. The article writer jobs are suitable for someone who wants to make money in spare time.

Personal shopper

Japanese speaking jobs personal shopper

Internet made communication way more efficient than ever before. Personal shopper as a job has been around since 2000. What personal shopper does is to purchase products on behalf of clients. Why people ask personal shoppers to purchase products?

It is because products such as a brand cloths are not available everywhere but in certain countries. Even if it is available, sometime the pricing is different. Usually the price of products is cheaper in the country where the company that making that brand is based on. For example, iphone price is the cheapest in USA. The price difference between Russia and USA is almost $400. You can often see this price difference in clothing brand as well.

Japanese speaking jobs personal shopper

How to be a personal shopper?

If you can find a clients, you can be a personal shopper. However, finding a client is the most difficult thing to do. But do not worry, there is a site for personal shopper.

BUYMA is the website where people who want to buy a product from oversea and personal shopper meet. What personal shopper does is two things. You can promote the product that you want to sell or take a request from the shopper. It is jut like selling products at Amazon or ebay. The good thing about being personal shopper is that you do not need to carry any inventories. Once you get an order, you just need to go shopping or order it online. Buyma takes cares about receiving the payment. Thus, you do not need to take any risks.

This Japanese speaking jobs are very suitable if you like fashion and shopping. Since Japanese people like brand products much more than Westerners, the demand is higher than you expect. There are people who make living out of being personal shopper.

Date entry

There are companies or people who sell products online. They are always looking for someone to upload pictures and enter the description into EC site. The work is very simple, you just need a computer and internet. The good thing about this work is that you can work wherever and whenever. The typical rate for this work is 50 Yen per product upload. It is not much. But this is great job for someone who is looking for Japanese speaking jobs that you can work from home.

You can find those type of work at below freelance sites.

Webcam modeling

Japanese speaking jobs webcam modeling

The webcam modeling is an online entertainer who work from home. Webcam model is sometime called a cam girl. This job is usually associated with nudity. However, non-nude, non-adult cam girls jobs are available as well. What non-nude models do is to talk to people just like hostess bar. It sounds unusual for western people as there is no such culture in your society. But, in Japan, there are many bars or clubs where man goes to have a conversation with female hostesses. They are called”Kyabakura”. Maid cafe which hostesses wear maid costume and serve the customers are considered the same business model. Non-nude webcam modeling jobs pay the highest in Japanese speaking jobs. It is usually between $25 to $50 per hour if you speak fluent Japanese. If you work as nude-cam girls, the pay can get 50% or more.

How to be a non-nude camgirl?

Meiya Tokyo USA is the only webcam model agency that works with non-nude cam girls who want to work for Japanese cam sites. FC2 live and DX live are the one that we work for. If you would like to sign up, please submit the application from here. All you need is a webcam, a computer, high sped internet and valid ID and being female and over 18 years old. We have global payment options that cover almost all the countries.

If you want to work as a cam girl for US or European based site, you can sign up by yourself and start working as a cam girl. But, non-nude cam girls do not make much money as there is culturally not much demand in talking to woman by paying money for it.

Merit to get a Japanese speaking jobs that you can work from home?

The merits to get Japanese speaking jobs are

  • Flexible time
  • No obligation to work or quit
  • Can practice Japanese

If the working time is flexible, you have so much freedom. You don’t need to wake up early. Thus, you can stay up late as much as you want. You can go shopping whenever you want. The time flexibility is the great benefit that you can get from Japanese speaking jobs working from home.

Since all of jobs are project base, you can decide when to work and not to work. Once you finish your projects that you undertake, you have a choice to get another work or take a rest.

Practicing Japanese can be hard if you do not use it. If you use Japanese as your work, that will definitely help you to keep your Japanese speaking ability.


Being bilingual is the great strength when you look for jobs. There are jobs that only you can do. The Japanese speaking jobs are something that not many people can get. Translator is well known jobs that utilize your Japanese ability. Article writing and date entry are good jobs if you can sit in front of your computer all day long. Personal shopper requires fashion sense because you need to promote what you think that Japanese will like to sell the products. Non-nude webcam modeling is the highest paying Japanese speaking job which is probably the easiest job you can find online. The biggest merit for work from home is time flexibility. Utilize your spare time to make money from home!