It’s getting hotter and hotter. Summer is finally here! You may wander what cloths you wear every day. Japanese fashion trends change every year. What is the fashion trends in Japan this year? Some are Kawaii style while some are mature style. Let’ check out what fashion, color and pattern are in trend in Japan.

Trend Color

In 2018, the trend color in Japan is Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, and Violet.

Peach pink

Peach pink is a pink color with little gray in it. Pink color fits with young girls. But with little bit of gray in it, peach color is great for young adult. Such color gives romantic and sweet impression. Adding peach color to skirt or pants gives cheerful impression.

Mint green

In 2018 spring, bright green color was in the trend. But in this summer, the color softer than green, mint green, is in the trend. Mint green give fresh and bright impression. This color is especially fits to white skin.

Lemon Yellow

Like lemonade, Lemon Yellow color provides fresh impression. With blue jeans and Yellow Lemon shirts, that will be lovely boyish style with vivid and bright impression.

Color coordination

During this summer, feminine cloths such as pants, skirt, one piece dresses are in the trend. Flared skirt, gathered skirt, wide pants are also in trend.

First, let’s check how to include pink, Yellow and Green color cloths into your fashion.

japanese fashion trends pink color

Peach pink sweater+white flared skirt+ white sneaker is casual but feminine.

Japanese fashion trend 2018 yellow color
Lemon Yellow gathered skirt with white shirts. T shirts can be good with this combination.
Japanese fashion trend blue with pants

White, black, navy, beige color can be good with blue wide pants. The plus point for wide pants is that it can be wore for any day.
Japanese fashion trend 2018 green color

Green color is one of the trend color. Depending on color combination, you can create lovely, sweet and beautiful impression. If you have brown hair, green color fit very well.  Jeans, wide pants or flared skirts will be good to wear with.
Japanese fashion trend green skirt


Japanese fashion trend 2018 yellow 1

Yellow color cloths is such a all-purpose cloth. wearing it with black give adult impression while combining with white color gives vivid impression. If you include Yellow color into your fashion, one that has frill is recommended.

Japanese fashion trend vivid yellow color cloths

It is not overstatement that yellow color comes up in Japanese fashion trend every year during summer. This summer, vivid yellow color is getting attention. Combining with wide denim pants, you will be in Japanese summer fashion trend 2018.

Japanese fashion trend yellow color with skirt

What combine is definitely a skirt. Maxi skirt seems to be the fashion trend in Japan this summer. Simple design yellow cloths gives you summer look with a maxi skirt.

White color

During summer, you do not want to wear layers of cloths. Without layers, i is difficult hide your body line. During summer, you want to wear easy to move cloths which tend to be the same coordination every day. But summer time is is the time that new trend comes up. It is not difficult to include trend items into your fashion with some points. Color is such a important factor to the fashion. White color goes with jeans which man and woman loves.

Japanese fashion trend in 2018 white color example 1
Japanese fashion trend in 2018 white color example 3
Japanese fashion trend in 2018 white color example 2
Japanese fashion trend in 2018 white color example 4
Japanese fashion trend in 2018 white color example 5

Tank top with white color is in trend this summer. Every year, no sleeve cloth came out but this year, there are many brands that sell tank tops. There are many combination with tank tops such as combining with damaged jeans or skirt. If you do not want to show your chicken wings, put on a shirts.

To wear tank tops, you may want to do exercise to be fit. All white coordination is in the trend which is the same trend fashion style last year. Over sized cloths are also in the trend which gives designer collection impression. White color is a expansion color. So if the style looks too loose, use a belt to make it sharp.

Japanese fashion trends white color 2
Japanese fashion trends white color 1
Japanese fashion trends white color 6
Japanese fashion trends white color 4

This year, Peach pink, Violet color is in Japanese fashion trends. But such colors can make you look like fatter than what you are if you make a wrong combination. When you use bright color, the important thing is how you can make yourself look stylish. All white coordination is elegant but if you are not confident in your body, you may be hesitant to wear all white. In such case, use an item with different color. For example, a shoulder back, a sneaker or a belt would be good.

Violet color

If you read fashion Japanese magazine, you see that violet color is in the trend. You can include Violet color cloths into any situation as it is not too elegant. It is one of must have colors if you want to follow Japanese fashion trend.

Japanese fashion trends purple 1
Japanese fashion trends purple 2
Japanese fashion trends purple 3
Japanese fashion trends purple 4
Japanese fashion trends purple 5
Japanese fashion trends purple 6
Japanese fashion trends purple 7

Choose darkness from light purple to deep purple color that fits to you. At Uniqlo store, Violet color T shirts was the number one item within T-shirts that is recently sold. This indicates that Violets color is center of Japanese fashion trends in this year. 

Japanese fashion trends purple shirt

Violet color can be hot or dark. It is good color for mature female. Purple color goes well with yellow or blue. So, it is easy color to include into your style if you want colorful cloths. If you have one Purple cloth, that can be your main fashion for your coordination. Combining with black or white will give more mature impression. If you are not confident that all purple color cloths matches with you, you may want to try a cloth that has purple in some area. May be stripe or floral pattern with purple in it.

Patterns in Japanese fashion trends 2018

If you are not fan of colorful cloths, Polka dots cloths would be a good choice. Small Polka dots and big polka dots pattern cloths are in The trends this season. Black dots on white color cloths make you look big bigger. Thus, check how you look before you buy it.

Japanese fashion trends polka dots
Japanese fashion trends polka dots

No sleeve shirts with polka dots is good combination during summer. The key words for this summer is “Retro style”. Monotone style with polka dots do the job. A polka dots skirt is good but also polka dots one piece dress is good as well.

Polka dots one piece dress

You may think polka dots one piece dress is too much. But, once you wear it, it may fit to you. It does look “classic”. One thing to note is that the smaller the dots, the better it is. if it is big, it gives childish impression.

Gingham plaid

This year, earthy color gingham plaid with linen material is fashion trend in Japan. Gingham plaid patter is such a common patter but because it is not special pattern, it is loved by people in different age and junre.

gingham plaid pattern can be for mature and young woman. Simple patter such as black and white is good for mature woman. Other than gingham plaid and polka dots, floral pattern is included into Japanese fashion style this year.


Trend color is expansion color which make you look bigger than what you are if you make wrong combination. The point is to make a curve on your silhouette by showing waist, neck or ankle.

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