I am sure a lot of the camgirls out there are aware of fetishes and roleplay. However, there are a lot of girls who don’t really know what these fetishes are.  In this article, I will cover some of the easier fetishes you can include during your time online web camming.  Therefore, you do not have to sit in paid chat doing the same show over and over and over.

Let’s start with very simple Tips

Smoking. Smoking fetishism (also known as Capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish based on the pulmonary consumption (smoking) of tobacco, most often via cigarettes, cigars, and also, pipes and hookahs to some extent. As a fetish, its mechanisms regard sexual arousal from the observation or imagination of a person smoking, sometimes including oneself. Yes, that’s right for you ladies who enjoy smoking cigarettes, turn that into a very nice profit. Men get very aroused by the smoking fetish. Customers I have spoken with prefer the longer slim cigarette, like a 120. The art of smoking, of course, are pretty lipstick lips, acting flirty and sexy and taking deep inhales of the cigarette. Make sure you blow back the smoke directly in the camera, with a little flirty giggle. A nice touch is the “smokey blowjob”, this is where you can tell your customer how much you would like to blow smoke on his cock, holding up a dildo. This is one of the easier fetishes.

Webcam model tips

Sneezing. People with this fetish can be straight and still enjoy sneezes from both sexes. Some people are heterosexual and enjoy only sneezes from the same gender. The same goes for homosexuals with this fetish. The preferences and tastes vary as widely as in any other sampling of individuals with shared sexual preferences.

For most sneezing fetishists, the fetish plays an important role in their sexual satisfaction. Many sneezing fetishists report that orgasms are more easily attainable and/or intense when brought about using sneezing role play, listening to recorded sneezes, having a partner sneeze for

Almost universally, sneeze fetishists do not enjoy sneezes from their own family members (parents and grandparents are most frequently cited). For some, living with family members who suffer from allergies or frequent illness can be very stressful. Some fetishists are just as upset by their own sneezes as their family’s, but others can get turned on by their own sneezes, and may induce sneezing using a wide variety of methods to increase their enjoyment of the fetish.

So, just think about that. Just a simple sneeze can be used in a cam show. It’s is not too hard to fake so hey why not profit off of something so simple.

Coughing. This particular fetish I could not really find an actual definition for.  Like the sneezing fetish, the coughing fetish is very similar. To see someone cough, it causes sexual arousal. This is another one you can add to your cam shows. Simply enough, grab a tissue and cough. A person who is interested in this fetish will become aroused and will enjoy themselves.

Nose Blowing. Here is a quote I found by a person who is into the nose blowing fetish. “Since as long as I can remember, I’ve had a nose-blowing fetish. I really love it when a pretty woman blows her nose. I love to watch her do it or to even hear her do it. The best time is when she has a cold, and hopefully, I will get the chance to help her blow her nose. I guess it’s more of a caretaker quality, but I am not sure though. I also like to blow my nose in front of an attractive woman in hopes that she’ll watch me and maybe rub my back while I am doing it. Hmm, not sure what else to say about it for now. ”

This gives some description of how the person feels when seeing an attractive woman blowing her nose.  Once again, this is also a very easy fetish to fulfill

Funny enough, as simple as these fetishes are to act out in a roleplay, they are not highly discussed.  Trust me, the more you can bring to the table and earn more money from, go for it. These are four of the easiest fetishes you can start off with while doing camming shows. They are not real popular, but if you offer it you can certainly make some money doing this as well. Add it to your camming profile.  These guys want girls who can do this stuff! Not very talked about I suppose, but it’s a great extra tip in earning in your webcam shows.