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Why Working with us?

In theory, the longer hour you operate, the more you can earn profit. But since each site has high traffic time and low traffic time, you may be losing opportunities to earn more at low traffic time if you let your models work at one site. In order to maximize your profit, allocating models to several sites targeting high traffic time is the best strategy.

1. It is easy for the audience to be bored with the same model.

The audiences are all men, and thanks to the existence of the Internet, they have many choices. There are many free porn and video sites nowadays, so few people will watch the same porn again in a short period of time. If the rate of entry of new visitors is higher than the rate of visitors who stopped entering, you can ensure that you can make a profit continuously. Unfortunately, this ideal situation did not happen in reality. Hourly income will decline over time. The following table is an example of one of our models.

Earning per hour

This cam girl works 15 days a month, 1 to 2 hours a day. The average hourly income dropped by 40% in a year. Since the time spent working on the same website is inversely proportional to the average income, having multiple websites in the portfolio can indeed increase the return on time invested. In theory, if she worked on the two platforms and switch every other day, the profit could increase by about 20% within the same time frame.

When the average income drops, you can let your model to work at other platform. But if you have a high turnover rate, it is best to rotate 2 or 3 sites within a week so that return on time can be optimized.

In addition, letting your model work on different platforms will keep your profits stable, because we all know that “there is a good day and bad day” We cannot predict which day will be a good day or a bad day. Thus, having multiple sites can also reduce the risk of volatility.

2.Utilize Time difference

High traffic time at camming sites is usually night time between 10 PM to 2 AM. However, this night time depends on where majority of viewers are coming from. We have data base on most of camming sites where you can check where the most of viewers are coming from. For example, if you are in Romania and having your models to work at live Jasmin(US-24% Germany-12% UK- 9%, France 6%, Italy 5%), 12 AM to 4 AM(Germany, France, Italy and UK night time between 10PM to 2 AM ) and 5 AM to 9 AM(US time between 10PM to 2 AM) are the best time. Letting your models work at one site, you are losing potential opportunities during low traffic hours between 9 AM to 12 AM.

This is where Japanese sites fit in.

In the case of Romanian studio owners, empty time between 4 PM to 8 PM(10 PM to 2 AM in Japan time) can be utilized having models to work at Japanese sites.

3.Broaden model base by adding a less risk option

Since the viewers at Japanese sites we work for are almost all Japanese, it is very unlikely that someone from your country visits the sites. Therefore, we can provide the safest option for your models who puts the highest priority on avoiding the risk someone she knows find out she works as a cam girl. This option will surely attract new models when you advertise your company to recruit models.

4.Bigger opportunity than anywhere

The Japanese market is known for its market size and easy competition.

Japanese cam site

It is estimated that Japan accounts for 21% of total spending on porn world wide.

Since English based sites have much higher number of models than Japanese sites while the market size itself is smaller than Japanese market, the competition at English based sites is much higher than Japanese market. Thus, your models working at Japanese sites are likely to be able to earn more than the current sites.

How much can you expect?

How much can you expect

This is the actual date we have accumulated. The models who make 0 to $10 usually have problem on their environment such as low quality broadcasting. Studio models make over $10 at least depending on how she looks. What type of models is popular in Japanese market is totally different from other market. Usually hot models who are popular in other market are not the type that Japanese like. Models who will fit to the Japanese market is the one who looks cute and kind. If you have that type, you will find sweet spot in Japanese market.

Language and cultural barrier

In order to enter Japanese market, all of models need to overcome these two things. What is considered attractive in Western culture is not necessarily attractive to Japanese. They have different criteria and mind sets compared with Western countries. Western porn imported to Japan is not popular genre as how models act does not make Japanese audiences feel attracted to. However, the porn made in Japan that has western model is quite popular. The demand for foreign models is there but localization such as makeup and how models act needs to be done.

Meiya Tokyo USA

Meiya Tokyo USA is the only global agency who supports non-Japanese models who wish to work for Japanese cam sites such as DX live and FC2. We possess exclusive contract with DX live and FC2 live in North America.

We do following services

  • Localization support

It is crucial to understand who you target and how you target specific audience to successfully enter Japanese market. We help you to understand which segment your models should target and how to do so.

This includes;

    • Virtual make-up. Based on photo provided, we will do virtual make-up. So that your models can learn what is attractive to Japanese.
    • Hair style suggestions. Based on current hair style, we will suggest how to make it attractive to Japanese audiences.
    • Profile and gallery pictures. The way that Japanese feels attractive is different from other countries. In order to target and gain popularity from Japanese audiences, it is necessary to have good pictures in Japanese way. We will support what pictures should be used and should not be used. Also we will make your photo more attractive using photoshop.
    • Performance support. How your models act will change impression to audiences. There are certain conducts that attracts Japanese audiences. We check your models performance and suggest what to improve.
  • Translation support

Japanese audiences do not show interests if models do not have any signs that they have some ideas of understanding Japanese culture. We make profiles in Japanese so that your models can show that they have some understanding in Japanese culture. Also we do all the communication if there are any problems.

Payment method?

You can choose the payment from either international wire transfer or Western union(There is a fee for this method). If you would like other way of receiving money, we are open for that.

Pay period

Payments will be made on 15th and end of the month, unless that day falls on a weekend or national US holiday, in which case they are made on the following business day. Pay period is based on GMT-4. Pay periods run beginning of the month through 15th of the month for the payment on end of the month and 15th of the month through end of the month for the payment on 15th next month.Since the point is exchanged on closing day(FC2 live), the exchange rate on that day is applied.

Pay rate

We take 19% as a fee for our work.

FC2 live

1 point is equal to 0.567 yen(After the fee). Since the point is based on JPY and the payment to model is USA, the exchange rate on the closing day for USD/JPY is used.

DX live

1 point is equal to $0.486(After the fee).

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to sign up as a studio.