webcam model agency meiya tokyo USA


Where do I work and what is the work schedule?

As long as you have internet and a webcam, you can work anywhere. Work schedule is completely up to you. We recommend to work between 8 AM to 1 PM EST as that’s the time that people in Japan are the most active in the website.

I am worried about my privacy.
Your information will be kept in our company. You will not physically meet anyone from the website. Your privacy will be protected as long as you do not show anything that can determine who you are while you perform.

Are there any fees to register?
No. There are no fees to register, work and quit.

I have never worked as a web cam model.
Most of our models have never worked as webcam model when they register. Please do not worry. We will support you.

I would like to quit. How can I quit?
Please contact us. We will process your request so that your information will not stay on the internet anymore.

What is the requirement?
You have to be over 18 and have internet access, a computer, a webcam or smart phone.

How much could I earn?
It depends on you. You get 0.72 Yen per points (around 0.72 cents in USD). If you set the rate as 40 points per minutes and 20 people watching your show, you get $5.7 per minutes/$342 per hour. Here is our data about how much webcam models earn

When do I start to get money?
As soon as a person enter pay per minutes show, you receive points.

What do I need to do with tax?
Because you are classified as “independent contractor”, you will need to submit “W-9 form” to us. We submit “Form 1099-MISC” to IRS and a copy of “Form 1099-MISC” to you at the end of the year. Once you receive “Form 1099-MISC”, you need to report to IRS your income. If you are a non-U.S model, you will need to fill out W-8 form once you receive more than $600 from us. If you are non-U.S model, you are not obligated to pay tax to U.S government but your own government.

When is the payday?
Pay periods run beginning of the month through 15th of the month for the payment on end of the month and 15th of the month through end of the month for the payment on 15th next month. The exchange rate on closing day is applied.

Have questions? Please contact us!