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When is the pay day?

Payments will be made on 15th and end of the month, unless that day falls on a weekend or national US holiday, in which case they are made on the following business day. Pay period is based on GMT-4. Pay periods run beginning of the month through 15th of the month for the payment on end of the month and 15th of the month through end of the month for the payment on 15th next month. Since the point is exchanged on closing day for FC2 live, the exchange rate on that day is applied.

webcam model agency payment

How much can I make?

At FC2 live, 1 point is equal to 0.5 Yen(After our fees which is 19.6%). You can decide how much you charge per minutes. For group chat, most of models charge 25 to 60 points per minutes.

At DX live, 1 point is equal to $0.432(After our fees which is 8.4%). The points you can get depend on options that viewers choose.

How much our models are making is shown at how much do webcam models make.

What is the payment methods?

We use western union, world remit cash pick ups or wire transfer. the minimum cash out is $20. If the earning does not reach to $20, the amount is carried over to next period.

Am I eligible to work?

As long as you are female between 18 and 30, consider yourself as cute, have a valid ID, a laptop with a webcam or smart phone, you can work. Residents in China, Russia and Philippine can not register for DX live. We are not accepting US models unless you are familiar with Japanese culture and language. This is because the rate that US models who submit the application and do not work is really high. We have limited resource and time that can be used for new models. Thus, we would not rather waste our time.

If we think you will not be successful based on your photo, we decline the application so that you and we do not waste time.

Is there fees or obligation to register and quit?

There is no fees to sign up or quit. How long you work is up to you. Simply let us know if you would like to delete your accounts. If the account is inactive more than 3 months, we will terminate the account. Once it is terminated, we can not recreate the account.

Can I do multi broadcast?

Yes, you can do so as long as you do not multi broadcast at DX live and FC2 live at the same time.

Do i need to understand Japanese?

You do not need to understand Japanese to work. But, you need to localize and learn to make good money. The earning for someone who understand and follow Japanese culture and speak little Japanese is much higher. Because foreign models who understand Japanese are rare, viewers tend to give more attention.

How long does it take to get the account?

It takes 1 to 3 business days to process your application. Please make sure you reply to the confirmation email you receive. We receive many applications with wrong email addresses. Thus, we do not process the application if you do not reply.

Application process

    • STEP.01 Submit the application 
      Please read everything carefully and fill out the form below
    • STEP.02 Profile creation
      You will receive email from [email protected] asking information to complete your profile in Japanse and pictures.
    • STEP.03 Localization
      Based on the picture you submit, we will do virtual make-up so that you can follow Japanese style make-up.
    • STEP.04 Prepare pictures
      With Japanese style make-up, yuo need to take a nice picture of yourself. This picture is the one that viewers see before they enter your room
    • STEP.05 Understand
      We provide you performance manuals. You need to read the manual to understand what Japanese like and what they do not
    • STEP.06 Make money!
      Once you start working, you may have questions and concern. But we will be here to address any questions and concerns so that you can focus on camming.

Go check cam girl performer manual to see what you need to do before you apply!

Please do not apply if you are

  • Not serious about working as a cam girl
  • Just trying to see if you can make money at Japanese sites
  • US citizen unless you are familiar with Japanese culture and language

We know no models can make money without efforts(Changing make-up style and/or hair style). If above statements apply to you, please do not apply. You will waste your time and our time for sure. Since there are many models who do not read carefully, only application with an answer “apple” to the question “what food do you like?” will be processed. If you are US citizen and familiar with Japanese culture and language, please answer “apple pie” to the question “What food do you like?”

If you are not eligible you can still work at our partner Japanese site Sakura live. Please submit the application from here.

    We work with only female models.
    We do not work with mature models. Unfortunately, no demand exists for mature models in Japanese market unless you speak Japanese. If you speak Japanese, please click yes.
    We do not work with hot or beautiful models as those models are not considered attractive in Japanese market.
    We do not work with models who have tattoos in visible areas as such models have never been successful in Japanese market.
    Sakura live is our partner. We do not work with models who have registered Sakura live before.
  • Please check the speed from here and upload the screenshot of the result. You need at least 1.5Mbps upload speed to broadcast. When you check, please connect to Ethernet cable as wifi will have too unstable connection.(High Jitter and ping) You can take screenshot by Ctrl + Print Screen (Print Scrn). Open paint and Ctrl+V to paste and save.
    If you have not checked the manual, please check it before you apply to see what you will need to do.
    Since Japanese market is different from where you are form, no one can succeed without localization including learning little Japanese.
  • In order to comply U.S 2257 record keeping requirement, we need to have all of the names ever used before.
  • Please upload an image of your valid government issued photo ID (scanned image or close-up shot of just the ID using a webcam or digital camera).
  • Please upload a picture of you holding your ID next to your face, where both your face and ID are clearly visible. (uploaded files must be in jpg, jpeg, png, gif, or bmp format).
  • Please upload a picture of you holding a paper that "Meiya Tokyo USA" is written. (uploaded files must be in jpg, jpeg, png, gif, or bmp format).
    Frequent mistakes on the application
    * Speed test needs to be done at here
    * Picture needs to be clearly visible
    Unless you type correct words directed in this page under "Please do not apply if you are.... " section at "what food do you like", your application will not be processed.
    After regitration,
    1. You will be required to submit your face photos with make-up and without make-up for us to work on virtual make-up and give you hair style recommendation.
    2. You will be required to submit several pictures based on our direction for your profile after you adjust your make-up and hair style.