webcam model agency meiya tokyo USA

Internet modeling agency Meiya Tokyo USA

We are a webcam model agency located in Wyoming. We are specialized in Japanese camming site. We provide all the supports that models need including, localization, translation, marketing and strategy creation.


We believe the success comes from customer satisfaction. The customers include models and user of live webcam chat site. We work based on this value.

NameMeiya Tokyo USA
Address30 Gould Ste st R, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
BankBank of America
BusinessPromote and provide live webcam chatting sites to potential performers. Adult business consultancy relating to the Japanese market.

What we can do?

We are here to help a webcam model to successfully enter Japanese webcam market by providing necessary supports to models.


Certain things that you are doing sometime have very bad meaning in different culture. For example, Japanese does not open the gifts in front of people. That is considered rude in Japan although it is normal to do so in western culture. In camming world, there are certain turn off conducts for Japanese that western woman do. Your understanding of sexy is not necessarily sexy to Japanese. The definition of attractiveness is different from what you think to what Japanese think. We help a webcam model to understand those differences and localize the performance so that they are accepted in webcam world in Japan.


Successful entry depends on how you sell yourself. In order to target the market, you have to have an idea on who you sell to and how you sell to. Without understanding who you are selling for, you would not be successful. Japan has very unique culture which does not resemble to any of other countries. Thus, if you are not native Japanese who grown up in Japan, you would not understand what Japanese like.

We help webcam models to overcome such cultural barrier. We have a deep understanding on what Japanese like and what they do not. With deep understanding on the market, we can analyze and help them to become a webcam girl and determine who they should target and how to target. We take care of advertisement portion so that you can concentrate on your webcam work.


Language barrier is the biggest obstacle when you try to work at site that viewers are all from different country. It may be difficult to communicate with viewers but the return on your hard work is huge. We are here to help you. We translate and conduct marketing in Japanese so that you can reach to the viewers effectively. Also we translate and create catchy profiles in Japanese for you so that you get more attention from Japanese viewers.

Only webcam model agency supporting non-Japanese

FC2 live is not supporting non-Japanese models to perform pay per minutes group chat right now. Only way to work for FC2 live is through an agency. We are the only internet modeling agency that supports non-Japanese models who wants to work for Japanese camming sites.