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Why Japanese webcam sites are better?

Japan is such a unique country that has unique culture in which no other countries resemble. In terms economy, Japan has 3rd largest GDP in the world. If you are working at non-Japanese site, you may want to try to switch the site. If you are thinking to be a webcam model, Japanese sites may be the best place for you to start working as a camgirl.

Here is why.

The contents: Why Japanese webcam sites are better

  1. Viewers spending is much higher than other countries
  2. Less risks that someone you know finds out you work as a camgirl
  3. Less competition/ easier to earn money
  4. Time difference makes your work time more flexible
  5. You are exotic!

1. Viewers spending is much higher than others

Webcam jobs is one of the highest paying jobs for young woman. Webcam work is also relatively easier than most of other jobs to earn big money. To become a cam girl is easy too. You just need to sign up or send application. However, most of the camgirls fail and quit working within 3 months.

Why? The reason is simple. They do not earn enough money that they expect to make. Why they fail? There are many reasons that they fail; appearance, attitude, competition, pay rate of the site, lack of efforts.

First thing first to avoid failure, you want to get webcam jobs at the site that you can earn as much as possible.

How do you determine which site offers higher pay?

The higher pay means the higher spending from viewers.

Who pays the most then?

Yes, it is Japanese. the Japanese viewers spend more money on porn than people at other countries. Let’s look at numbers.

CountrySpending(Billions) on pornPer capita
China $27.40$27.41
Czech Republic$0.46$44.94


Japanese total spending on porn is number 3 in the world. Japanese spends $156 per person in a year which is number 2 in the world. China’s spending is more than Japan but the spending per capita is much less than that of japan. Korea’s spending and per capita is higher than Japan. But There is no Korean internet modeling site that allows nudity as obscenity law is strict and making porn is illegal in Korea. Furthermore, those camgirl sites do not allow webcam models to register if they live outside of Korea.

In addition, because Korean law is so strict on nudity, they spends money on Japanese porn. So, if you want to become a successful cam girl, you should target Japanese as they are the one who pays much more than viewers from most of other countries.

2. Less risk that someone finds out you works as a camgirl

There is a risk that you have to understand and accept before you become a cam girl: The risk that somebody finds out about you working as a cam girl.

Is there any way to block people from your country?

Yes, there is such function exists at many of camming sites. But those function has pit falls. It does not perfectly block people from the area you set for. The blocking function is based on IP address. The IP address is like your home address in the internet world. This address can be easily modified with proxy and few clicks. If you use proxy which is like a PO box in the internet world, your IP address becomes the location at where that proxy is located. Proxy is often used to protect identity as IP address can be used to identify where you live. Even if you block your hometown or surrounding area, as long as your family or friends are using proxy, it really does not matter. Furthermore, it is possible people who you do not want them to know go travel to the area where you are not blocking.

The solution to this is to work at webcam site that no one from your country accesses.

The traffic for FC2 live is 88.51% Japanese, 5.81% Taiwanese and 1.13% USA.

The traffic for DX live is Japan = 95.59%, U.S = 1.82%, Taiwan = 0.36%, Romania = 0.29%, Thailand = 0.28%. If you are living in the countries that are not listed below, you can be confident that someone who you know will not find it out. Working at Japanese webcam sites is much safer in terms of identity risks.

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FC2 live


3. Less competition

When you think about which site is the camgirl best site, you think about which site has more traffic. Most of other webcam model informational sites empathizes the traffic is important. But it omits an important factor when importance of traffic is discussed.

How to Become a Webcam Girl/Model

“Level of competition” rather than traffic is important to decide which site is the best”

Competition here is defined as the amount of supply vs amount of demands.

For example

Site A has 1000 viewers and 20 webcam models while site B has 1500 viewers and 50 webcam models.

Which site do you think has higher competition?

Site B is better site as it has higher traffic than site A. But Site B also has higher number of models.

In order to determine which camgirls site is better, you have to do little math work.

Divide number of viewers by number of models to get how many viewers can be in one room if number of viewers are equally separated.

Site A:1000/20=50 viewers per room

Site B:1500/50=30 viewers per room


If you do math, you notice that while site B has more viewers, site A has more viewers per room. Because you do not care how many viewers are at the site but how many viewers are in your room, you can conclude Site A is better choice.

Yes! Japanese sites have less competition more opportunities!

Now let’s look at real numbers at each popular site.


Sites nameVisitor per month(Millions)Visitor per hourBounce rateNumber of ModelsEstimated viewers per models
My freecam66.3920841%1242 4
Chaturbate197.42741623%1440 15
Bongacams129.91804148%555 17
Cam444.4616635%360 11
Imlive7.8108354%569 1
Livejasmin2012791662%769 14
Streamate5.677839%477 0.3
FC2 live(Japanese)20.5284736%97 19
DX live(Japanese)4.258354%167 2

*Number of model was retrieved on 5/3/2017 12:00 AM to 2:00AM U.S time. For Japanese site, they were taken on 5/3/2017  from 12:00 AM to 2:00AM Japan time.

*Traffic data and bounce rate is from retrieved on 5/3/2017.

*Number of models from FC2 live excludes the video broadcasting channels.

*Estimated number of viewers is calculated number of viewers * (1-bounce rate)/ number of viewers.

There are two types of the sites in above chart. One is free live webcam site which tipping is main revenue for webcam models. This includes, Myfreecam, Chaturbate, Bongacams,  and Cam4. The other is pay per minutes base. This includes Imlive, Livejasmin, Streamate, FC2 live and DX live. FC2 live, however, has free live webcam aspects as well. So it can be categorized as free live webcam site.

Free live webcam site

In Free sites group, FC2 live has the highest number of expected viewers per models. Bongacams, chaturbate and My freecam follows. Myfreecams used to be very popular site. But with cam score system, it is very difficult to make money for new models. Furthermore, it is very competitive that there are too many models working at Myfreecam.

Chaturbate looks much better option than Myfreecam. Between Bongacams and FC2 live, There are not big difference. But FC2 provides little better chance.

Pay per minutes sites

The sites such as Imlive, Livejasmin, Streamate, and DX live uses pay per minutes system. Within this category, LiveJasmin looks the best option as one model can expect to have 14 viewers per hour. However, the traffic information on Live Jasmin is misleading. Live Jasmin uses notorious popup marketing strategy. Whenever you see pop up that leads to live webcam site, it is Live Jasmin. So the traffic data is not necessarily reflecting true numbers. DX live has next highest number of viewers per model. Imlive is 50% less than DX live. Streamate is worst that 0.3 viewers per models.


For free live webcam site, a model at FC2 live would face least competition. For pay per minutes base site, Live Jasmin seems to be the best option. But since the data is not reflecting true number of visitors due to pop up marketing they use, Live Jasmin may not be the best option but DX live is the best option.

4. Time difference

Traffic moves a lot in a day. Working at the busiest time affects your income as more people means more money you can expect. Each site has visitors from several countries. For example, both My Free Cam and Chaturbate has the highest U.S visitors which indicates the highest traffic comes at U.S night time which GMT-7 to -5 is the time zone. However, both Chaturbate and My Free Cam has traffic from Germany and UK. Thus night time at Europe(GMT+1) has high traffic as well. Japanese webcam sites are in GMT+9 time zone. You can check if your available time matches with the high traffic time for Japanese site at The good time to work is 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM during weekdays and 7 PM to 4 AM during weekends. The highest traffic time is between 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM. By working at Japanese site, you can utilize time difference benefit to add flexibility to your work time.

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You are exotic!

Even if you have ordinary look in your country, you will be an exotic webcam model in Japanese market. The models who work at Japanese sites are almost all Japanese except models who work with us. Since you will look different from Japanese models, you have an exotic appearance advantage over Japanese models. You can get more attention from viewers than Japanese models because of your exotic appearance. This advantage makes your cam girl life much easier than working at other sites.

Japanese sites looks better right?

Well, it is certainly better options. But Japanese market is totally different from other markets. Just start broadcasting at Japanese site would not make you money much unless you know what you are doing. Without proper knowledge, you would rather waste your time. They have different standard on sexual preference and certain conducts that Western models do turns off Japanese viewers. Therefore, you have to understand what they like and need to localize your appearance and actions for Japanese sites.

We as a webcam model agency are here to help you for that.