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List of Japanese webcam site

Japanese webcam site

In this article, we provide an in-depth analysis of Japanese cam sites from the perspectives of both viewers and aspiring models. We will begin by outlining the differences between Western and Japanese webcam sites, followed by tailored insights for individuals interested in becoming models.

One of the most notable distinctions between Japanese cam sites and their Western counterparts is the focus on non-adult aspects. Furthermore, Japanese cam sites prioritize “virtual sex” experiences over the typical sexy dances found on Western sites. While this means you may not find the same provocative dances, you can expect a more intimate, girlfriend-like experience.

For those considering a career as a model, non-adult sites have the potential to generate profits, as many users are satisfied with simple conversations with women. However, compared to adult-centric sites, the average income is approximately half. Additionally, the ability to speak Japanese is a necessity for non-nude models.

For individuals looking to work on Japanese webcam sites, DX Live, FC2 Live, and Sakura Live are currently the only platforms that accept models from outside Japan. However, it is important to note that DX Live and FC2 Live do not accept model registrations unless they are affiliated with an agency. With this information in mind, it is crucial to carefully choose a cam site that best suits your needs and aspirations.

Name of Japanese webcam siteCost per minutesEarning per minutes(for models)Signup bonus campaignHas English version plat form?Alexa rank in JapanType
Sakura live$1.8$0.3~0.9$20 free pointsYes85,434Adult
DX live$2.4$0.3~0.9$26 extra points first time purchaseYes547Adult
FC2 live35 yen~28 Yen~N/AYes6Adult, group chat focus
BBChatTV100 yen50Yen~70 Yen3000 yen equivalent pointsNo6,539Non-Adult
Fanza live100 yen45Yen~125Yen3000 yen equivalent points when signed upNo17Adult, Non-adult
Angel livecost per minutes60Yen~80Yen2100 yen equivalent pointsNo1883Adult
MACHE livecost per minutes 55Yen~70Yen2000 yen equivalent coinsNo 4,085 Non-adult
Mdam to oshaberi kan1.2 USD 74Yen~104YenN/AYes 3,782Japanese Milf Adult
 madamlive100 Yen 54Yen~81Yen1000 Yen equivalent coinsNo 3,521Japanese Milf Adult
 livedegogo100 Yen 32Yen~70Yen2100 yen equivalent pointsNo 6,908Non adult
 LIVE CHAT jewel150 Yen 75Yen~100Yen1500 yen equivalent pointsNo 5,124Adult
Chatpia110 Yen40Yen~60Yen2000 yen equivalent pointsNo2,494Non adult、MILF


Reviews on Sakura live

Japanese cam sites sakura live

Sakura live is run by the same company that runs DX live. The company is called DTI service. Sakura Live is home to an impressive collection of over 21,000 registered models, ensuring that users can discover a performer who perfectly aligns with their tastes. The majority of these models come from Japan. All of models are amateur. Some are trained while most of them are not. If you like Japanese amateur woman, this is the place to go.

What distinguishes Sakura Live from other cam sites is that Sakura live focuses on virtual sex. Because of this site principle, users can develop deeper connections with the models and have girlfriend-like experience.

Sakura Live provides a variety of features, such as private shows, two-way audio, and HD video quality. This ensures enjoyable experience for both models and users. The platform also enables users to send gifts to their favorite models, enriching the sense of intimacy and connection.

While DX live target Japanese speaking audiences, Sakura live target English speaking audiences. Given its focus on intimacy, authenticity, and a superior user experience, it’s no surprise that Sakura Live has emerged as a top contender in the cam site industry. For instance, Sakura live was nominated as Asian Webcam Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

pricing of Sakura live

In terms of pricing, Sakura Live uses a point-based system. Users can buy points in various packages.

  • 12.5P=$25
  • 25P=$50
  • 37.5P=$75
  • 50P=$100
  • 110P=$220 $200

If you buy 110P you get $20 saving. So if you think you are going to like the site, it is better to buy 110P. For new starter, Sakura live offers free gifts of 10 points which is equivalate to $20 when you sign up. 

Free chat at Sakura live

At Sakura live, you can talk to some girls for free. This feature is only available when the girl turn its function. So you can talk to some girls for free depending on timing. How to do so is easy. Click “Free show” in the page and you see girls who turned on this function. Note, the free chat function is only available for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the room is automatically moved to paid chat which you do not have to participate if you do not want to.

How to do free chat at Sakura live  

Point system at Sakura live

  • Normal chatting(group chat) 1.2P/min
  • Private exclusive chat: 2.2 points/min
  • 2-way chat: 0.5 points/min
  • Remote Toy: 1 points/min

How many girls are at Sakura live?

The number of registered girls at Sakura live is about 20,000. 

What type of cam girls are there at Sakura live?

The concept at Sakura live is “the place to meet amateur girl”. So all the girls are amateur working from home.  The age range of cam girls at Sakura live is between 18 to 29. 

Key feature at Sakura live

The key feature at Sakura live is its translation function. When you turn on this feature, you can chat to the girls in your language. The translation function can be used for English, Chinese, Spanish, Romanian and Polish. 

Reviews and features on DX live

Japanese cam sites DX live

Are you seeking a soothing escape during your leisure time, or longing for a conversation with a young Japanese woman? Look no further, as DX Live is the perfect solution for you. As a leading adult live chat service renowned for its high-quality live streaming, it offers an unforgettable experience for users who desire virtual intimacy with a plethora of interactive features.

DX Live takes pride in its diverse selection of amateur cam girls, ranging from 18 to 28 years old, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your preferences. Many models are university students or professionals, making them mostly available during nighttime hours in Japan. To facilitate your search for the ideal companion, the platform offers free model previews, allowing you to gauge the accuracy of profile pictures and make an informed choice based on your preferences.

The platform’s inventive functionality, including remote toy control, Bukkake, and touch simulation, is designed to elevate the virtual intimacy experience.

DX Live also offers an automatic translation function, enabling effortless communication between users and models, even when the latter lack fluency in English. This overcomes language barriers and ensures a smooth, delightful experience for everyone involved.

Furthermore, due to Japan’s obscenity laws, DX Live, alongside Sakura Live and FC2 Live, are among the select few platforms where models are allowed to reveal their private parts. This sets the platform apart from rivals that face stricter regulations, which could limit the performances of their models.

DX Live offers a variety of options and pricing structures to cater to diverse user preferences, such as:

– Private: 2.2 points/min
– 2-way chat: 2.2 points/min (Normal member) and 1.7 points/min (VIP member)
– Remote Toy: 2.2 points/min
– Hand: 1.4 points/30 sec
– Lips: 1.4 points/30 sec
– Bukkake: 1.5 points/action
– Gift: 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 points/gift

With its unique features, exceptional performers, and user-friendly interface, DX Live provides an unparalleled experience for those seeking virtual intimacy with Japanese cam models. It is an optimal choice for anyone looking to explore the world of virtual intimacy.

FC2 live review

FC2 Live presents a cost-effective way to enjoy enchanting performances by adorable Japanese amateur women. As a live streaming platform rather than a traditional cam site, FC2 Live’s distinctive structure fosters a fascinating and dynamic environment.

When navigating FC2 Live, you’ll come across a wide variety of channels. It’s important to realize that approximately 90% of these channels contain recordings of previous live shows or adult content. You may not want to spend money on such content, particularly when it’s available for free on other websites. To differentiate between live shows and recorded content, pay attention to the number of viewers in the room and the length of the broadcast.

For example, a counterfeit paid channel might have zero viewers and an elapsed time of 4 hours and 44 minutes, indicating that the content is not live. Here is the example of fake channels.

FC2 live example

On the other hand, an real live show will usually have at least five viewers and typically won’t last more than an hour. Here is the example.

fc2 live

To further ensure you’re engaging with real live model, start by visiting free rooms. All models on FC2 Live begin in free rooms, so you can watch there first and then follow your favorite performers to their paid rooms. This approach helps you avoid joining the wrong room accidentally. Free rooms may also contain fake channels, but you can apply the same principles of audience size and broadcast time to identify genuine live performances. A room with a larger audience and a runtime of under an hour is a good sign of a real person broadcasting live.

In conclusion, FC2 Live offers an affordable alternative for those interested in watching live performances by charming Japanese amateurs. Although the platform’s unique structure can be somewhat chaotic, learning how to recognize genuine live content based on audience size and broadcast time will help you maximize your FC2 Live experience.

Review on BB chat TV

Japanese cam sites BB chat

Are you searching for a pleasant chat site where you can engage in friendly conversations with Japanese girls without any explicit content? Look no further than BBchat, the ideal platform for enjoyable and wholesome interactions.

BBchat’s user-friendly system presents two interaction options. You can choose to exchange emails, with each message costing 1 point (equivalent to 100 yen), or opt for private chat sessions billed at a rate of 1 point per minute.

What sets BBchat apart is its non-nude policy, which makes it an appealing choice for Japanese girls looking to engage in casual conversations. This attracts a diverse range of lovely and charming performers to the site. Although BBchat’s traffic may be slower compared to other platforms, you can enhance your experience by visiting during Japan’s nighttime hours, when the site becomes more lively and engaging.

So, if it’s laid-back conversations with Japanese girls you’re after, BBchat is your perfect match!

Fanza live Reviews

Fanza live used to be called DMM live. But changed the name to Fanza live. Fanza live is run by one of 2 biggest adult entertainment companies in Japan called DMM. The platform has over 100,000 models including non-nude and nude models registered. Fanza live is probably the biggest Japanese cam sites as of today.
FANZA Adult Live Chat is one of the largest live chat services in Japan, operated by FANZA. Although the majority of the content is adult-oriented with plenty of erotic elements, there are also non-adult sections available.

The chat categories are divided into Adult, Married Women, Non-Adult, and Virtual, with erotic content exclusive to the Adult category. This is likely the category you’ll be watching most of the time.

Married Women and Virtual chats allow for erotic conversations, but the Non-Adult category is quite desolate, and its existence doesn’t make much sense.

Fanza live Porn star Participating in Live Events

A major event in FANZA Live Chat is the “Japanese porn star Event,” where popular, active adult video actresses participate in live broadcasts and share erotic conversations and behind-the-scenes industry stories.

Opportunities to interact with real AV actresses are rare, and you get to see their genuine personalities, for better or worse.

Four Types of Chats

Honestly, all of them are satisfying.

Personally, Party Chat seems to be the most stable and beginner-friendly option. However, it’s important to note that 2-Shot Chat and Two-Way Chat are more profitable for the models, which may be more appealing to them.

Two-Way Chat is recommended for those who want to show off their own self-pleasure, but it carries a bit of risk. Your preference may vary depending on your individual tastes.


1 point equals 1 yen (you can get 1% more points with credit card payments).

Here are the prices for different chat types:

  • Adult: Free waiting peek, 100pt/min for Party Peek and Party Chat, 250pt/min for 2-Shot Chat, and 400pt/min for Two-Way Chat
  • Married Women: Free waiting peek, 100pt/min for Party Peek and Party Chat, 150pt/min for 2-Shot Chat, and 150pt/min for Two-Way Chat
  • Non-Adult: Free waiting peek, 100pt/min for Party Peek and Party Chat, 150pt/min for 2-Shot Chat, and 150pt/min for Two-Way Chat
  • Virtual: Free waiting peek, 100pt/min for Party Peek and Party Chat, 150pt/min for 2-Shot Chat, and 150pt/min for Two-Way Chat
  • Secret Message: 200pt/message
  • Gifts: 100pt-10,000pt
  • Sending a message: 50pt/message
  • Receiving a message: Free

Right now, You can get a 3,000 yen equivalant free gift!

You can use the service without making any additional payments, so if you’re interested, give it a try with the free points.

Credit card registration is required, but rest assured, there is no automatic billing after the free points are consumed.

Angel live Reviews

ANGEL LIVE is a top-rated adult live chat service in Japan where you can have real-time conversations with amateur girls.

Information CategoryDetails
Service NameANGEL LIVE
Company NameRiaz Inc.
Headquarters Postal Code532-0011
Headquarters Address4th Floor, Shin-Osaka Toyota Building, 5-14-10 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City
Business Activities
  • Live chat content operation
  • Website planning, proposal, information services
  • Planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation management of information network-related communication systems
Chat TypeMixed Live Chat
Chat CategoriesParty Chat, 2-Shot Chat, Moe Chat
Chat Rates
  • Party Chat: 165 JPY (150 points) per minute
  • 2-Shot Chat: 220 JPY (200 points) per minute
  • Moe Chat: 110 JPY (100 points) to 220 JPY (200 points) per minute
Number of GirlsOver 150,000
Age of GirlsMainly young women in their 20s
Free Points3,000 JPY worth for new registrations
Payment MethodsCredit Card, Bank Transfer, BitCash, G-MONEY, C-CHECK, Rakuten Pay
Accepted Credit CardsVISA, JCB, Master Card, AMEX
Credit Card Statement“ET xxxx-xx-xxx”

ANGEL LIVE is a long-established adult live chat site in Japan that started its services in 2001. You can enjoy naughty conversations and play with young amateur girls. To date, over 2.8 million users have tried it out. Since 2011, it has been fully compatible with smartphones, allowing you to communicate with girls from all over the country anytime, anywhere.

First, let’s look at the benefits of playing on ANGEL LIVE:

  • Over 150,000 girls, ranging from 18-year-olds to mature women, are registered!
  • You can search for chat ladies that meet your preferences in detail!
  • Chat fees are affordable, making it easier to play!

Compared to other adult live chat services, ANGEL LIVE has a more extensive search function, allowing you to find chat ladies based on age, appearance, and other detailed criteria. With over 150,000 chat ladies, you’ll be sure to find someone to suit your taste.

So, if you’re looking for a chat lady to satisfy your desires, give ANGEL LIVE a try and enjoy the experience!

Mache LIVE Review

With live streaming apps like Instagram Live and 17LIVE getting all the hype, Mache LIVE stands out by bringing its own unique charm to the table.
Mache LIVE is packed with fun and innovative features you won’t find anywhere else.

Private mode for one-on-one conversations

Most live streaming apps let viewers communicate with streamers through comments. But with popular streamers, your comment can easily get lost in the crowd. Mache LIVE’s biggest selling point is the ability to have a private one-on-one chat.
This sets Mache LIVE apart from other apps, making the connection between viewers and streamers feel incredibly close. If you want to get friendly with your favorite streamers, this app is definitely worth a try.

Only the most attractive female streamers can broadcast

When you think of live streaming apps, you might imagine a mix of male and female streamers of all ages. But with Mache LIVE, only women who pass a certain screening process can stream.
Compared to other apps, Mache LIVE boasts an impressive lineup of beautiful and cute female streamers. And the fact that you can chat one-on-one with them is sure to get your heart racing.

Watch live streams on your computer too

Watching live streams on your phone can be a bit of a hassle with the small screen. Sometimes it’s hard to see the streamer’s face or notice their subtle gestures.
But with Mache LIVE, you’re not limited to your phone. Just visit the Mache LIVE website, and you can easily watch live streams on your computer. Enjoy a bigger and clearer view of your favorite streamers!

24/7 support and management for a worry-free experience

When something goes wrong with a live streaming app, you want the support team to act fast. Mache LIVE is operated by Tokyo-based Machebara Talk Inc., which provides round-the-clock support.
With their 24/7 support system, any issues that arise will be handled quickly and efficiently, ensuring both viewers and streamers can enjoy the live streaming experience with peace of mind.

Mache LIVE Pricing and Coin Consumption

Like most live streaming apps, Mache LIVE uses coins for various features, including tipping streamers. Let’s break down the costs and coin consumption for different features:

  • Open Streaming: Free for the first 5 minutes, then 20 coins per minute after that.
  • 2-Shot (one-on-one): 120 coins per minute (regular) or 100 coins per minute (discounted rate during renewal).
  • Messaging (text, stamp, audio, and image): 50 coins per message (sender only).
  • Timeline: 50 coins per comment.
  • Gifting (tipping): Varies depending on the gift (generally from 10 coins).

At open streaming, a prompt will appear after 5 minutes asking if you want to continue watching by spending coins. If you don’t want to spend money, you can simply stop watching. As a little trick, if you leave and re-enter the broadcast room, you can watch for another 5 minutes for free.


This mode allows you to enjoy a one-on-one video conversation with female streamers. It’s an opportunity to spend special moments together, face to face, just the two of you.

To enjoy a 2-Shot, click the “2-Shot Invitation Button” on the Open Streaming screen. If the female streamer accepts your invitation, you’ll begin a private video call.

Note: If the “2-Shot Invitation Button” is not available, it means the female streamer prefers to stick to Open Streaming. In that case, you’ll have to find another streamer to watch.


You can browse the Timeline for free, and you can even send the equivalent of a “Like” on Twitter for free. However, you’ll need to spend coins if you want to leave a comment.

Gifting (Tipping)

Gifting, also known as tipping, is a way to show your support and appreciation for the streamer. It’s also a great way to get the streamer to notice you.

What is Japanese cam site?

Cam site is the sites that you can talk and watch amateur performers. The Japanese webcam industry is probably the biggest among Asian webcam sites. It is simply because, the law does not prohibit the adult contents. Working or watching show at camsite is completely legal and safe.

There are two types of Japanese cam sites. One is non-nude and the other is nude. The site rule that performer can show her gentile area depends on the site within nude cam sites. Some sites support languages other than Japanese. But most of them do not support other languages.

Compared with cam site from other country, the broadcasting quality is relatively higher as almost all Japanese cam girls have high speed internet with HD webcam equipped. In order to watch the show viewers are required to have high speed internet at least 5Mbps download. If you use video chat, you need 5Mbps upload as well.

How does it work?

The system depends on each sites. But the basic charging system is the same. In order to watch or talk to Japanese cam girls, you need to purchase points. The value of the points and how much they charge per minutes are different among the sites. But usually nude without any limitation sites charge more.

How to enjoy Japanese cam site

There are many ways to enjoy Japanese cam site. One may want to just chat with Japanese cam girls while others want to have virtual relationship. The popular category is of course adult. So what is difference between porn and adult live chat? The difference is feeling of “virtual sex”. Because Japanese cam sites focuses on virtual sex, there are many features that sites have such as touching function, Bukkake function, and remote toy. With such function, you can feel as if you are having sex with Japanese cam girl. When I say remote toy, it is not sound vibration toys like ohmibod. But a toy that viewer can control movement.


All of cam sites accept credit card or wire transfer payment. Also some of the sites accept paypal as the payment method. Sometime credit card from countries other than Japan is not accepted. In such case, you can pay through wire transfer. But since it is international wire transfer, the fees at your bank costs pretty much. Thus, the sites that accept paypal as a payment may be the only option.

Is the Japanese cam sites safe?

Yes. We checked and used all Japanese cam sites. So, Japanese cam sites that we introduce in this page are safe. They do not steal your card info, charge for no reason or do anything harmful to you. So you do not need to worry about it.  The charging on the credit card will not show the name of the site as well. The name will be something unrelated to camsites name such as DTIservice.

Why you want to talk to Japanese cam girls

If you like woman who is submissive, kind, vivid, cute, Japanese cam girls are the one you want to talk. They are not assertive and be proud of being strong like US woman. They have different value from where you are from. Taking back seat for man is one of the Japanese woman virtue. You can feel such thing when you talk to Japanese cam girls. Some people do not like that because it is not gender equal. It is changing but it is still there. Anyway, here are reasons that you want to try Japanese camsites and talk Japanese cam girls.

  • Different looking from woman where you are from

The best expression to describe appearance of Japanese cam girls is “Kawaii” which means cute. The meaning of cute or Kawaii to Japanese may be little different from your definition. Japanese cute includes immaturity in its word “Kawaii”. Thus, if you like young woman, they are definitely your type.

  • They like English speaking man

Yes. They like you just because you speak English. Isn’t it awesome? Even if a Japanese cam girl you talk to do not speak English much, they try to communicate with you because they will show an interest in you.

  • The customer service is a god

The level of service that you can get in Japan is much higher than other countries. Of course, if you pay big tips, you get really good service in other countries. But in Japan, you do not need to pay tips but people treat customers as a god or king. This is the Japanese work attitude. If they receive money, you have to give back as much as possible with its service. It is the same for camming industry. You will get good services from your Japanese cam girl.

The site system

Once you get the points, it is time to select who to talk or watch. You just need to click thumbnail of the performer in order to enter her room. Most of the Japanese cam sites have free previews on performer. Yes, you can check how she looks like before you pay to watch more. Once you decided who to talk or watch. You will have 2 options; 1 to 1 private chat or group chat or group chat. Unlike tipping based site such as myfreecam or chaturbate, there are no tipping sites in Japan as Japanese do not have a tipping culture.

Japanese camsite private vs groups chat

1 to 1 private chat

This is completely private mode which nobody interrupts you. Within this mode, either you can type to communicate or talk through video chat. If you do not speak Japanese well, you want to type to communicate to her. Japanese does understand some of English if it is written. There is one site, DX live, that has translation function. With such function, you would not have problem taking to her.

Private chat costs more than group chat. But models are usually more open and willing to do sexual thing. For example, some models only show her face in private chat or call your name while she masturbates.

Group chat

This is the room that one models talk to several people in the room. The performer can talk and write but viewers can communicate only through writing. Because there are multiple people in the room, often you feel frustration as other viewers request different things from what you want such as camera position and position that performer takes. But on the other hand, you do not have to request anything to model as other viewers take that role. Some viewers do not talk at all and enjoy the show just watching it.

Good thing about Japanese cam sites

  • The streaming quality is HD

All of Japanese models have HD camera with high speed internet. When you want to talk to Asian ladies at other sites, most of the time they do not have good quality webcam or high speed internet. Once you watch models performing at Japanese webcam sites, you notice you can watch everything very clearly.

  • You can have more variety

Because there are so many Japanese cam girls, you will be very likely to find a model of you type. Also new models sign up everyday. You will never get bored with models at Japanese cam sites.

  • Models personality is different

Japanese woman`s personality is rather submissive and modest. They do not say things straight. If you like such type of woman, you will love the Japanese sites

Bad thing about Japanese cam sites

  • Payment option is limited

Stated above, the credit card may not be accepted. If paypal is available, you can use your credit card but if it is not, then you may want to give up the site.

  • You may hustle communicating cam girls

It is true that Japanese English proficiency is low compared with other Asian countries. If you make a joke, they do not get it. To achieve purpose which is to jerk off, you will not have a problem as you do not need to have complicated conversation. Furthermore, DX live has translation function, if you feel uncomfortable.

DX live and FC2 live are only Japanese webcam sites that do not prohibit cam girls from showing everything. Other Japanese cam sites prohibit webcam models from showing her private part. This is because of the law that governs companies are different. DX live and FC2 are located in USA while others are located in Japan. The Japanese law prohibits showing private part. Violating the site rule results in account ban. Thus even if you ask cam girls to show private part, they do not show. This rule is applied to viewers as well. Furthermore, DMM live has automatic vision sensor that can detects if a camgirl or viewer is showing private part or not. If you want to see everything, DX live and FC2 live are the places to go.

The way to acctually meet Japanese cam girls.

Is it possible to acctually meet Japanese cam girls? That depends on how you do and how she is. Live chat is the fantcy place where your sexual dream comes true. But I understand you want to meet Japanese cam girls. Indeed, there are people who acctually met Japanese cam girls and got married. How you do? Here are tips you want to follow if you really want to meet them.

The way to acctually meet Japanese cam girls.

First thing you need to remember is you need money and time. There is no merit for camgirls to meet you in real because they can not make money meeting to you. First thing is to be recognized by her. In order to do so, you have to visit her room constatntly. The more money you spend, the more she will have good impression about you. Once you spend good amount of money and time, she will remember you. But do not mention about it when you talk to her. If you say” I spend so much time and money on you. Why don’t you meet me?”, that will turn her off. Show her that you do not care how much you spend because you are in love with her. Keep doing it will make her think ” May be it is ok to meet you because it is fun to talk to you”.

private chat is the way to go

Eaplained above, there are 2 ways to communicate; group chat and private chat. If you want close the distance with Japanese cam girls, private chat is the way to go. Make sure you entertain her by talking various topics. Even if you are in private chat, there is no point if you can not entertain her.  It is camgirls job to entertain the customers but in your case, you are the one who needs to entertain.

Good signs

Spending time on one cam girl you are targetting, you will hear from the girl that she is quitting camgirl job. This is a good chance that you can meet her. There are rules on cam site that camgirls have to agree. One rule is not to meet anyone from the cam site. If she is quitting, there is nothing that binds her from meeting you. If you hear that, say ” I will miss you so much, may be we can meet somewhere?”. If you spend good amount of money and time, 90% of cam girls will think about it. The probability that you can meet her is high at this point. Once you meet her, you will surely be able to get laid because she already showed nude to you.

What do you need to work for Japanese cam site?

What you need to work at Japanese webcam site is the same as what you need for other cam sites such as internet, webcam and computer. One of the reason that none of the sites accept foreign model is that all of sites require models to have a bank account in Japan. Unless you live in Japan, there is no way to open a bank account in Japan. Thus foreign models have to work with an agency.

Do they speak English?

Japanese cam siteEven they receive English education from Junior high to high school, their English ability is limited. Although their English ability is limited, they can still communicate to the level that webcam show requires. The important thing to remember is to speak slowly and type if you want to ask something.

How does DX live work?

DX live focuses on high end 2 shot and group chat which is the same as Streammate, Live Jasmin and so on. The site allows models to work for the other site while models broadcast at DX live. So it is good for models who use multi broadcasting strategy. One note is that the site does not allow models to be naked in free chat. If you need to take your cloth off for viewers from other site, you need to turn off DX live cam.

How does FC2 live work?

FC2 live is all about group chat. If you are not familiar with advantage and disadvantage on each chatting type, we have a page explaining it at how to become a webcam model. The beauty of group chat is your earning is multiplied by the number of people. It is typical that top to middle models earn about 1,000 to 2,000 Yen per minutes which is about $10 to $20 per minutes. The best time is between 8PM to 2 AM(GST9) during weekdays and 7 PM to 4 AM during weekends.The best time is between 10 PM to 12 AM. The top chat room usually receives 4000 viewers. Since the FC2 is not tip base, the top chat room is always rotating as models go to pay per minutes room which not all 4000 viewers go to pay per minutes but about 5 to 10% go to pay per minutes room. Once top model go to pay per minutes room, the viewers who did not go to pay per minutes room seek other interesting rooms. These viewers include free loaders. The key to be successful at FC2 or any other live chat site is to know how to use those free loaders.