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List of Japanese webcam site

Japanese webcam site

If you came to this page as a viewer, you are at wrong page. This is the page for models who want to work at Japanese sites. This Japanese camsites summary for viewers is the page you are looking for. If you are a model, stay here please.

The difference between western and Japanese webcam site is that there are sites that focuses on non-adult aspects of it. Furthermore, Japanese cam sites focus on “virtual sex” rather than just sexy show.

Non-adult sites can be profitable as there are people who just want to talk to woman. But compared with adult focused site, the average earning is about half. For those of you who wants to work for Japanese webcam site, DX live, FC2 live and Sakura live are the only sites that accept models from outside of Japan as of today. Furthermore, DX live and FC2 live do not accept model registration if they are not from an agency.

Name of Japanese webcam site pay per minutes Has English version plat form? Alexa rank in Japan Type
Sakura live $0.3~0.9 Yes 85,434 Adult
BBChatTV 50Yen~70 Yen No 6,539 Non-Adult
DMM live 45Yen~125Yen No 17 Adult, Non-adult
DX live $0.3~0.9 Yes 547 Adult
LIVEDECHAT 60Yen~80Yen No  N/A Adult
Angel live 60Yen~80Yen No 1883 Adult
MACHERIE  55Yen~70Yen No  4,085  Non-adult
 Japanese Milf Live Video Chat!!  74Yen~104Yen No  3,782 Adult, Non adult
 madamlive  54Yen~81Yen No  3,521 Adult, Non-adult
 livedegogo  32Yen~70Yen No  6,908 Non adult
 LIVE CHAT jewel  75Yen~100Yen No  5,124 Adult
Chatpia 40Yen~60Yen No 2,494 Non adult、MILF
Kanjukulive $0.3~$0.9 No 12,980 Adult、Milf
FC2 live 28 Yen~ Yes 6 Adult, group chat focus

DX live banner

What do you need to work for Japanese cam site?

What you need to work at Japanese webcam site is the same as what you need for other cam sites such as internet, webcam and computer. One of the reason that none of the sites accept foreign model is that all of sites require models to have a bank account in Japan. Unless you live in Japan, there is no way to open a bank account in Japan. Thus foreign models have to work with an agency.

Do they speak English?

Japanese cam siteEven they receive English education from Junior high to high school, their English ability is limited. Although their English ability is limited, they can still communicate to the level that webcam show requires. The important thing to remember is to speak slowly and type if you want to ask something.

How does DX live work?

DX live focuses on high end 2 shot and group chat which is the same as Streammate, Live Jasmin and so on. The site allows models to work for the other site while models broadcast at DX live. So it is good for models who use multi broadcasting strategy. One note is that the site does not allow models to be naked in free chat. If you need to take your cloth off for viewers from other site, you need to turn off DX live cam.

How does FC2 live work?

FC2 live is all about group chat. If you are not familiar with advantage and disadvantage on each chatting type, we have a page explaining it at how to become a webcam model. The beauty of group chat is your earning is multiplied by the number of people. It is typical that top to middle models earn about 1,000 to 2,000 Yen per minutes which is about $10 to $20 per minutes. The best time is between 8PM to 2 AM(GST9) during weekdays and 7 PM to 4 AM during weekends.The best time is between 10 PM to 12 AM. The top chat room usually receives 4000 viewers. Since the FC2 is not tip base, the top chat room is always rotating as models go to pay per minutes room which not all 4000 viewers go to pay per minutes but about 5 to 10% go to pay per minutes room. Once top model go to pay per minutes room, the viewers who did not go to pay per minutes room seek other interesting rooms. These viewers include free loaders. The key to be successful at FC2 or any other live chat site is to know how to use those free loaders.