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Japanese webcam site – FC2 live

FC2 live is the biggest live chat site in Japan based on the traffic. The site is unique as FC2 live is not necessarily live webcam site. But it is rather a broadcasting site. The site has 2 area. 1 is non-adult area the other is Adult broadcasting area. It is unique as the site allows people to broadcast whatever they want to. Some do broadcasting Video games. Some do movie broadcasting. The traffic of the site is about 15 millions per month.

FC2 live

Who are the viewers?

FC2 live

The most of traffic comes from Japan and Taiwan is next. There is traffic from USA as well. But most of the traffics are coming from Asia. The reason that most of the traffic comes from Asia is that FC2 live is not advertising or putting marketing effort into other regions.

Best time to work?

Since the majority of viewers are from Japan, the best time is between 8 PM and 2 AM in Japan time. If you can not work during these time, you should work at other sites as the traffic is very low during day time in Japan.

Meiya Tokyo USA

The models who works are almost all Japanese with the exception which is our models. So your competitors are Japanese models. Since FC2 live does not support non-Japanese models, Models who want to work at FC2 live has to go through an agency. Because we are the only agency who support non-Japanese webcam models, we control how many non-Japanese models works at FC2 live so that models earning do not get hurt by other models.


FC2 lives allow models to change the rate to charge. Usually for private 2 way chat, Japanese models charge 120 to 200 points per minutes. Fro group chat, it is 25 to 60 points per minutes. 1 point is equal to 0.5 yen. Increasing rate does not necessarily increase revenue as the number of visitors go down if the rate goes up. There is tendency that younger models get popular. Thus younger models can charge higher than mature models.

The top models earns 100,000 to 150,000 Yen per hours which are about $1,000 to $1,500.

Japanese webcam models versus Non-Japanese models

There is no doubt that Japanese viewers like Japanese chat girl. The question is if Japanese viewers also like non-Japanese webcam models. The general answer is “yes” but there is criteria to be popular in Japanese market. The one of important criteria is age. Japanese market tends to prefer younger models. If a model is over 30, the demand goes down by about 70% to 100%. The other factor is the appearance. They tend to like cute woman rather than beautiful/ Hot woman. A woman who is considered “hot” in other countries may not be considered attractive. But it is other way around as well. A woman who is not considered attractive in other country much may be very attractive to Japanese. The definition of “Cute, Beautiful and hot” is different from what you define too. Thus it is difficult to determine what you are considered by yourself.

Because non-Japanese models have different appearance from Japanese model, the different look can be a really strong weapon in the market. If you fit the criteria, you would be able to beat most of Japanese models. How to attract Japanese guys explains what Japanese viewers like.

So if age matters, I am not going to make money?

It is a fact that webcam model whose age is more than 30 can make much less points at FC2 live as viewers at FC2 live are looking for young woman. Because of this reason we have age limit. we work with models whose age is between 18 to 28.


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