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Japanese webcam modeling site: DX live?

DX live

There are many Japanese webcam modeling sites in Japan. Among many of the sites, FC2 live and DX live are only sites that foreign model can work. While FC2 live markets as low rate group chat sites, DX live markets as high end camming site. Targeting high end customers, DX live’s maximum rate that DX live charges to viewers is $6.6.

DX live is the one of the oldest live webcam sites in Japan. DX live started its business in 2002 when adobe flash player got popular(live chat uses flash player technology). DX live has some unique features that other webcam modeling sites do not have.

Traffic over view

DX live has about 2 million visitors per month. The number seems to be small but based on our camming sites analysis, we can confidently say that it is probably the best private chat site.

Who are the viewers?

Japanese cam site

The biggest portion of viewers are coming from Japan. 95.59% are Japanese viewers. Next is US which is 1.82%. There is little traffic from Taiwan, Romania and Thailand. Since most of viewers are from Japan, DX live is a safe site to work for if your priority is the risk that your friends or family find out you work as a cam girl. 

Competition at DX live

Depending on time, the site has around 50 to 150 webcam models. 90% of the models are Japanese. About 10% of the models are foreign models. Competition is considered the lowest among private/group webcam modeling sites. If you are wandering how to measure the level of competition, the detailed is explained at why  Japanese sites are better.

The best time to work for?

The highest traffic comes between 10 PM to 12 AM in Japan time. This is usually the best time to work for. But there is some case that models make more money in morning time. This depends on who you are and what type of webcam models you are categorized by viewers.

How much do webcam models at DX live make?

At DX live, 1 point is equal to $0.432. The points you can get depends on options that viewers choose. Below is the list of points and descriptions.

BasicGroup chat/ peepingTyping. People who are shy can join as peeping mode.1 minute1.2 points
Option2 shot chatPrivate mode1 minute+1 points
2 way chat2 way video chat(Not private mode. Viewers video and microphone is turned on while you are on group chat)1 minutes+1 points per viewer
2 way private chatPrivate 2 way video chat1 minutes+2 points
Remote toyViewer can control a toy that you have1 minute+1 point
Double toys2 remote toy can be used at the same time1 minutes+2 points
Secret messagePrivate message1 message1 point
PresentViewer can give you points1 present3,5,10,15 points
RequestViewer can request what they want to see. As the point is consumed by the request, model needs to respond.1
1, 2, 3 point depending on the request
Touching functionViewer can touch or lick you using icon displayed.30 sec1 points
Cum functionViewers cum on you using Bukkake function.1 time1.5 points

For example, if you have 3 viewers with one viewer using remote toy, you get 4.6 points per minute. This is equal to $119 per hour.

How much webcam models at DX live can make depends on several factors. But main factors are time, appearance and streaming quality.

If those criteria are met to Japanese standard, the models usually can expect to make at least $70 per hour.


Each points you earn, you get 1 mile. Also there is events held randomly and bonuses that you can get extra miles. Miles can be converted to points. 1 mile is equal to 0.01 point. Also miles can be converted to purchase a remote toy that you can connect to DX live platform to increase points per minute.

Ranking and Bonus

There is ranking and bonus you can get depending on how much you earn in previous months.

When you earn more than 5,000 points in a month, you get extra 50 points plus 2,000 miles. Also your profile will have 1 star. The status plays important role at DX live. Viewer use this information to decide to go into the room or not. If a model has a star, that guarantees viewers to have a good experience as it shows the model is popular.

Premium rankingStarDiamondRubyPlatinumGoldSilver
Points[Total of previous month]
Points[Total of previous month]
Points[Total of previous month]
Points[Total of previous month]


[Total of previous month]


Points[Total of previous month]

Miles and gifts30000 Miles
300 gifts points
20000 Miles
200 gift points
10000 Miles
100 gift points
5000 Miles
50 gift points
2000 Miles
20 gift points
1000 Miles
10 gift points
Bonus points5%4%3%2%1%

DX live unique functions

Bukkake function

This is one of the unique function that DX live has. Viewer can virtually cum on you using Bukake function. The viewer spends 1.5 point in order to use this function.  Bukake can be seen only by the user who used it.

Touching function

This is another function that DX live has. The viewer can virtually touch or lick you.  In order to use this function, the viewers need to spend 1 point per 30 seconds. * the icon can only be seen by you and a viewer who is using the function.

Translation function

DX live has a auto translation function for viewers and models. Language barrier is one of the difficulty to work for foreign site. But With this function, models and viewers can communicate easily. The supported languages are English and Chinese.

What do I need to be a successful model at DX live?

The main thing you need to remember is that Japanese viewers are different from what you know. They have different criteria on beauty and attractiveness from most of countries. How to attract Japanese guys explains the basic things you should know before you start working as a camgirl for Japanese webcam modeling sites.

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