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Japanese Webcam market over view

While there is no information about how big the live webcam market is, we can estimate how big the market is from size of online porn market. The porn industry in United states is estimated as 13.33 billions dollar while Japanese market is 19.98 billions dollar which is about 1.5 times bigger than U.S market (

Market segmentation

In order to target who to approach, we need to segment the market. There are several ways to segment the market but we segment the market by sexual preferences, preference on appearance, and supporting traits. Sexual preference can be categorized based on viewers fetish such as “big boobs, lesbian, milf etc”. Preference on appearance can be segmented either cute or beautiful/sexy. Supporting traits means viewers tendency on what traits they value that affects their sexual preference. This is categorized as either people who prefer amateur woman or people who like professionals. Since sexual fetish can be very broad, we focus on two segments;preference on appearance, and supporting traits. 32.9% of Japanese man like beautiful woman while 67.1% like cute woman. What it means by cute or beautiful is little different from other countries. These expressions, cute and beautiful, include connotation of immaturity or vulnerability for Japanese. This is discussed more atHow to attract Japanese guys. We analyzed and categorized adult videos available in Japan. While 52% of videos are marketed as professional porn videos with name of porn stars or other categories such as fetish. Rest of 48% is marketed as somewhat related to amateur. From this fact, we assume that live webcam market contains same proportion of viewers whose interests are either pro or amateur.

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Now, we need to analyze each segment.

Pro or amateur model?

These segment is almost half and half. Looking at number, either segment looks ok. Therefore, if you have established your existence as webcam model in other sites, you may be able to enter as a professional model. If you have some experience but have not established yourself as well known camgirl yet, you should enter as amateur model.

Cute or beautiful/hot?

For these segment, number of people who prefer cute is much bigger than people who like beautiful woman. Thus, it is recommended that you target people who like cute woman.

4 segments together

For professional models

Since most professional models have established image that she is hot or sexy which is considered attractive in other countries, professional models may not be able to target “cute segment”. If this is the case, you need to target beautiful/hot segment with professional image. Of course if the image you have in other market is”cute”, you should have no problem targeting”Cute” segment.

For other models

it is recommended to target cute and amateur segments.

The reasons are

  1. Amateur models tend to receive more supports.
  2. Professional image does not necessarily go along with being cute.

meaning of cute to Japanese includes the connotation of being modest and innocent which does not go along with professional image which often come with slutty image.

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