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Cam girl performer manual

This page is for models who are starting to work at Japanese cam sites. Since what you considered attractive is not necessarily attractive to Japanese audiences, you have to localize yourself to be liked by the viewers. This page will help you to localization.

Camera setting

Allright what do I need first?

You need a good webcam first.

Ah good! I have a webcam builtin my laptop!

Check your webcam spec first please. The webcam needs to be HD.

Mine is not HD…

Then you need to get a HD webcam. Even if you look beautiful, poor camera quality reduces your attractiveness.

I recommend these webcams which are not expensive but good quality

Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 (this one is no longer directly in production, so you’ll have to get it used or refurbished. Amazon sometimes has them for $50-$60.) It has a relatively soft look to the picture and warmer colors once adjusted in the settings.

Logitech c910 and c920 which are a higher HD version of the 9000 and will cost around $70-$150. These cams have a little more neutral color balance to them once adjusted in the settings.

Some things to keep in mind for whatever camera you choose:

  • Turn OFF the auto-focus setting! It is frustrating that every time a model moves, the image is blurry for a moment
  • The exposure/gain and white balance settings need to be adjusted. Depending on how bright or dim the cam room is, you’ll need to turn these up or down. The key thing to remember when you adjust camera is natural color.
  • Attaching your webcam to a tripod makes for easy mobility and great adjustability. This reduces unnecessary movement and noise experienced from having your cam on top of your laptop lid. The c920 has a tripod mount, but you can get creative with velcro or zip ties!


Good lighting is also very important! good lighting system can improve your attractiveness.

When choosing the light, you need to check 3 things

  1. Color rendering properties(CRI)

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is how the color of an object appears under the artificial light source illuminating as compared to natural outdoor sunlight which has CRI 100.

  1. Color Temperature(K)

Color Temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin (K). For example, noon daylight is about 5500 degrees Kelvin. Lower the Kelvin is the color looks red. The higher the Kelvin is the color looks blue.

  1. Lumen(lm)

Lumen is a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted by a source. The higher the lm, the brighter it is.

I recommend the lights with following specifications.

CRI85 to 91
Kelvin5000 to 6500
LumenMore than 3000


Light setting

Once you have lights, you need to set up your lights nicely so that you look good in front of camera.

What setup should I do?

Using only one light creates shadows. Make sure you use multiple lights. A three-point (three different lamps) lighting system is recommended.

What’s that?

Place one light on your right, one left and one light on above or below.

If you look too white, use indirect lighting system by turning your lights to a wall.

Lighting system

Internet connection

OK. Am I ready? Good to go?

One last thing to check. Are you using Ethernet cable?

No, I am using Wifi.

You should use Ethernet cable! Your connection is very unstable with Wifi!

Wifi is easily disrupted by radio signals such as microwave.

OK. I do not want to loose my session due to a microwave


Ok. Let’s work on profile and pictures now!

there only 4 information that viewers will have before they enter the room

  • A title of your channel
  • A description of your channel
  • A thumbnail picture
  • Number of viewers in your room

 So how much you can make really depends on these 4 information

I have to work really well then.

We will work on your title and description based on information you give me. But picture work is on you.

OK. What picture should I prepare?

First, let’s look at tips on taking good pictures.

  • Take picture when sunny day

Natural light is the best light that makes your picture good. Take a picture close to the window so that you get nice sunlight.

  • Use white color light instead of orange light

White color light is closer to sunlight which makes your picture better.

  • White color back ground is preferable

White color reflects light naturally. So take a picture close to white wall or place white paper in front of you.

  • Glancing up

Japanese man likes woman glancing up as they think it is cute.

  • For thumbnail picture, it has to be close-up face picture

As viewers decide to enter your room or not based on your thumbnail picture, you have to use close-up face picture. Because the picture will be shown as a thumbnail, it has to be close up face otherwise it is difficult to see how you look.

  • Size needs to be 4 Width:3 Heights ratio

The size restriction only applies to thumbnail picture. If the ratio is different from 4:3, the picture will not be displayed properly. If you take your picture horizontally with your phone, the size will be 4:3.

So your thumbnail picture should look like these.

camgirl profile picture 1

camgirl profile picture

Depending on who you target, you need to have gallery pictures that signal specific fetish.

What fetish is popular in Japan?

Well, there are many fetishes but here are popular ones.


fetish Butt


Fetish legs


Fetish underarm


fetish Nape


Fetish lip

This picture, looking up with chest in, is not a fetish but it is really good to have in your gallery.

Look up with breast

Also if you are comfortable using veggies, this picture will attract viewers as it will be outstanding.

fetish vegies

Performance localization

Now, let’s work on localization to adjust yourself to Japanese market.

So, what do I need to do?

There are several areas that we need to work on. First thing is to adjust your appearance.

Japanese like modest, soft and kind looking woman.

umm that’s too abstract. What I think modest, soft and kind looking may be different from what Japanese consider.

Right. That is why we are here.

We do virtual make-up and suggest hair style based on your photo.

When you register with us, you receive an e-mail requesting information including a photo without make-up.

With the virtual make-up, you will be able to follow what Japanese like.

Oh cool! That helps alot!


What should I wear when I cam?

That depends on how you want to market yourself. But for Japanese market, you want to market yourself as amateur woman who do not look like camming.

So, you want to wear normal girly cloths with some sexiness in it (may be wide open chest area or lift up skirt sometimes).

Ah good that’s easy.


Do I need to change how I talk?

Yes, in some sort. In come culture higher tone is considered less trustworthy, but not in Japanese culture.

The higher pitch voice give kind and small impression to Japanese. So when you talk in front of a webcam, pitch one octave higher than the actual voice tone.

Huh, that is a big difference from where I am from. But ok! I will pitch higher when I am in front of webcam.


How should I act in front of webcam to make them fall in love with me?

Explained earlier, the key is to be perceived as modest, soft and kind. So here are tips to establish such impression.

  • Show that you are nervous or shameful being in front of the camera sometime.

Say “I am shy” or “Hazukashii” which means “I am embarrassed” and smile as if you are trying to hide that embarrass when you get a sexual request.

Another way to show you are nervous or shameful is to use a mask. Some Japanese models hide their face by using a mask which effectively conveys that they feel shameful being in front of camera. This not only helps models to hide their identity but also attract viewers who are curious about your face. You should show your face sometimes by viewers’ request as hiding your face may cause viewers to leave when you move to the pay per minute channel. In the pay per minute channel, you should take your mask off if you are OK with.

  • Call name with “san” at the end

The localization needs to be applied to what word you use during your show too. You should not call the viewers as baby, honey, babe and any sort of wording that refer to someone close as Japanese does not call someone like that but use first name.

Once you get his name, add ”san” end of his name. As a rule of Japanese society, Japanese calls someone by family name with “san”(Meaning Mr or Ms). But once you get close enough, you call first name. Calling first name is special thing between male and female. People call first name only if they are close friends or couple. Thus, calling first name is very important to make them feel special.

  • Smiling and laughing

This applies to all the market. It is very basic tactics to make people entertain. If you laugh, viewers also enjoy as they think they made you laugh which release the tension that viewers feel. It is just easy to get along with people who smile and laugh a lot.

  • Complement and agree

Whenever they tell you something, try to compliment and agree all the time. For example, if they tell you things that you did not know, say “I did not know, you are so smart.” If they tell you what they like, say “it is so cool, you have good taste.”

  • Be submissive

Depending on where you are from, you may think being submissive is not something woman should act. But in order to be loved by viewers and make money, you need to act submissively.


Because the language is different, you will face difficulty to communicate with viewers. You do need to memorize some of the Japanese phrases so that you can show you are interested in Japan to get attention from viewers.

  • Typing

Japanese English proficiency is low especially listening. But the audiences may understand what you mean if you type as reading ability is much higher due to the education focusing on reading and writing aspect of the English in Japan. Even if viewers do not understand words you type, DX live has translation function which will automatically translate what you type.

when you type, you still need to speak too because viewers like to listen your voice.

  • Read aloud what viewers write

Because it is sometime confusing to communicate from viewers point of view, read out loud what viewers write so that viewers know what you are responding to and who you are responding to.

Since Japanese do not speak English well, you need to speak very slowly and clearly.

Also if you have a question you would like to ask, it is a good idea to type for them while you talk so that they can translate your question. Do not forget speaking while you type. Viewers like to hear your voice. So, type and speak at the same time.

OK. Type and speak.

Communication technique

One thing to remember is that you are not the main person in your room. Your customer is the main person in your room. When you talk to your customer, let them talk.

I should remember this as I tend to talk myself too much

Your job is to facilitate conversation by letting your customer talk about them. Talk about you little and ask questions to them.

Letting them talk is also important in terms of collecting information about them such as age, jobs and hobbies.

Take notes about these info. This info is critical to build regular customers.

Your customers will be very happy if you remember about them.


All of top models are good at complementing viewers. If you are good at it, your success gets closer to you.

I am not sure how to complement. What if I can not find anything to complement?

In order to find what to complement, you need to think positively. For example, if you see a cup half filled with water and think positively, you think the cup still has half water filled rather than the cup has only half water filled. If you have a customer who you think “pushy”, complement him saying “You are such a muscular person” or “You are a passionate person”

Here are more tips on how to complement

  • Looking at details

Pay attention to his details such as what he has, his voice, his body parts and his job. You can find something that you can complement if you look him closely. Especially older person like to be complemented on what he has.

  • Add little details

Do not just say it is cool. Say it is cools because xxx. For example, if he is telling you something you did not know, say “You know many thing, you sound so smart”.

What to talk

OK complementation is important. So other than that what should I talk?

There are many things that you can talk. But the important thing is that you need to prepare for what to talk.

What should I prepare?

You need to learn the topics that viewers like.

Here are topics that Japanese man likes to talk

  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Games

These are topics that most of Japanese audiences will show interest. So it is better to have knowledge about them.

  • Sport
  • Car
  • fishing
  • Travel
  • Work
  • Food they like
  • Weather
  • Fashion
  • Drink
  • Gamble
  • Thing that he bought recently
  • Latest news
  • Type of female he likes

These are good topics to talk too. Research on these topics beforehand so that you can talk about if he likes the topics.

For example, ask him what is his hobby or what he does in his free time. If that is what you prepared for, you can say ” What a coincidence, I am interested in that too. Please tell me xxx more”

Make sure you have these topic cheat sheets somewhere you can see while you are on cam so that you will be able to make smooth conversation.

Now let`s see a bad example you absolutely want to avoid.

Thank you letter

Once you finish your session, make sure you send out followup email.

The customers like to feel special. The personal thank you letter give such special feeling which make them to come back again.

What should I include in the thank you email?

Here is what you should include when you send the thank you email.

  1. His first name.
    They like to be called by first name. Also this make them feel special.
  2. Your login schedule
    Just estimate is fine.
  3. Your profile page address
    They click your address and come to your room directly.

Sample email

For new customer :


Thank you for coming to have fun with me today.
I had so much fun and I felt I knew you long time even though that was first time to talk to you.
I wish I can see you soon as I love to talk to you.
May be I will be online tomorrow XXPM. If I can see you, I will be very happy.
Matane Bye, have a good day.
Your URL

For customers who have visited your room several time

Thank you for coming back yesterday.
I had so much fun with you!
I am happy that I got to know you more.
I may be online tomorrow night. I upload some new pictures for you.
Do you have any request on cloths or anything? I would like to listen your request for my appreciation.
Your URL

For customers who have not been visiting your room recently

How have you been?
I miss you XXX-san. I bet you have been busy with your work or may be you have been sick?
I am worried about you. I will be online tomorrow. Please come see me. Just little bit is ok. If you do not have points,
that is fine. I will give you points as a present. I just want to see you bit.
Hopefully I can see you soon.
Your URL

The best way to approach your customers is to think each customer as if they are your type who you want to date with. How do you approach to them? How do you get attention from them?

Without regular customers, your life of cam girl will not last more than 3 months. So make sure you treat your customers very well so that they will come back and support you.

I will make sure I treat them really well.

Other tips to make regular customers

What else should I know?

Here are tips that top cam girls follow.

  • Try to call his first name as mush as possible

By calling his first name, the distance between you and your viewers gets closer because Japanese do not call someone’s first name if that person is not close enough.

  • Contact your potential regular customers frequently

Whatever topics is fine when you contact him via e-mail. But do not send him a sells mail. The purpose of frequent communication with him is to make him think that you are thinking about him.


Twitter is good tool to bring your potential customers and keep your customers.

In fact, you can connect twitter to FC2

How can I use twitter to attract more users?

All you have to do is to tweet adult contents. For example, nude photo or masterbating videos. Make sure you cover nipples and use mosaic for private areas as that is against twitters policy.

When you tweet include these tags “#裏垢女子 #裏垢 #裏アカ女子” and whatever you tweet, use Japanese which you should use google translator because it is the best translator available today. Do not use google translator from the search page(if you type translator in google, trnaslation tool comes up) but go to acctual translator tool page for better ttranslation quality.


When you tweet a picture or video that includes masaic, insert this line”フォロリツしてくれた人の中から5人くらいに無修正送ります” which means “I will send you non-masaic version if you follow me and re-tweet”

But you do not need to acctually send anything if you do not want to. However, you may want to send some to your customers if you know the account.

Background setup

You will be broadcasting from your room unless you are from an agency.

Yeah, I am working from my room.

Make sure that your room look clean and neat. Nobody wants to see dirty room. Too many staff behind you is also destructing. So cover them up with white cloths or something.

I need to clean up my room first…

Background music   

About half of models play music too loud which is detrimental to their performance. You can play back ground music. But play the music very low.

Your viewers are not coming to your room to listen music.

They like to listen your voice and all the sounds you make as that increases “virtual sex” feeling

Whatever music I can play though?

It is better to play Japanese music because that gives the impression that you are interested in their culture.

Here are the some sites that play Japanese music

Shout cast (Type “Japanese”)

Live 365

Waiting the customers

When you wait, that is the time you need to work hard.

I just need to wait till viewers come in no?

NO. You have to actively hunt for viewers. In other words, you have to make yourself look like a person who is fun to talk.

Okay, how do I do so?

Let’s look at the camera positions first.

cam girl manual camera position

This position is good because viewers can know your face and easy to decide if you are their type or not.

cam girl manual camera position2

This is also good position because they can check your body.

What you do when you are waiting

Most of failed models do the same thing which is to misunderstand why viewers pay money.

Umm why do viewers pay money?

They pay money to talk to you and have virtual sex with you. Also they like to have a fun time.

Failed models look boring to talk disturbed by other things such as a phone. Viewers do not want to risk their money for someone who is likely to give boring time as they have many choices.

But waiting is so boring.

It is but it is the time to work hard.

Like what do I need to do?

Make movements such as smiling and hand waving reacting when customers comes as free mode to show you are focused and ready to talk to customers. Here is the example video.

Make sure you smile all the time. Nobody wants to talk if you look bored.

OK. Smile, wave hand and be ready whenever the customers come in.

In case you do not want to show your face, here is the example video for you.

This is the bad example that you do not want to do.

Camera positions (Paid channel)

These are three major camera positions. Depending on what viewers like, you need to adjust the position. But try to show your face, private part and nipples all the time. This is the key to keep the viewers coming to your room.

cam girl performer manual camera position 1 cam girl performer manual camera position 2 cam girl performer manual camera position 3

Here are various positions

Cam girl camera position example

There are so many positions

Yes. Be creative. Make sure you change the position ever 3 to 5 minutes so that viewers do not get bored.

Here are some patterns to rotate your camera positions.

Camera position rotations

Best time to work for

During week days, 10PM to 12 AM in Japan time is the hottest time as the traffic is the highest.

During weekends, 8PM to 2 AM in Japan time is good time and 10 PM to 2 AM is the hottest time as the traffic is the highest.

So when Japan time is 10 PM, my time is ….?

You can convert time zone from here to know difference between your time and Japan time


If you have your own toy, that is great. You can use it.

I do not have one yet. Should I get one?

No, you do not have to. You can get a remote toy when you earn enough miles at DX live.

Oh cool.

With the remote toy, your earning can go up by around 30% as you can charge extra points by using it.

Don’t do

You are getting ready to broadcast! Here are few things you should/can not do,

Become nude at public chat

Both DX live and FC2 live have free chat function to get potential paid viewers. You cannot show nipple and vagina at free/public chat.

AT DX live, when no one is paying in your room(waiting mode), you cannot get naked too as it is considered public room.


How Japanese woman moan is different from other country.

How is it different?

The biggest different is Japanese woman do not say dirty words such as shit and fuck.

They often say ”No” during sexual intercourse. They do not really mean “No” but they say so to show that” I am (trying to look like as if I am) too innocent to accept this kind of shameful situation.

OK. I do not say dirty words.

The other difference is that non-Japanese woman often moan with ”sh” sounds when they breathe in.

In addition, woman from some countries moans too aggressively. Good example is that the way that American porn start moans like” oh yes, oh yes, come on”. This is considered very unattractive.

umm. I perhaps moan aggressively. I should try to be quiet.

Here are some sites that you can learn how Japanese woman moan.

Here are other things you should not do in front of webcam.

Anal play


Swearing, Using “F” words in front of camera



If you have piercings other than ears, it is better to remove when you broadcast.


Although teasing by dancing is an effective way to attract viewers in other countries, it is not the case for Japanese.


Although the percentage of people who smoke cigarettes is high in Japan, men in Japan do not feel attractive to women who smoke.

Using a phone

They want you to pay attention to them.


This is violation of the site rule. The account will be banned immediately.

Japanese Phrases you must remember

Whether you speak Japanese or not, you have to memorize and use these 4 words below. Ability to speak Japanese or show you have some understanding in their language greatly improves your earnings.

Hai はい(Yes)

Whenever you say “Yes”, say “Hai”. It is easy to remember and effective word to grab Japanese viewers’ attention.


Irete kudasai いれてください(Insert me/ fuck me please)

Before you start masturbating, you should say this words. It is the words to beg viewers to fuck you. It is uncommon that woman beg a man to fuck her as Japanese woman is shy. But most of man like woman to be little aggressive in submissive way. Thus, this begging words turn viewers on.

Kimochi ii きもちいい(I feel good)

Say this words between moan. Viewers like to hear how you feel. Camming is different from actual intercourse. If you do not say how you feel, viewers would not know how you feel. By saying this words, you can further turn viewers on.

Iku! いく(I am coming!)

Before you make orgasm(fake orgasm or actual), you must say this words otherwise viewers would not know when he should cum. Viewers want to cum with you.

Your first impression is absolutely important.  There are two type of viewers coming into your room; one who is ok to communicate with you in English and the other who is not willing to communicate with you if you do not speak Japanese. The latter leaves your room if he finds out you do not speak Japanese at all. In order to change his mind and keep him stay in your room, memorize all the words in the video. He may change his mind if you introduce yourself in Japanese way.

Japanese words and phrases for camming.

Here are other words you may want to learn. Download the audio file to check your pronunciation!

5-やめてyameteNo or stop
6-ごめんなさいgomen nasaiSorry
7-わかりませんwakarimasitaUnderstood or ok
10-ビラビラBirabiraPussy lips
12-あそこの毛asokono kePubic hair
14-お尻の穴osirino anaAsshole
25-おへそohesoBelly button
29-キスしてkisu siteKiss
31-しゃぶりたいsyaburitaiWant to Suck
32-触りたいSawaritaiWant to touch
34-入れてIreteInsert or fuck me(indirect way of saying fuck me)
35-犯してOkasiteDo me or fuck me
36-アナルセックスanaru sekkusuAnal sex
37-フェラFeraBlow job
38-てこきTekokiHand job
40 -てまんTemanFingering
41-上に乗りたいueni noritaiWant to ride
45-アナルプラグanaru puraguAnal plug
47-ベットルームbetto ru-muBed room
51-XXを見たい? XX wo mitai?Want to see xx?
52-私のXXは好き?watashino xx ha suki?You like my xx?
53-どうですか?doudesuka?You like it?
54-恥ずかしがらずに遊んでってくださいhazukasigarazuni asondette kudasaiDon`t be shy, play with me
55-プライベートチャットで何でもしてあげるpuraibe-to chatto de nandemo shiteageruI will do whatever you want in private chat
56-2ショットで何でもしてあげる2shot de nandemo siteageruI will do whatever you want in 2 shot
57-凄く嬉しいですsuguku uresii desuI am so happy
58-私は凄くエッチですwatasi ha sugoku ecchi desuI am so naughty
59-私はエッチな気分ですwatasiha ecchi na kibun desuI am horny
60-ムラムラしてますか?muramura sitemasuka?Are you horny?
61-私をみてムラムラしてますか?watasi wo mite muramura sitemasuka?Are you horny for me?
62-あなたのXXをしゃぶりたいanatano xx syaburitaiI want to suck your xx
63-私のXXを舐めてほしいwatasino xx wo namete hosiiI want you to lick my XX
64-あなたのXXを触りたいanatano xx wo sawaritaiI want to touvh your xx
65 -私のXXを触ってほしいwatasino xx wo sawattehosiiI want you to touch my xx
66-XXを犯してほしいXX wo okasite hosiiI want you to fuck xx
67-濡れたおまんこnureta omankoWet pussy
68-私のおまんこぐちょぐちょwatasino omanko guchoguchoMy pussy is so wet
69-私の濡れたおまんこ舐めたいですか?watasino nureta omanko nametaidesuka?You want to lick my wet pussy?
70-私の濡れたおまんこ触ってほしいwatasino nureta omanko sawatte hosiiI want you to touch my wet pussy
71-濡れたおまんこ犯してnureta omanko okasiteFuck my wet pussy
72-おまんこ触るomanko sawaruTo touch my pussy
73-おまんこに触るの好きomanko sawaruno sukiI like to touch my pusy
74-おまんこの臭い嗅いでomanko no nioi kaideSmell my pussy
75-おまんこの臭い好きomanko no nioi sukiI like smell of my pussy
76-犯してくださいokasite kudasaiFuck me please
77-エッチしてくださいecchi site kudasaiFuck me please
78-頂戴ChoudaiGive it to me
79-固いちんちん好きkatai tintin sukiI like a hard cock
80-固いちんちん欲しいkatai tintin hosiiI want a hard dick
81-中に入ってるNakani haitteruYour dick is inside me
82-ちんちん好きtintin sukiI like a dick
83-舐めてあげるnamete ageruI lick it
84-イカせたいIkasetaiI want to make you cum
85-中で出してnakade dasiteCum inside me
86-どこに出したい?dokoni dasitai?Whre do you wanna cum
87-いきたいIkitaiI wanna cum
88-ポイントありがとうございます。ポイント貰って甘やかされるの好きです。pointo arigatou gozaimasu. Pointo moratte amayakasareruno sukidesuThank you for giving me points. I like to be spoiled
89-ポイントくれてありがとうございます。優しい人好きですpointo kurete arigatou gozaimasu. Yasasii hito sukidesuThank you for giving me points. I like a kind man
90-もうすぐ有料行きます、もっとエッチな事しますよーmousugu yuuryou ikimasuyo. Motto ecchinakoto simasuyo-I am about to go to paid chat. I will do more naughty things
91- XXにキスしてXX ni kisusiteKiss xx
92-気持ちいいkimoti iiI feel good
93-気持ちいい?kimoti ii?You feel good?
94-すごく良いsuguku iiI feel so good
95-おちんちんすごいochinchin sugoiYour dick feels so good/ Your dick is awesome.
96-もっと激しくmotto hagesikuFuck me harder
97-もっと突いてmotto tuiteThrust me
98-もっとしてmotto siteFuck me more
99-もうダメmoudameExpression when someone is close to orgasm
100-ヤバイyabaiAn expression to show you are surprised, you think it is dangerous, you think it is cool or you think it is awesome. Sometime it does not have meaning but just to make the conversation flow, people use it. It also could mean very. In sexual situation, people use it when they feel good or when they are closed to orgasm.
101-いく!Iku!I am cumming!
102-いっぱい出してippai dasitePlease cum a lot
103-一緒にいこうissyoni ikouCum with me
104-有料で全部脱ぎますよ~Yuuryou de zenbu NugimasuyoI will show you everything
105-怒られちゃうから無料では見せられないんです、すいませんOkorarechau kara muryoudeha miserarenainndesu suimasenI cant show you at free chat as I get scolded. I am sorry.
106-顔は有料で見せてあげるKao ha yuuryoude miseteageruI will show you my face at paid chat
107-有料でなら見せれるけど、ここだと怒られちゃうから、ごめんなさいYuuryoudenara Miserarerukedo kokodato okoraretyaukara gomen nasaiI can show you at paid chat but I get scolded here. Sorry
108-ここじゃあ恥ずかしいから、二人っきりでなら良いよKokojaa hazukashiikara hutarikkiridenara iiyoI am shy. But if it is two of us alone, I am ok.
109-え~恥ずかしい、有料チャットでなら良いよe—hazukasii yuuryoutyato denara iiyoWell, I am shy. I am ok with paid chat.
110-有料でなら見せてもいいけど、ここじゃあ怒られるからダメなんです。Yuuryoudenara misetemo iikedo kokojaa okorarerukara damedesuI can show you at paid chat but I cant do so here as I get scolded