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Your job can be secret and Japanese is a big spender - reasons Japanese webcam sites are better

Why Japanese cam sites are better?

The benefits of working at Japanese cam sites are not only high pay due to higher spending from Japanese viewers compared with other countries but also the low risk that someone finds out you work as a cam girl. Find out more reasons you should work at Japanese webcam sites

How to attract Japanese guys?

Before you approach to anything, it is important to understand what you are dealing with.  Learn what Japanese guys are looking for from woman and apply how to attract Japanese guys. Read more….

Japanese webcam market overview

Japanese viewers are rather fan of cute woman. This page explains What Japanese webcam market looks like, how you segment it, who they are and how you need to approach. Read more..

Localization Strategy

There are few areas to localize in order to be considered attractive in Japanese market. Explained at “Japanese market overview” , the market size of the viewers who like cute woman is the biggest. We will explain how to target that segment and be considered cute in this page. Read more….

FC2 live?

FC2 live is the one of the biggest live webcam sites in Japan. The site is unique as it is not only for webcam models but also for people who wants to broadcast whatever they want. Read more….

Japanese webcam modeling sites: DX live

DX live is one of the few Japanese uncensored live camming sites. Site system is based on pay per minutes which you do not need to deal with freeloaders. The ratio of number of models and traffic is much better than streamate and Imlive. Read more…

List of Japanese camgirl sites

Here is the list of Japanese camgirl sites. The unique thing about Japnaese webcam market is that there are sites that focus on non-adult/non-nude. Read more….