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What should you write on your camming profile?

Webcam model profile

A striking profile is a great tool to pull in clients to your shows. In the case of pay per minutes site, most of the prospects will go through the profile before they decide to spend some money on you. Therefore, you should make every effort to ensure that your profile looks polished and striking in the eyes of your target customer.


Here are some of the essential things that should not be omitted in your cam site profile

Look for a high-quality image about yourself

Look for an attention-grabbing image of yourself. The image should be colorful and show your smile. A picture says a thousand words. Ensure that your own tells a good story about you to your clients.

Most of the sites have an allowance for you to post a spread of photos. Take not less than five seductive pictures for the spread.  Do not show them your essentials for it will kill their need to come and pay for your show. Pick one of the best images as your main profile image.

Target selection

What picture you use can determine who you attract to. If you are using a picture that mostly shows legs, you would attract leg fetish viewers. If you are using a picture that looks cute, you are targeting customers who like cute woman.

It is a basic idea of marketing.

Segment your audience→ analyses what you can offer→ determine who you can target→ determine the competition→ analyse if you can beat those competitors offering something superior→  prepare the pictures that is attractive to those audience.

It is very important to think who you are targeting to. Just because you look good in that picture can not be only reason that you use that picture. You need to focus on who you are trying to reach.

These pages explain how you should target your customers.

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Choose a stage name

All of the sites will tell you to choose a stage name different from your real name. Your real name will be hidden from the clients. Choose a name that is easy to recall and write. Remember, your loyal clients will be looking for you with the name. If they cannot locate you with ease, they will go to the next model.

Give a brief description of who you are

Tell your audience something great about yourself. It could be what you love doing most and the pleasure they expect from watching your shows. Tell them what you will be doing in front of the cam. Mention your fetishes and kinks so that they are tagged by the search engines and the site robots.

Avoid giving any personal information on the public profile, such information as the location, age, email address and so forth should never be shared. This is essential for your own safety and ensuring that you follow the laid-down rules.

Include your interests and hobbies

In addition to other information, be sure to share your interests and hobbies with the clients, remember, you are selling fantasy wrapped in sexual seduction. Your clients would like to feel the personal touch by knowing a bit of you beyond the show. Others will use your hobbies and interest as a point of subscribing for more of your services such as private cam chats. You are free to write down any interest apart from sexual interests. However, be careful not to give yourself away by giving intricate information of where you do your favorite activities.

Be explicit about what you will do and what you will not do

There are so many act that you can perform in front of the cam. You might not be comfortable performing some of them. Therefore, it is important to choose what to do and write it on the profile and write what you do not do. The sexual boundary will be a great tool to manage your clients when they demand things that you are comfortable doing. You can always change this area should you start performing acts that you did not initially do.


Tell your clients of the expected routine of the shows so that they know when to get you online. The key to getting regular clients is to stick to your schedule.

Pinned text on top of the chat box

There are sites that allow you to place some text at the top of the chat box. This is an awesome opportunity to sell your performances to prospects that get to the chat room. Tell them what you are willing to do in private and the cost of the service in tokens. It also prevents you from having to keep answering a similar set of questions on the pricing and the shows you perform.

Birthday and age

This is up to your discretion. You may tell the real age, cheat or say nothing about it. However, it is a great idea to tell your clients about your birthday. You can use your birthday to secure gifts and make great offers to your clientele.


Some clients will ask you for the location. You can be vague on this by stating the state or country that you live. It is not important though as it can make you lose clients that are specific to given regions.


If you are not sure if your profile looks great, take a look at what other models have come up with and follow the trend. You can keep adjusting and tuning the information on your site until it sends the message you want to send to your clients.


You can also include your weight and height. Not that it is very important but helps attract clients that are specific on what they want and fulfill the fantasies of those that love certain weight and height particulars.

Use the similar information to promote yourself on social media. The uniformity in the message helps you get the traffic from social media and perform what you promised when they come to your profile. Ensure that you link the clients to your prof