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What does adult webcam models do?

What is webcam model?

There are two categories being a webcam model.

“Adult webcam model” and “non-adult webcam model”


The adult webcam model is the highest paying job in the category.

This article explains what adult webcam models do (≧▽≦)

Basis is the same as non-adult; work in front of webcam

Adult cam girls do the same thing as non-adult cam girl:



  • Talk and see a viewer through webcam in private room.(This is called private chat)
  • Talk with more than one viewers through webcam(you show yourself but viewers do not. This is called group chat)




But, the performance is different from non-adult….

“Taking cloths off” is the basic for adult webcam model

Non-adult webcam model’s main work is to have conversation with viewers. The worst case that non-adult webcam models have is to answer questions such as



  • “How do you masturbate usually?
  • “Do you play yourself sometime?
  • “I want to hear your moaning”




For the case of adult webcam model, you basically need to take your cloths off.

That’s where you start to work.



The Adult webcam models do:



  • Moan
  • Show your breast
  • Masturbate



Other things that adult webcam models do includes:



  • Spread your legs
  • Complement viewers penis (You would often see that it as they show you through webcam)
  • Use a toy

You can deny and you have to deny sometimes

Working as a cam girl, you would see viewers whose fetish is not normal. They ask you to do


  • Shitting
  • Peeing
  • Vomiting





When you are asked to do such things and you do not want to do it, you can kick them out. Those people have fetish that can increase your revenue. But, you do not need to do things that you do not want to do.

If you do not deny whatever viewers say, you may get arrested!?


You can not do “whatever” even you work as a adult webcam model. There are certain things that you can not do such as bestiality, using too big toys and so on.

If you do something that is against sites rules, you will be in big trouble such as



• Banned from the site



• Your account is deleted.



• Arrested in the worst case



(Of course, you will get warning before all of the things happens. )



You have to be careful on what you do to get attention. Some models broadcast outside which catches viewers attention a lots. But possible outcome is the jail time. (;゚ロ゚)

Even though  adult webcam model is tough, there are merits that you can not ignore…

In this article, bad things about Adult webcam model were explained.


But… But…. there are merits that are enough to ignore such bad things working as an adult webcam model!