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Webcam modeling jobs pros and cons

Webcam modeling jobs are very profitable if you do it right. It is the best jobs that you can work from home. It is a very flexible job. You must be thinking” Should I become a cam girl?” or you are already determined to be a webcam model. But lets go over pros and cons on this webcam model jobs before you actually become a webcam model.


Webcam Modeling Jobs

Webcam modeling jobs: Pros


Yes, you can make your own work schedule. This is such a great thing about being a webcam model. you can work whenever and wherever you want and you do not need to work if you don’t feel like it. Some of our models travel around the world, broadcasting at the location where they are. Thank to the internet technology, webcam modeling jobs are very flexible.

High pay

Your income will be higher than the most of the jobs. Yes, our very top models do make over $500 per hour. Webcam model jobs are very high pay job.  But you have to remember that it does not happen in one day, you have to consistently work towards the goal. Furthermore, because you are self employed, you have to pay all the benefits that you usually get working for a company such as insurance and paid leave. You have to prepare your tax as well.

Generally, it is said you need about 1.4 times more than what you currently earn to maintain the same level of living if you choose to switch from your current job to webcam modeling job.

Be your own boss

Having nobody ordering around is such a good thing. You can make all the decisions by yourself. This, on the other hand, means you are responsible everything you do. You need to have an ability to solve problems by yourself. Because nobody tells you what to do, it is very easy to become lazy. Thus webcam modeling jobs require skills to motivate yourself.

Can have an opportunity to learn other language

Webcam modeling jobs are not limited in your country. It is an international job. Your customer can be anyone in the world depending on which site you work for. If you are learning foreign language, the best way to learn it is to use it everyday. Working as a camgirl, you can utilize the opportunity to speak someone from other country to learn their language.

Webcam model job: Cons

Physical and mental difficulty

Webcam modeling job is to please viewers. In return, you receive money. In another word, you sell service. Not everyone that you deal with is nice. You will have to deal with crazy people out there. Also, it is physically tough as you have to pleasure yourself in front of so many people often several times a day and several days a week.

Your info stays in the internet world

This is the scariest thing working as a webcam model. If you are planning to build a career latter in your life, choosing a cam girl as a job is risky thing to do. People may find it out. There is always possibility that someone records your show and upload to online. If this happens, it will difficult to delete completely. However, there are thousands of webcam models working at the same time you work, the probability that your video is taken and uploaded is low.

Someone you know may find out

Webcam modeling jobs are online job that people can see you online. There are possibilities that someone you know come to your room and find out you work as a cam girl. Even if your acquaintances do not come to your room, they may see your room as a pop up at other adult sites. You need to carefully read terms and condition of the camming sites when you sign up. Some cam sites use model’s live broadcast as a pop up marketing tool.

Such risks, however, can be avoided with Meiya Tokyo USA. We are a Japanese webcam modeling agency. Our sites are focusing on only Japanese viewers. Since viewers from your country is none, you do no need to worry about such risks. More details are explained at how to become a webcam model

The webcam modeling jobs can not be your life career

Sadly we all get old. While you are young, you make good amount of money. But It does not last long. As stated above, the industry turn over is high. Everyday, new models join to the industry. By the fact that the porn category” Teen” plays big role in porn industry(Reference), age is the one of the most important factors that determine your popularity in webcam world. Thus, you will not be able to stay top of the industry making big money for long.


It is true for all the business owners that income is not stable. It is the same as webcam modeling jobs. If you work as a camgirl, you would have good days and bad days. Good day you make a lot more than you expect. Bad day, you would not make money much. You would not know when good day comes and when bad day comes. Thus it is difficult to make a financial plan.

Furthermore, the site you work for may go shut down next day. Since these sites are privately held, you do not know if the site is healthy or not. Webcam industry is very competitive which many sites go shutdown each year.

Can be low pay

It is a fact that top models make a lots of money. But there is always other side. 50% of webcam model income is less than $25 per hours. We show actual data at how much do webcam models make?


There are top models who make $500,000 a year. These models accepted the risks and invested their time to climb up to the top. Webcam modeling job is not for everyone. There are risks and return that you have to carefully consider before you choose a webcam modeling job. If you are interested in working as a cam girl, how to become a webcam girl ? explains what you should consider to choose the best cam site to make money.

If you do not want to have any risks that someone finds out your works as a cam girl, we are probably the only agency that can help with that!

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