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Cam girl friendly social media and app

Social media for webcam model

Nowadays, we have technology right at our finger tips.  We have so many apps we are able to use, whether it is a way to earn extra money while we are on cam or to promote ourselves using social media.

Let’s discuss some of the apps, we can use that we can use right on our smartphones and link to our camgirl profiles.  We will start off with some of the most popular social media apps.


Twitter is a great way to #hashtag your videos, when you’re online, uploading new photos.  It’s a good idea to follow other camgirls and cam companies.  You can get retweeted using Twitter. Twitter is also used by most of the cam companies and video sites.  You can log on, and set up in your bio to have the webcam site you work for automatically tweet on your behalf.  Some websites you can set up a bunch of photos and they will always post random pics and hashtag for you and allow their customers to know when you’re online.  This is honestly a great way of finding new clients, with a little bit of free advertisement.


Instagram is another very popular app, another way for your fans to follow you and all you can do is upload pics, not even necessarily sexy pics.  Plenty of girls will post photos of their pets, what they are up to, showing we are normal on our time off.  It’s also another app, to post sexy photos and hashtag those to gain more followers and fans.


Face book is most likely not as popular as Twitter and Instagram, but some girls still use this app also.  It can also be a bit tricky especially if you use Facebook for personal use for family and friends.  If you are going to use this app, be careful to not mix the accounts.  Something like this could be embarrassing especially if you keep your camgirl life hidden, as I am sure 99% of us do.  No way do we want Grandma and Grandpa finding out we do internet porn.  So be careful, as you should with any app.  But Facebook has been known to mix accounts.


Snap Chat is a totally fun app.  Customer love following their favorite camgirls on Snapchat.  You are able to post cute and funny videos using their filters.  You can post pics and add cute things to your face, like bunny ears, doggy ears, big lips, funny hats.  It’s actually a blast to use and your customers will love to see your snap chat.  Don’t forget ladies, you can monetize off your snap chat as well.  Many girls charge their pervy customers to have access to their snap chat.  Why not?  Sell your snap chat for a monthly price.  You can probably get at least $50 a month, have them tip or send you a tribute by selling access to all your funny, cute and crazy snaps.


Kik is very popular.  Kik is a messaging app and some guys really want to talk to you offline.  Well if you’re able to charge your customer a fee as well, what does it hurt to chit chat with a customer on Kik. You would notice using Kik, after time these guys realize when their time is running out.  Let them know when the month comes to end if they want to keep chatting with you on Kik, send another tribute or tip.  Really, we don’t want to actually to talk to these guys, don’t let them take advantage of you on your Kik.  They don’t want to pay after the fact, tell them you’re going to block them, which is rather simple to do.

Spin the Prize Wheel

Another great app you can download on your phone is a “Spin the Prize Wheel” app. There is a free app called Decision Maker. This is where you can make a list. I keep two separate style lists. We know on sites such as Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, you can expose and offer a little bit more than the paid sites that allow tipping in free chat. I keep two lists. For a camsite like Chaturbate or MFC, you can add things such as free boob flash, free pussy flash, Kik for a day, free video, raffle tickets if you’re currently offering a raffle in your shows.

Sites such as Streamate, you can offer 1 free video, ass flash, boob flash, oiled boobs. This you can do for a set price of say $10 gold to spin the prize wheel. We know sites like this, you can’t ever show anything below the waist. Don’t think about doing a pussy flash on their site, you will get your account banned. As always, know what is allowed on any webcam site you work for.