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Light setting for webcam models

Lighting for cam girl

There are two things that can really make yourself appear as gorgeous as possible when camming. We will discuss the common one you are probably thinking of right now. Makeup, is important, however, your lighting is truly the most key component in camming.

To get the best results you need light to come in behind your webcam. There is the inexpensive way to gain great lighting, that is natural sunlight. If you can sit with your camera with an open window behind it, you will make all your features stand out immensely. With natural lighting, you can go a bit easier on doing the makeup. Of course, you still need to add some eyeliner, lipstick. Basically, anything you want to emphasize.

Here is the definition of natural lighting in photography and camera:

The sun hitting the front of objects facing the camera acts as “key” light creating highlights and casting shadows. We are able to see detail in the shadows because the sunlight reflects off water vapor and dust the atmosphere creating omnidirectional “fill”. In open shade, 3D objects will also usually cast shadows because the downward vector of the skylight is usually stronger than the sideways vectors illuminating the sides. When a photographer puts the sun behind an object its role in the lighting strategy changes from modeling the front of the object to one of defining its outline and creating the impression of physical separation and 3D space a frontally illuminated scene lacks. To differentiate that role from that of “key” modeling when a modeling source moves behind the object it is typically called a “rim” or “accent” light. In portrait lighting, it also called a “hair” light because it is used to create the appearance of physical separation between the subject’s head and background. In natural lighting, the tone of the background is influenced by its reflective qualities and whether it is illuminated by the sun directly or skylight indirectly. So either the sun or sky or a combination of both can be the “background” lighting.

Now, let’s discuss artificial lighting. What we use in camming is called back-lighting. The definition for backlighting is:

backlighting is the process of illuminating the subject from the back. In other words, the lighting instrument and the viewer face each other, with the subject in between. This creates a glowing effect on the edges of the subject, while other areas are darker. The backlight can be a natural or artificial source of light. When artificial, the backlight is usually placed directly behind the subject in a 4-point lighting setup. A backlight, which lights foreground elements from the rear, is not to be confused with a background light, which lights background elements (such as scenery).
In the context of lighting design, The backlight is sometimes called hair or shoulder light, because when lighting an actor or an actress, backlighting makes the edges the subject’s hair glow if the hair is fuzzy. This can create an angelic halo type effect around the head. Filmmakers sometimes use this to show that the actor is good or pure. Television productions often use this effect in soap operas, where it has become something of a cliché of the genre. It is also sometimes called the kicker or rim light.
Backlighting helps separate the subject and the background. Live theatre lighting designs often use backlighting to give a more three-dimensional appearance to actors or set elements, when front lighting alone would give a flat, two-dimensional look.

Simply what I do is daytime hours, I use my natural lighting. It can be sunny or even cloudy, but allowing the natural light to hit the back of the webcam, having the light face you can make you look stunning on cam.
In the evening, I will use artificial lighting. As discussed in the definition of what backlighting is, you can simply purchase a photography lamp for as little as $30.00 on sites like Amazon. This is a necessity in your success of camming. Have you ever browsed some of the sites, and you are like, yuck! This girl is not going to ever get a show, shes all blurry and dark. I know, one thing if I am paying to see sexy women do naughty acts online, I want to see all of you. This is an investment in your business. Be sure, you can find these lighting sets ranging from $25 and up to over $100. You will learn how to set up your lighting because remember we want to look illumination and absolutely stunning on cam. So lighting is so very important.