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How to secretly become a webcam girl?

How to become a webcam girl is not a difficult thing. You need couples of things to prepare to start working. Being a cam model, you can expect to make lots of money that you may not be able to earn from usual job. But you have to accept certain risks. The biggest risk is the one that someone who you may know finds out. This page explains how to avoid such risk and secretly become a webcam girl. Reading this page, you will be ready to start working as a webcam girl.

Becoming a webcam model is not a simple decision to make. So before we start prepping you for your new webcam jobs, have you done your research? From where you are sitting, do the pros outweigh the cons? If not do not worry, we will address pros and cons for you. If you know what you are doing, you’re ready to take the next steps to become a webcam model and start making money on cam. Learn how to become a webcam girl on Meiya Tokyo USA! Let’s Check the list of tips and tricks for how to become a webcam girl.

Webcam model cons and pros

Cam girl job is a special job that can offer something that no other job can offer. It is clear that cam girls job is high pay job like many other sites say. But what webcam model really is not clearly explained at many sites. Before you apply to any cam sites, perhaps it is better to understand what cam girls are. Here is the answer to this questions” what is webcam model?”. If you know what it is , good. Let’s forward.

Whatever the job you choose, there are merit and demerit. cam girl job is not an exception. You should consider both demerits and merits when you start working as a webcam model.

Cons on being cam girl

  • Mentally tough
  • Risk to be identified/recorded  
  • Income is not stable
  • Socially not accepted

Let’s go through each points one by one.

Mentally tough

Webcam model work is about service and hospitality. When you talk to your customers, they are not necessarily nice to you. Some are really rude. Some ask you to things that you do not want to do. Because you do not have to face these people in face to face, it is much better than being stripper. But it is still mentally tough if you do not know how to handle such people.

Here are some of the people who makes this job stressful.

  • Viewers who compere you with other models
  • Viewers who becomes stalker
  • Viewers who say mean things to you

It is easy to handle someone who loves you even if he is your stalker. But viewers who say mean things are tough to deal with. You have a solid mind like” this is for money”.

Risk: How can people find out about you?

How to become a webcam girl is easy as you need to sign up to one of camming sites. But you may want to consider some risks before doing so. There are two scenarios that people who you know can possibly find out your profession.

  • He/she finds out through recorded videos.

It is too easy to record your show due to technology. There are many free programs that allosw user to record their desktop. Some people do it to watch it latter but some people upload to make money out of it. Once video is uploaded, usually the video can be deleted fairly quickly if you submit request to the site(if it is uploaded to minor site in other country, it gets difficult as intellectual property rights may be limited). You never know which sites your friends and family go to. If you are unlucky enough, they see your video and you are in trouble.

  • He/she finds out through your show.

Other scenario is that they are actually one of the viewers at the site you work for. May be one day they find you while they are searching which channel to enter to see a show. If it is your family, you may be ok. But what if it is someone who knows about you and try to black mail about you. That is going to be disaster

Can you avoid such risk?

The best thing you can do to avoid such risk is not to work as a camgirl. Leave this site and go to craigslist to find a job.

Well, if you still want to work as a webcam model. Here is what you need to do.

  • Avoid tipping based reward site

Myfreecam, chaturate are very well known tipping based cam sites. The reward system is based on tipping from viewers. Because chat room is free to enter and watch the show, cam girls are easy to be targeted by recorders. One notorious site, records every models at such free sites. They use bots to record and upload to their site. This site does not care if someone submits DMCA as they are not located in country where DMCA governs copy rights. Also the server company is not restricted by DMCA as well. Thus, nobody can stop them from recording models. So it is better to avoid tipping based sites.

  • Do not show your face

If you do not show your face, nobody can find out about you. But this significantly limits your earnings. You may be better off to get a normal job.

  • Utilize blocking functions

Most of the international sites have a blocking function which allows models to block designated countries and regions. For example, if you live in New York, you can block any accesses from New York. From the viewers eye who live in New York, your room would not even show up.

This works pretty well to hide your profession. But there is a pitfall on this method. If they are using a proxy, this function does not work at all. Also if they are out of town, blocking function does not do its job.

Regarding recorded videos, people who record your show are likely to upload to the site that is marketed to their language as well as English based site as it is global language. Therefore, you can not avoid such risk.

  •  Become a webcam model at foreign sites

If no one from your country visits to the site where you wok, you do not even need to worry about someone finds out you work as a cam girl. Of course, there is a language and cultural barrier. But it is worth trying as you can completely avoid risk that your friends and family find out about your profession. One we recommend is Japanese sites. There are many reasons why Japanese camming sites are better. But in short word, they are the highest spenders on porn and the sites are dedicated to Japanese viewers. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that your acquaintances will visit the sites.

In addition, Even if your show is recorded, the video is unlikely to be uploaded to the sites where your acquaintances visits as Japanese uses porn sites that are for Japanese. As the language is different, search term would not hit the video in your language  even if it is uploaded. We also take down the video if it is uploaded and submit DMCA to search engine to de-index the page.

Thus, working at Japanese webcam sites is the safest bet in terms of risk management.

Please submit the application from here to start working at Japanese sites.

How to find which sites do not have a traffic from my country?

Here is the site that you can find out if the camming site you are thinking to work at has any traffic from your country or not.


Just type the url of the camming site. Then it gives your where the traffic is coming from as %

Also We have analysed most of popular sites to identify at The best paying cam sites.

Income is not stable

It is true that cam girl income is high. But because your income is not salary base, you have to earn money by yourself. Thus, you can not expect the same amount of money every month. Furthermore, even if you are online, that does not mean you can make money. There is wait time until customer enters to your room. In such sense, cam girl income is not stable

In addition, you need to plan how you spend your money wisely as you cant expect how much you will get next month. If you spend money without a plan, you will face difficulty when tax season comes. Always keep your money separate for tax.

Social acceptance

Webcam models as job is getting popular nowadays, but it is still socially not accepted job. Most of cam girls do not tell anyone that she is working as a cam girl. It is not good idea to write it in your resume too. So if you work as a cam girl, there will be blank time in your career.

Pros being camgirl

Here are great pros about being cam girl. These will outweigh the cons for this job.

  • Time is flexible
  • Safe and mentally relaxed
  • Can make money as much as you put effort
  • Age and appearance does not matter
  • Can work from home

Time is very flexible

Whenever you have time, you can make money. It does not matter morning time or night time if you choose right site. You can work as part time or full time. You can make your own schedule. If you are not good at waking up in the early morning, you can sleep in everyday working as a webcam model. Cam girl job is the best job for someone who wants to make money as a side. Part time cam girls work 2 to 3 hours a day for 3 or 4 days which makes more than their full time job usually.

Safe and mentally relaxed than night job

There are equally high pay jobs such as prostitution, stripping and hostess. But these jobs require you to talk customers face to face. It is much mentally easy to talk people online from home. Also because you do not physically meet and serve to people, you do not need to care about STD.

You can make money as much as you put effort

At cons, I wrote that the income is not stable. But on the other hand, it means you can make a lots of money if you put efforts in the proper way.  Once you enjoy luxury life, it is difficult to go back to normal. I have seen many cam girls whose sense of money has completely changed and spend alot of money. These models suffer from such experience when they quit working as a cam girl.

So, make sure you save money from being cam girl as your life of cam girl can not last forever.

Age and appearance does not matter

There are so many sites available in the internet world. You may think that you are not qualified to work as cam girl because of your age. But do not worry, there are sites that fits you. Each sites has strength and focus such as Milf, Black, BDSM and so on. find one that suit to who you are. Bongacams and chaturbate have varieties of niches that may fit to you.

Make sure, you make yourself neat and clean look. As long as you look clean and neat, there are demands for.

Work from home

Working from home is the best as you do not need to commute. Commuting can be hard sometime in rural areas. Also gasoline is not something cheap if you use a car everyday. even though you can work from home, it does not mean you can make money right away if you do not know what you are doing. There are techniques and skills that you need to learn to win the competition from other models.

How to be a cam model

How to choose the best camgirl sites?

Which site is the best camgirl site depends on who you are and what you are looking for. You may be looking for a site that you can make the money most or a site that nobody who you know can find out.

There are several sites such as, “My Free Cam,” “Chaturbate,” and “Streamate” that provide a platform to broadcast shows.  Each sites has different audiences and market themselves differently. One site targets specific fetish while other markets themselves as free live webcam sites. The way you can earn money is different from each site. Thus, how to become a cam model is to choose how you want to earn money. when you decide which site to work for, you have to think several things. Let’s look at each things to consider.

How to become a webcam girl: 3 ways to make money

When you think about how to become a webcam girl, there are 3 ways to make living as a webcam girl, depending on the site you work. Each revenue stream has advantage and disadvantage. Here is the explanation on each.


The most common way of making money in U.S based site is tipping which My Free Cam and Chaturbate are known for. The difficulty to make a living based on tipping is that there is an uncertainty on how much she can make. If it is good day, you can get tipping right away to meet the target earning possibly more than what you expects. If you are lucky to have some rich viewers, you get $1,000 as a tip. However, if it is bad day, you need to work much longer than you usually work. Because the site system is build in the way that popular cam girls get all the attention, most of webcam girls can not usually expect to have an easy day. The earning gap between popular webcam model and not popular cam girl is huge.

In addition, since it is free it is very easy to go into the site and check what is going on. This increases risk that someone you know finds out that you works as a camgirl. Those free site often have function that can block the region where you are broadcasting. But that function is not perfect. Detail is explained at “what is a webcam modeling”

how to become a cam model

Pay per minutes Private show/Group show

Pay per minutes show is other way of earning money. Private chat is 1 to 1 chatting session while group chat is 1 to many chatting session. DX live, FC2 live,Live Jasmin and Streamate fall under this group. The merit of choosing these sites are once a viewer enters a model’s room, you start to receive money. The income seems to be guaranteed, however, sometimes you have to wait more than an hour until someone enters your room. In that sense, there is still uncertainty.

Some sites have function to change your charge per minutes. This seems to be great option but the optimal price is determined by “invisible hand”. If you set the rate too high, no one enters your room. If you set the rate too low, you get busy but lose opportunities that you can get more money. It all depends on competition that you are facing. This will be explained latter in this page.

Private show vs Group show

While private show is 1 to 1 session, group chat is 1 to many chatting session. The merit of choosing group chat is your earning is multiplied by number of people who come to your group chat show. In addition, the risk that you have to wait is mitigated as you can targets multiple people. However, none of U.S based camming site offer a good platform to do group chat. This is because the competition among webcam sites does not allow market to have a group chat as an appealing option. From the viewers stand point, it is more appealing to go to a site which offers free show such as My Free Cam and Chaturbate. A reason that viewers go to private chatting site is they would like to satisfy their desire to occupy model’s attention. With group chat option, viewers can not occupy a model and they have to pay which they do not have to do so in free sites. Therefore, group chat does not get popular in American market.

FC2 live is specialized in group chat. The pros and cons part of group chat is that the earning between popular models and unpopular models is quite high similar to tipping based site.

How to become a cam modelSelling videos and pictures

This is great way to make money while you are not online. Manyvids is the one of the biggest platform in the market. Selling videos and picture online is very competitive as you are competing with not only other camgirls but online porn providers as well. The questions you have to ask yourself before you choose this route is” Why do people buy videos from me?“. If you have solid fans already, you can sell those videos easy but if you are just starting as a webcam model, you would have tough time selling your products.

Which one is good choice for me?

How to become a webcam model is up to you as you have several options to choose from. Generally pay per minute sites are the better option as you can be certain you get money if you work. Also the risk that someone you know see you work as a camgirl is smaller. The best camgirl site really depends on what you are looking for. Below matrix shows earning potential vs risk that someone you know finds out.

If you do not care working for free sometime, we would recommend the tipping based site as top models(about 10 people) make around $50,000 per months. If you would like to have minimum exposure to the internet world, we would recommend the private chat site. If you would like to have secure and higher earning than private chat site but willing to take little more risk, we would recommend the group chat sites.

best paying webcam sites

How to be a cam girl at the best cam girl site?

You know what type of earning method is better choice for you if you read this page. Now, you need to narrow down the lists of the site into few sites. There are tons of camming sites in the internet world. The process on deciding how to be a cam girl involves investigation on each camming sites to see if you can be successful. Each sites is different and has different audiences. In order to determine what is the best site to become a webcam girl, you need to check several criteria on what makes the best cam girl site as the best for you.

Viewers type

When you think about which site best fits to you, you have to think what you can offer and who will like you the most. You know not everyone likes you and get along with you from your own experience. You have to think what type of person you get along with the most. It can be race, language, age, sexual fetish, hobby, culture and so on. What you can offer depends on what your sexual experiences is. You may be able to offer something that is not something many models can offer such as peeing in front of camera or fistfuck. Once you have ideas on what type of person you get along with well and what you can offer, you need to start investigating if there is any sites that market to people who may have that variables or sexual fetish you can offer. If you can find one, you have good chance that you can be successful model.

If you are European, the best bet is Bongacams because they have plenty of visitors coming from European region. If you are American, Canadian, Australian, chaturbate is the best bet because the company is located in USA and most visitors are coming from English speaking countries.


You want to work with the site that have decent traffic. The more people at the site, the better the chance is. When you check the traffic, you need to know where the traffic comes from as the traffic changes by the time. People usually visit to a live webcam site at night. One site may have the highest traffic at 12 AM in your time while other site has the highest traffic at 2 PM. It all depends on where the traffic comes from. You may want to find the site that has the highest traffic at the time that you are available. In addition, while it is not necessarily wrong that the higher the traffic, the better chance you have, but you have to consider competition as well.


You are not the only model who works as a cam girl. There are tons of models who are trying to make money as much as possible. Everyday new models sign up to grab the dream. So traffic itself is not enough information to determine the chance of success. But you need to check the level of competition as well. This element is often overlooked when new models seek how to become a webcam girl. But this is very important process.

Here is the formula to determine the level of competition.

traffic/number of models = the number of viewers that you can expect to have

*you can find the traffic at

The higher the number, the better your chance is.

The another indicator that you may want to check is the proportion of specific type of models/number of models that the site has. Most of the time, live webcam site has several different audience who has different preference. It is the same for internet model as well. There are different type of models. One may be marketing as “girl next door” or one may be marketing as “emo type” model. Find out how many models who are the same type as you are at the site you are planning to work for.

Once you have the number, divide that number by number of models at the site to get the proportion. The lower the number, the lower the competition is. Thus, it is easier to earn money.

We have developed an analysis model to identify the best paying cam sites for you. Read and try some of the best paying cam site.

Payment period

The payment periods depends on each site. Some sites offer instance cash offer while some do 15 days after closing day.

Reviews of the camgirls sites

Once you have lists of the sites you may want to try out, final thing you want to check is the reviews. Google the name of the site+ reviews to see if there is any bad reviews. Bad reviews are usually regarding the site support. Some sites are known for slow response.

Equipment and set up to become a webcam girl

How to become a webcam girl involves little investment on equipment. Without good equipment you can not even compete against other models. You have to remember that you are not only attractive model at the site but one of many. From viewers point, they would not pay money for bad quality streaming room as they have always have better options. Therefore, you have to have good equipment, proper setting and high speed internet.


Recommended spec

OS: Windows XP(More than SP3) Vista 7.x 8.x 10

CPU: Intel core 2 duo 2.4 GHz

Memory: 2 GB

USB port: 2.0

If you have recently purchased a computer, you should be covered as it broadcasting does not require high spec.


Good lighting can vastly improve the quality of poor webcams.

When choosing the light, you need to consider 3 things

  1. Color rendering properties(CRI)

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is how the color of an object appears under the artificial light source illuminating as compared to natural outdoor sunlight which has CRI 100.

  1. Color Temperature(K)

Color Temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin (K). For example, noon daylight is about 5500 degrees Kelvin. Lower the Kelvin is the color looks red. The higher the Kelvin is the color looks blue.

  1. Lumen(lm)

Lumen is a measure of the total “amount” of visible light emitted by a source. The higher the lm, the brighter it is.

This is the example of how the lighting affects the image.

How to Be a cam Girl/Model

3000K                              3000K                             6500K

CRI  52                            CRI 82                             CRI 82

We recommend the lights with following specifications.

CRI 85 to 91
Kelvin 5000 to 6500
Lumen More than 3000

When choosing the light online, you need to pay attention on Lumen and Kelvin as those determine brightness and color of the light.

No direct light

Using only one light creates shadows. Make sure you use multiple lights. A three-point (three different lamps) lighting system is recommended. Place one light on your light and left and one light on above or below. If lighting is too close which makes your body too white, use indirect lighting system. You can do this by either turning the light to a wall or covering the light by few layers of paper or cloth (Please make sure bulb does not get hot. The lighting can get really hot depending on what lights you use)


Investing in a good quality cam right away is ideal. The better image and sound will provide you a better chance at grabbing viewers’ attention. Even if you look beautiful, poor camera quality reduces your attractiveness.

Nowadays, webcam models with poor quality camera can not even compete with other models as viewers choose better quality channel. Thus, becoming a successful webcam model requires good webcam.

The webcams listed below have a built-in microphone that works very well. All three cameras work with the Logitech software, which gives awesome control over how your webcam looks.

Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

this one is no longer directly in production, so you’ll have to get it used or refurbished. Amazon sometimes has them for $50-$60.) It has a relatively soft look to the picture and warmer colors once adjusted in the settings.

Logitech c910c920 which are a higher HD version of the 9000 and will cost around $70-$150. These cams have a little more neutral color balance to them once adjusted in the settings.
Some things to keep in mind for whatever camera you choose:

  1. Turn OFF the auto-focus setting! It is frustrating that every time a model moves, the image is blurry for a moment
  2. The exposure/gain and white balance settings need to be adjusted

Attaching your webcam to a tripod makes for easy mobility and great adjustability. This reduces unnecessary movement and noise from having your cam on top of your laptop lid. The c920 has a tripod mount, but you can get creative with velcro or zip ties!

Camera position

Webcam Model Tips

Having camera towards window will let the webcam to have wrong brightness setting. Also looking down the webcam does not provide good view of your face. So this is not good position.

Tips for Webcam Models

The camera position looks good but lighting is not good. Directly spotting the light on your face will create shadow on your face which make your face look older.

Webcam Model Tips

This position looks good. No direct light and no looking down the webcam.


It is good have many variation of Sexy lingerie and clothing to entertain the viewers. Depending on who you are targeting, you need to change what you wear. For example, if you are selling yourself as “a girl next door” type, you may want to wear a pair of jeans and t shirts. For the case of Japanese market, sexy cloth is not recommended. The viewers are there to see amateur models rather than pro models. Thus wearing sexy dress gives impression that the model is not amateur but pro. Wearing girly cloths is good for Japanese market.

Stage name

Hiding your identity is very crucial to avoid any troubles with viewers. You do not want to use your real name when you do camming. Make up stage name and sticks to it when you work in front of webcam.

High speed internet

Even if you are attractive and have a good webcam and setting, slow speed internet destroys everything.

The important speed is uploading speed. 1.5MB/sec uploading speed is minimum recommended speed. Many models lose earning opportunities and fail because of this. Other than speed, jitter and ping are also important which tend to be ignored. Basically these two are how quick your connection response is. If these are high, you will face time lag and unsecured connection. This can be improved if you use an Ethernet cable rather than Wifi.


How to become a webcam girl depends on what you want to do. You can earn through private or group chat, or tipping.  You can also sell your video as a cam girl. How to become a webcam girl involves some investment on equipment. Choosing which site to work for is very important process on how to become a webcam model. You have to understand the risk of being a cam model.