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How much do cam models make? – actual data from models

Webcamming for money has become a lucrative profession. We tell you what are the best ones and the best ways to make money. One of the most common questions potential webcam models have is “how much do cam models make?”. It is a fair and logical question to ask but the truth is the answer depends on a wide range of factors that affect income. Not only does income depend on the activities performed while camming but also on the looks and appearance of the model.Get the facts about the webcam models salary and what to realistically expect and how far a lot of webcam models are taking it.

Webcam Models Income

This is based on our data.

How Much do Cam Models Make

As you can see, about 50% of webcam model income is less than $25 per hours. The webcam model salary used to be higher than this figure in 5 years ago. But since the number of models has been rapidly increasing, webcam model is not as lucrative as it used to be.


Now question is how much you can earn if you become a webcam model. If you think your appearance is little above average, probably you can earn at least $25 per hour. If you get hit on by guys all the time, you would probably be able to earn at least $50 per hour. However, you have to remember that your self-evaluation is often way off as your evaluation of yourself is based on your culture. Being a webcam model, you would deal with viewers all over the world. They have a different standard and different preference. So until you try, you would not know if you can be popular or not.

The question “How much do webcam models make?” depends on several factors below.

Factors that impacts webcam model income

  • Attractiveness: It is undeniable that better-looking models earn more than their less attractive models in the webcam modeling industry. However, one should not worry too much about their looks as it is not the sole factor determining income. It is also good to remember that different people are attracted to different things and you just need to find the right customers to whom you will be attractive.
  • Personality: Personality is a very important factor in camming world. A person who laughs alots tend to make more money. Positive attitude is the key to entertain viewers who pay money. No one wants to talk someone who is not positive.
  • Pay out rate: The payout rate is % that sites pay out to models from what viewers actually paid. The payout percentage ranges from 30% to 70%.
  • The rate that the site charges to customer: There are 2 type of charging.
  • Tipping base: The viewers can decide how much to give you in this type. There are so many freeloaders that do not pay anything but watch your show for free.
  • Pay per minutes: The viewers need to pay based on how much they watch your show. It is usually charged per minutes. The rates are either fixed ranging from $1 to $2 or flexible that you can change how much to charge.
  • Number of Regular Customers: Regular and loyal customers are the backbone of every business. This is true for the webcam modeling industry too and models often make a chunk of their income through regular customers. However, maintaining a solid fan base isn’t easy. One needs to stick to a constant schedule and perform on a regular basis besides being active on some social networking sites at all times. This ensures the fans feel they are always in touch and know what’s happening.
  • Blocked Regions: It is a regular practice among webcam models to block some regions so that people living there can’t see them. Some sites allow models to block entire states and in some cases even entire countries. However, this can be negative for your business as you are also blocking a large amount of potential traffic from that specific state. Blocking states containing big cities with huge populations is usually not advisable.
  • Quality of Show: This is obvious as performing acts that are not so common will grab you more eyeballs. It can be incredibly difficult to make money webcamming in the beginning and many models often resort to X-rated performances to attract viewers initially. It is true that more money can be earned through such performances and incorporating special requests from fans or fetishes can earn you big tips in a single performance.
  • HD webcam: The equipment determines the basic quality of your show. Even if you are attractive, you can not show it with low quality webcam. This is the most basic thing that models tend to ignore. Without good HD camera, you can not even compete against other models.
  • High speed internet: The high speed internet is as important as HD camera. Before you get good cosmetics and cloths, you should get high speed internet. Why? Because you can not show how awesome you look without high speed internet. Without high speed internet, your HD camera does not do its job as it should too. HD quality show usually requires 1 to 1.5 Mbps uploading speed. High speed internet and HD camera are usually the reasons why models from developing country can not earn as much as they should compared with models from other countries.
  • Light setting: You got high speed internet and an HD webcam. That’s great. Now you have to set up your show nicely with lighting. You have to remember that you are selling your show. You have to make your show look like awesome. Viewers want to see you as an attractive model. You have to set lighting in proper place so that viewers can see your face and body clearly. Not too bright but natural lighting set up is the key.
  • Time Devoted: The time you devote to any activity can determine how proficient you are at it. Staying logged on for longer periods not only helps boost your income but also helps you to find out when the peak traffic occurs. Working on an hourly basis where you take breaks ever few hours can cost you new subscribers and also cost you a lot of business during peak traffic hours.
  • Rough Times: Although webcam modeling is a lucrative profession, one can’t expect to earn big bucks right from the start. That being said, not every show you perform will earn good money. There will be rough times when regular income and tips might both run dry. This is something every model should be prepared for.
  • Attitude is Vital: The attitude or personality of a cam model is vital to keep existing clients and attract new ones. If you look bored and uninterested, in all probability your viewers would feel the same too. On the other hand being overexcited or exaggerating things can be negatively taken too. It is wise to just act natural and be yourself because the viewers not only care about your look but also your personality.
  • Beware of Fraudulent Ads: There are many fraudulent ads on the internet about becoming a cam girl and earning more than $100 per hour or up to $10,000 per week. These ads can’t be trusted as they often state maximum income of top models or use words like “up to” which denote maximum income and not a realistic figure.

The expenses that webcam models have to pay

Now you know how much cam models make. You will have income but also some expenses as well.Although there are not many things that cam girls have to pay as the job is a service provider which does not require tangible things, there are certain things that you have to pay.

  • High speed internet: This costs about $60 to $100/month. High speed internet is essential to make high salary as a webcam model. Again, before you buy nice cosmetic or cloths, get high speed internet. Viewers do not care how nice your cloths look like as much as you do really.
  • Fees to money transaction companies: There are not many options that you can have to receive money as many companies are not willing to cooperate with adult related companies.
  • Payoneer and Paxum are the ones that are widely used in camming industry.
  • Payoneer: When you withdraw your money from Payoneer account to your local bank account, the bank charges you for Processing fees, landing fees, or intermediary fees. This costs between $30 to $70. Also the exchange rate impacts your income as well. Payoneer uses up to 2% of market rate when they convert the currency.
  • Paxum:Paxum is another big player in adult industry. There is no fees to exchange the currency. But withdrawing costs you $50 using wire transfer.
  • Makeup, cloths and toys: As a cam girl, you have to get some cloths, makeup and toys to entertain your viewers. They like to see something new every time you do show. In order to meet customer demands, you have to invest your money to get new things. Tax: Webcam model is an independent contractor meaning you are working as an owner of your own business in terms of tax calcification. Whatever you make needs is considered taxable income. The higher your webcam mode l salary, the higher your tax can be.
  • Accounting costs: As you are a business owner, there are certain expenses you can deduct from your income. Cloths are not usually deductible but toys can be. In order to determine what is deductible and what is not, you need to consult with an accountant. This costs about $200 to $500 to prepare for you taxes.

How to find best paying cam sites

Even if you are good looking and have a positive personality, if the site you work for does not fit to you, you can not make money much. There are many sites that say “here is the list of best paying cam sites”. But those sites are not backed up by the actual data and analysis. We gathered information and conducted analysis based on our own analytical model to determine which site is the best paying cam sites. Do not just register to big sites just because people say it is the best. Check by yourself and determine which site is the best paying cam sites for you.

Don’t want anyone to know you work as a webcam girl?

One of the risk that you have to face is if someone you know finds out you work as a cam model. Camming sites often have regional block function. But such system is based on IP address which does not necessarily represent where the user is. Especially, if the users accessing device is a smart phone, regional block does not do its work at all. However, such risk can be mitigated if you work for right site. Here is an article How to become a webcam girl explaining secret on how to avoid someone who you know find out . Do not take a risk that you do not have to take by choosing right site!

Marketing approach

Good looking and positive personality are enough to be a top model? No. You have to have a solid strategy. Unless you have a business degree, you may not have an idea on how to analyse and create a marketing strategy for yourself. We have pages explaining what you need to know and how to create marketing strategy at here.


How much do cam models make is up to several factors. Even if you do not make a lots, do not give up there. Webcam model income depends on viewers. What type of viewers are there depends on sites. Thus, if you can not make as much as you want, you would want to try other sites to find viewers who like you. Finding the right site is the key to be a successful model. We have pages explaining how to find the best paying cam sites and how to create create the strategy for your success. Learn as much as you can to reach your goal!

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