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Hiring non nude webcam model!

Top Japanese webcam modeling agency hiring non nude webcam models. Become a webcam model today and start earning from your own home!Webcam model jobs are not necessarily adult works. We work with non-nude models as well.

It is an online job that you can work from home. We are hiring non-nude webcam models for Japanese cam sites. The site we work for is FC2 live and DX live. You may have come to this page typing google “webcam models hiring”. Yes, we are hiring non-nude webcam model who are looking for online work or work from home.


  • You have to be able to speak and read conversational level Japanese
  • You have to be over 18
  • You have to be female
  • You have to like to talk to people

What you need?

  • A computer 
  • A webcam
  • High speed internet (1.5 Mbps is preferable)
  • An ID from government
  • Payoneer(minimum payout is $20) or an bank account(U.S bank is free of transfer charge but for other banks, wire transfer costs between $25 to $45). If you can pick up money from Western union(Fees that western union takes varies), that works as well

What do non-nude webcam models do?

The work that non-nude webcam models do is to talk and entertain viewers through a webcam.It is much like a hostess club but online.The viewers come to your room to have fun time. The people who come to your room are stressed and looking for someone to whine. Thus your job is to entertain them and listen what they have to say so that they can relax and have fun.

Work schedule?

It is completely up to you. But the high traffic time is between 8 PM to 2AM in Japan time.


It is an online work. As long as you have internet and a webcam, where you are does not matter.

Can I just try to see what it is?

You can try to see how it is. You can quit whenever you want. There is no obligation or fees you have to pay. It is all free to register and quit.

Who are the customers?

There are several types of viewers. But mostly, the viewers you would deal with is man aged between 30 to 50.

Is it really non-nude/ non adult?

Yes. You do not need to take your cloths off or conduct anything sexual. It is actually prohibited to do any sexual conducts as well as any sexual related talk.

However, there are some viewers who make sexual requests. You have to deny those requests and kick them from your room if they are persistent.


Your salary depends on how much you make points.

1 point is equal to 0.5 yen at FC2 and $0.432 at DX live. How much to charge is up to you.

non-nude webcam model

Payments will be made on 15th and end of the month, unless that day falls on a weekend or national US holiday, in which case they are made on the following business day. Pay period is based on GMT-4. Pay periods run beginning of the month through 15th of the month for the payment on end of the month and 15th of the month through end of the month for the payment on 15th next month.

Payment method

We use epayments, direct bank deposit or world remit/western union cash pick ups. If it does not fit your need, we are flexible to adjust the payment method for you.

How much does non-nude webcam models make?

Our average earning for non-Japanese models who speaks Japanese aged between 21 to 24 is $27 per hour. 

Privacy concern?

You may be thinking that what if someone I know find out that I work as a cam girl. Depending on which country you are from, even it is non-nude, someone you know may take it as negative thing.

But, do not worry about that. The risk that your friends, family and acquaintance will know is very low as most if not all of viewers are from Japan.

Here is the traffic details.

non-nude webcam model

Japan 95.59%, US 1.82%, Taiwan 0.36%, Romania 0.29%, Thailand 0.28%.

Recording concern

Other concern you may have is that what if someone records me and upload it to internet? It does happen. But it is estimated that 60,000 people signs up to be a cam girls every year in English speaking region and 30,000 in Japanese market. Thus, if you signs up to work as a non-nude webcam model, you will represent 0.0003% of the population. Let’s assume that 300 cam girls are recorded in a year. The probability that you will be the one is 0.1% which is 9 times lower than the probability that you die in a car accident. Also, if it is non-nude, there is no demand to watch that video for man as there are millions of free porn available. With free porn videos, the probability that someone you know sees you is almost 0.

Furthermore, if it is uploaded, we will submit DMCA request to take it down and make the video unsearchable.

Meiya Tokyo USA

Meiya Tokyo USA is a Japanese webcam model agency. We provide supports for webcam models to broadcast across the Japanese internet modeling sites.

What we do?

Webcam model agencyWebcam model agency

Our main job is localization of your performance.

Above pictures are exactly what we do.

One in left is Sushi roll that you can not eat in Japan.

One in right is the Sushi roll that is available in Japan.

Both are Sushi but one in left is localized sushi which rice is outside while Japanese original sushi roll has seaweed outside.

Localization of appearance

There are certain looks that Japanese man like. We support you to adjust your clothing and makeup for Japanese market.

Image creation

Since Japanese culture is different from your culture, attractive personality is different as well.

How your personality is perceived is determined by how you act in front of the webcam. We support you to localize how you act in front of camera so that you can create an attractive image as a cam girl.

Start to work as a non-adult webcam model today!





FC2 liveでノンアダルトチャットレディーとして働いてがっちり稼いじゃいましょう(≧▽≦)


  •  日常会話レベルの日本語を会話ができ、日本語が読めること
  •  申し込み時に18歳以上であること
  •  女性であること
  •  人と話すのが好きであること


  • コンピューター、またはスマートフォーン
  • ウェブカム
  • 高速インターネット (1.5 Mbps 以上推奨)
  • 政府発行のID
  • ペイオニア―のアカウント(20ドルが最小払い出し)、銀行口座(米国口座の場合送金は無料です。その他の場合は国により25ドル~45ドルと金額が異なります。)
  • Western Unionでお金を受け取れる場合はそちらでも可能です




















non-nude webcam model











non-nude webcam model

Japan 95.59%, US 1.82%, Taiwan 0.36%, Romania 0.29%, Thailand 0.28%.となっており、家族、知り合いにばれるという事はまず無いと言えるでしょう。

Meiya Tokyo USA


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