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Good things to have for webcam models: How to choose wigs.

Webcam model tips

The scariest thing as a webcam model is that someone who you know find out about you working as a camgirl

Unless you tell to someone, usually nobody finds it out. But the risk is there.

In order to reduce the risk, get the wigs and change your image.

How to choose wigs that can hide who you are.

There are 3 points on how to choose wigs that matches with your purpose.

It is


  1. Change color
  2. Change length
  3. Get high end wigs



No.1 Change color

Webcam modeling tips


Pick one that is different color from what your hair color is.

For example, if your hair color is blonde, get dark color hair wigs.

If your hair color is black, get bright color hair wigs.

As you can see from the picture, changing the hair color changes impression a lot.

The risk someone finds out will be significantly reduce by choosing a wig with different color from your hair color. 

No.2 Change length

Cam girl tips


You do not need explanation on this. But if you have short hair, get a long hair wig.

If you have long hair, get a long hair wig.



This reduces risk significantly as well.


May be a wig with perm would be good too.  (^-^)

Cam girl tips

It is true for a wig as well as other things that the higher the price, the better the quality is.



As you work through web camera,

The wig does not have to be super high quality that nobody can find out it is a wig by touching it.



As a cheap wig reflects the light differently from real hair (usually too shinny as the material is nylon), it is better not to get a cheap wig.


The pricing should be at least $20.


There are bunch of sites that sells wigs. Depending on what your original hair color and length, you may want to check several sites.

If you decide to work as a cam girl, it is very important that you feel comfortable.


Changing color and length of the wig can significantly reduce the risk that someone finds out your secret profession.