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Common things in failing models

It is frustrating if you do not make any money from camming and you hear stories of girls making hundreds and thousands of dollars from the same business. There are usually several reasons that you are not making money on the camming sites. Let’s see common things in failing models to avoid these mistake.

Camgirl mistake

Offering low-quality services

Several elements of the camming show determine the likelihood that the clients will be willing to spend on you. Attitude problem is the one that young models tend to make. They are pretty and everyone has crashes on them in real life. But in camming world, being cute itself does not give you cash. You have to entertain viewers. If you are looking dull on the camera, you have poor lighting and are always boring and sad; you will not net any clients to private shows. Look for ways to make your shows fun and entertaining. Work on your outfit, the lighting, and the quality of your live feed. Make the clients feel that they are getting value for their money. They will be willing to pay more for the service.

Check your streaming quality

Often it is ignored how important your streaming quality. All of models who are making decent money have perfect setting for their camming; HD camera, high speed internet and indirect light setting. These are the basic thing you have to have before you get nice cloths and do make up nicely. Even if you look really cute, the viewers do not see it if you do not have HD camera which is supported by high speed internet. lighting impacts how viewers perceive you as well. if your face is reflecting light due to direct lighting, the viewers see it you have oily face which is not cute. If you have shade on your face, the viewers see it as the sign you are old.

You are selling your “channel” and competing against other models “channel”. The viewers choose better looking “channel”. Often it is the case that models in picture looks attractive but looks shitty in the camera due to ignorance how streaming quality plays important role in camming business. Cam girl starter kit  page explains details about equipment

How much cam girl makes

Performing at wrong sites

One site may be good for one model but not for other. Just because other model is making a lot of cash you can do the same. Nowadays, it is very difficult to make money if you are doing the same things as others are doing as the number of models are much more than what it used to be. The competition is killing many models.

Look for a cam site that has the clients who love the fetishes you perform on your show and other services that you do. Moreover, you should look for sites that do not put you under pressure to perform a given number of times or lengths. You may join about two or three cam site and weigh out which of them is a good fit for you. If you are not making any money from the site despite putting your best foot forward, move to another site. This is not a good fit for you.

They have not found their niche

Again, the competition is very high nowadays. There are thousands of girls camming any time of the day and night. Therefore, an average show will not attract any clients to spend on you. You have to excite them and give them a reason to keep on tipping for the future shows. One way of doing so is getting a specific niche with acts that you are comfortable performing and has several clients fantasizing about them. The clients are likely to pay more to watch you perform the fetishes.

The key to make money is differentiation.

Being lazy

Far from what you may want to believe, camming take a lot of effort and dedication to do it right and gain regular customers. Most of the camming sites do a great job of bringing traffic to their sites. However, the traffic is not enough. why? there are new girls everyday. You have to get regular customers who support you.

In order to do so, not only differentiate yourself from others but you need to promote your shows on all the available avenues actively. You can promote the profile in relevant profiles and social media to get clients on your way. This also helps you beat the competition from other girls.

Camming is not an easy job like you think. It is a business that you own.

Giving out too much for free

Camming is a business to sell fantasy. You play with the minds of your clients and raise their sexual imagination through your shows. You must be smart at selling your service to make money out of the client fantasies. If you give a lot free, the clients will lack the need to pay you to do anything. All your free shows should be geared towards private shows and tipping. Make money for every chance that shows up. Never leave any money on the table. Most leading cam girls have perfect the act of seduction and playing with the minds of the clients to pay more for the shows.

Lack of patient

You do not expect to earn top dollar in the first week of camming in a site. The process of gaining and retaining clients takes time and effort. Before you give up for not making enough cash, try a little harder, and wait for results. Your efforts will pay by the end of the day.

Also, most of the case, there is something wrong with your channels such as position of the camera, profile setting, lighting, makeup you do, cloths, attitude and so on. It is difficult to know what is wrong as you think you are doing your best. Furthermore, you are not the one who watches your show. Your attractiveness is sometime off from what the viewers are looking for.

It is during the dry spell

It is not all glossy and beautiful in camming. There will be times when you will not make a coin or make very little. Be prepared for these low periods especially if you work at tipping based sites. The good is that they do not last forever. With good strategies, you can still get a decent amount from camming even during the dry spells.

Learn how to get your clients talking when  everyone is mum in the chat group. Most of the time, you are the one to start the conversation and keep it going. Come up with controversial and erotic topics to spice up the interests of your clients. From there, you can steer them to paying for the service.

Offering one service

It is about risk diversification. Even if one thing goes bad, you still have back up resources to make money.  If you are looking for a good paycheck at the end of the month, consider offering more than one service. You can do phone sex, sell used lingerie, start a fan club and more. Doing more than a single service covers you incomes when one of the services is experiencing a low season. Most of the cam sites offer you the chance to have more than one service on your wall. Take the chance and make more from your services.

You can also offer services out of the platform to your clients. However, be careful about the way to get payments without leaking your personal details, which is usually a challenge.

Limit the personal information shared on the channel

Do not give a lot of personal information when performing at the webcam. Most of the clients are not interested in your personal problems. There are no sympathy votes when it comes to camming. Therefore, keep it professional and hide your bad emotions and other worries.

You may get one or two viewers who would like to know more about you. Take them to a private chat. However, do not tell them about your private life. You can do this politely by giving answers that do not point at any aspect of your life. Do not be tricked to talking of your family or the nasty relationship with your ex-boyfriend.

Working at multiple sites at once

 You cannot divide your attention to different sites at one. You will find that you are ignoring some clients in a given site as you concentrate on others in another site. The customers will feel unwanted and make you lose future earnings. Keep to one site at a time to give undivided attention to your visitors.

It is also annoying for your clients to find that you perform a similar show on another site but charge less than you do in the site. Some will go to the reduced price show or simply go to other models.

Simply not attractive

This is rather harsh but if you do not make money even if improving everything written above, you are probably not attractive. I suggest you to give up dream of making big money by being cam girl and get a normal job.


Camming requires analytical skills. If you are not making money, there must be something wrong. You need to determine what it is and improve that area. Once you find a good spot, you can make a lots. But more than half new models quit camming as they can not make money. Those models are the one who stopped thinking what is wrong or faced wall that they can not overcome. Do not make the same mistake that failed models did.