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Become a cam girl in Japan?

If you like Anime, Manga and Japanese culture, we offer all the support you need to be a webcam model for a Japanese site. Simply submit an application to us. We are the only agency in North America that has an exclusive contract with the Japanese live webcam site. Being a Camgirl is a flexible and easy job working from home. We are the only agency who support Non-Japanese webcam models working for Japanese webcam site. We explain details on what to consider before you decide to be a camgirl at “How to be a camgirl“. The average earning for Japanese webcam site is higher than a U.S based site. This is because the income stream is different from U.S based site. While common ways of making profit in U.S sites are either tipping or private chat, primary income stream for Japanese sites (FC2 live and DX live) are pay per minutes group chat. Since there are a big income difference between good day and bad day and begging tips can be exhaustive, working based on tips is stressful. Meanwhile, group chatting provides secure income stream and stress free working condition from begging tips. Furthermore, pay per minutes from group chat results in the highest income for the most of models in long run.

Tips for Webcam ModelsWhy do I have an advantage over other Japanese models?

It is well known that Japanese do not speak English well even though all Japanese go through English education classes during Jr high school and high school. Most of Japanese are not confident on their English communication skill as well. Therefore, they are not willing to communicate with English speaking models who are working in U.S based webcam sites as Japanese think they can not communicate with models in U.S. The demand for foreign looking women is present in Japanese market but such language barrier limit the viewers options to only Japanese models.

Furthermore, the language and cultural barrier to enter the Japanese market as a cam model exists. Since what Japanese viewers like is totally different from what viewers in U.S market like, entering Japanese market without localization does not grantee success. However, if a model enters to Japanese market with proper knowledge, the model will have a competitive advantages; different appearance from Japanese models and much less competition compared with U.S market.

Non-Japanese models competitiveness over Japanese models

One of the things people who have been to Japan notice is that the cosmetic and fashion magazines as well as TV commercial often use models from abroad. Considering the fact that they are targeting Japanese customers, it is somewhat strange to use someone who does not look like Japanese. This is because most of Japanese have admiration for U.S people as they think “Cool trend” comes from the U.S.!  In addition, in the Japanese mind, a woman who has different looks from Japanese woman has exotic attractiveness. Therefore, the admiration and exotic attractiveness can give non-Japanese models significant advantage over Japanese models. However,  this competitive advantage can be attained only in the condition where the models show some interests in Japanese culture. Without willingness to communicate with Japanese viewers, Japanese would not try to communicate due to language barrier with low confidence on their English ability.

Less competition in the market

models working in the U.S market face fierce competition as the value in terms of appearance that the models can offer to differentiate themselves from others is rather limited. This is because U.S market has a big number of models with different races. On the other hand, Japanese market has only Japanese models. Thus, Non-Japanese models can easily differentiate themselves from Japanese models. Of course, the attractiveness does not consist of only appearance, but also voice and behavior. Thus, it is crucial to localize all areas with proper knowledge.

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