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A complete guide and tips to camming performance

Camming tips

Are you trying to get high earning in camming? Here are few tips to climb up to the top

  1. The customer is the king, but you are the queen. Therefore, never do things you do not want to in the name of pleasing the customer

Only do things that you are comfortable. Do not be under pressure to do the contrary.

  1. The customers love a sense of humor

Do not be very serious in your shows. Crack a joke here and there. Make the whole show entertaining. They will love the show and come back.

  1. Make a note on your administration panel. For the sites you cannot, use a notepad.

The clients will be glad to be greeted by their names. It also feels good to have individualized chats with the cam girl. Capitalize on this.

  1. Always be happy with the cam. Fake happiness when not happy 

Happiness spreads from you to your clients, so does sadness. Happy girls perform great shows, leave their customers happy, and get bigger tips.

  1. Be a queen, a star, and a goddess on the cam. (Unless you want to act submissive). Your clients will treat you as you present yourself

Avoid acting like you are desperate or like the customers are doing you a favor by being your clients. Show love and appreciation for your customers. However, acting needy and desperate is a turn off for many.

Holding times

Tips for camgirl

  1. Do not hurry or stop in the course of the show.

Instead, do slowly and seductively. Your customers will love you for doing so. You will make more money out of it in that way as well. If a client demands speed in stripping and leaves, thst’s ok . Stay away with one-minute clients who have nothing to offer. They do not have much money. Always ask your customers if they have a webcam. If so, ask him to switch the webcam on. Customers who switch their webcams on have a longer holding time.

  1. Avoid overdoing things

Do not moan or scream too much when performing dildo shows. It is not a turn on but rather perceived as fake. Let your orgasm feel real to your clients.

  1. Try to make eye contacts during cam2cam shows

In order to make eye contacts, you need to look at webcam instead of display.


Tips for outfits

  1. Depending on which country you are from, all the makeup, outfits, beauty products and supplies, and anything that you use for the purposes of camming is tax deductible. Therefore, keep your receipts for the tax man.
  2.   The just showered look is a real killer. Your skin and hair looks great right after taking shower.
  3.   Do not spend money on expensive makeup, jewelry, and clothing. Those things will not change your clients even if you spend money on those. In fact, they do not care or notice how much you spend on outfits at all. You can wear bargain jewelry and cheap makeup as long as you look great. Doing this helps you save your dollars for great life off the camera.
  4.  Ensure that your nails are done well. Your fingernails and toenails should look great. There are thousands of guys out there that have feet and hand fetishes. You do not want to turn them off by having badly kept nails.

TechWebcam tips

  1. Get your self good webcam

Do not rely on your laptop webcam. It is most likely not of the best quality. The quality of your shows is partly determined by the quality of your live streams.

  1. Watermark your videos to avoid theft

Many people would want to steal your videos and post them on their sites. Put a watermark using a free application such as Manycam. The videos will bear your logo wherever it is shared.

  1. When looking for an internet package to use for camming, take a keen interest in the upload speed. You need it more than the download speed. Unfortunately, it is less used, and many internet providers do not mention it.
  2. Place lighting around your room so that it looks both bright and natural. You will attract more privates with great lighting.
  3. If you want to have some music in your streams but do not want to speak when camming, set the computer as the source of the audio and not the mic. The music comes from the computer straight to the stream rather than from the computer speakers to the mic of your cam.

Other tips

  1.  This is controversial but consider working on few sites at the same time. Business may be low on one site and good on the other site. While some say it is better working several site at the same time using software such as manycams, others say it is not a good idea as your customers get annoyed when they see you are talking to someone else as they spend money on your show.
  2. You need to keep hydrated throughout your shows. Therefore, keep some water around and take sips as your perform.
  3. Buy high-quality toys. They make your experience worthwhile. Clean everything up after every show to keep you safe when you use them next.
  4. You are in camming to make some money. Therefore, cut out free stuff and demand tips indirectly for every action that you do on camera. The key point is to make emotional connection with viewers.
  5. After you are done with a show, apply plenty of lube down there after cleaning it up. It helps heal the sore muscles.
  6. Avoid posting naked pictures on social media. You are selling fantasy and not sex. Guys love the tease. If they have already seen it all, they will not tip to see it again.